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September 23, 2022 | 17 comments

If you ever feel like negative thinking is compulsory, you can make a choice to focus on positive spiritual truth instead.

As a child of God, each of us has spiritual sense to take in a positive, uplifted spiritual point of view that inspires and heals.

Sometimes people feel like they have no choice but to be negative. But this is not true. Negativity is not innate to a child of God. It’s foreign. That’s why it feels uncomfortable. It’s not natural to be negative.

It’s natural to be spiritually minded, to love, to be grateful, to see the good and to acknowledge it.

Thought is much happier and healthier when acting on love, expressing gratitude, and expectant of good.

Choose to go positive with truth. Leave all negativity behind.

Let inspirations of Love shine bright in thought today and fill your experience with healing light. You’ll find yourself doing much better in many ways.

17 thoughts on “Choose positive truth”

  1. Evan thank you for this sweet, simple, genuine statement of truth, “Negativity is not innate to a child of God. It’s foreign. That’s why it feels uncomfortable. It’s not natural to be negative.” Yes this makes sense. I feel most comfortable when I recognize my true and natural state of oneness with God. No negativity there, just more peace and rest to quiet “troubled” thoughts.

  2. Since there is only one Principle of the Universe then can there be anything else but “positive” truth? Anything that claims to be negative cannot be truth because the Universe would otherwise be divided.

    Everything self-sustaining must be complete in itself, it cannot be divided or it would self-destruct. Truth therefore must be logical, self-sustaining, in line with the Principle of the Universe.

  3. Evan, thank you very much as God is all,all is positive Since he all the choice is only good,truth , mind, Hence mind is God.

  4. Thank you Evan! I just read the article “Supply as Spiritual Reflection” which has this paragraph:
    If we would increase our human manifestation of supply, we must cultivate the habit of magnifying good. The human mind is prone to magnify evil; it holds to, recounts, and magnifies every disturbing incident. Alert students of Christian Science are seeing good multiply in their experience through the habitual attitude of minimizing evil and magnifying good. Which are we seeing—Love’s abundance or error’s want?
    I’ve realized recently how much I have allowed my thought to drift into thinking about disturbing incidents and I’ve realized how wrong it is to do that. The positive truth is that I have never been separated from God and therefore any disturbing incident that seems to have happened is just an illusion trying to hide the positive truth. I don’t let darkness obscure light in my experience so I’ve decided not to let the illusion that I’ve ever been separated from God, or separated from God’s laws (His Science), hide the positive truth that lovingly ensures my perpetual harmonious existence as God’s reflection/manifestation. What a happy, positive, truth that is!

    Here’s a link to the article in case others would like to read/study it with me today and put it into practice!

    1. Wow RH thanks for the article. It’s very suitable to today’s SpiritView. It is helpful and healing, very very good!♡

  5. Thank you , Evan, and Spiritview first responders. I love today’s blog! It reminds me of Mrs. Eddy’s statement/command/promise on page 261 of Science and Health:
    “Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.” Negativity is not natural, normal, or innate. Thanks for the reminder that I have the right to resist negative thinking.

    1. You have contributed what I NEEDED TODAY. . .including your added comment on “negativity,” while a praying for healing. I take a step up with your comments into the atmosphere of LOVE.
      Thank you.

  6. Thank you, Evan, and thank you, R.H. As I was making my way home I was correcting the negativity coming to thought, just as you describe. Miss Gwalter’s article is a favourite and I enjoyed reading it again. Another is The Divine Affluence, from the Sentinel of June 14th 1952. I have it in a green pamphlet which doesn’t give the author’s name. Thinking about divine affluence leaves no place for negativity.

  7. Thank you very much indeed, dear Evan for today’s inspiring SpiritView. ♡
    And yes, divine Love is the healer in every instance!
    And I am thankful for all the inspiring and healing articles given us here today!♡

  8. Thank you very much for all the reminders and inspirations you share it is so inlightenning and joyous.

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