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    1. I’m still working on this. When I’m driving using abusive language towards others, is what I’m working on changing. All are God’s children…even though the driving seems irradic. Reflection is the answer.

  1. A kind word, an encouraging word, can be so soothing, like a healing balm. The briefest of exchanges can be powerful and uplifting – an expression of Emmanuel, God with us. Who does not love the gift of a smile brought on the wings of a happy word?

    1. What a lovely image, Katherine.
      My husband and I sometimes have a tough time communicating. He had done something quite, let’s say, unhelpful. It was important that he understand just how unhelpful it was, but I couldn’t do it filled with anger and resentment, my mortal feelings. It wasn’t important for him to know my feelings. It was important that we both realize what was good, and being kind and acknowledging each other’s worth is always good. So I wrote him an email explaining the situation and asking him kindly to use a different approach next time. I acknowledged everything good in his motives, but brought out that another approach would be helpful. We were able to talk about it, laugh about it, and stay friends.”Choose words that help and heal.” It’s being the light on the hill.

  2. Using foul language has the from the user’s point of view the appearance of being tough, but the reality is that it lacks toughness and a host of other things as well such as the ability to perceive the Truth in each situation, the ability to grow from an understanding heart, the ability to share space or the ability to forgive as a previous post so adequately stated the ability to change the path of consciousness to a brighter shared future. Having violated this many times, it has taken me a great effort to comprehend just how unhelpful this sort of action can be.

  3. In Sunday School we had little easy sayings to teach the importance of what we accept as truthful thoughts and actions. My favorite was and still is, ‘If it isn’t good….. it isn’t true, and it doesn’t belong to me or you!’ This includes our language, our bodies, our thoughts about ourselves and others.

    1. Very sweet Ellen. Thank you for sharing. I like that it separates what isn’t good from ourselves and others. (=

  4. To Diane w.a.: When my husband and I have a disagreement or quarrel, we usually separate –
    he goes to sleep and I go for a walk and pray this: “My husband is God’s perfect husband and I am God’s perfect wife. ” This simple thought always works to bring us together again (taught to me in primary class by my CS Teacher). I have been married just shy of 50 years now. May it work for you, too. The Truth is always the right way. Never allow grievances to replace miracles in your life. (Lesson 78 in A Course in Miracles: Let miracles replace all grievances.” Amen!

  5. My daily goal is to reflect Love to all of God’s children. Think twice before doing anything once. Evan, thank you for all the spiritual lessons posted.

  6. Words that inspire come from inspiration within. I pray diligently each day……”Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.” Ps. 19: 14.

  7. I needed this Evan. Have been working on it for a while. Thanks to all you who added comments—all helpful. I never used foul language until my late teens when I was friends with someone I greatly admired. He used awful language even though he was a good person, probably got it at prep school. I am still working to reverse this . One area of progress:
    When I get in the car I pray to know that God is in charge. Then I mentally. list the spiritual qualities all the other drivers possess, such as alertness, sobriety, intuition, punctuality, kindness, etc. I have stopped cussing at other drivers and have almost zero reason to do so.

  8. Thanks Sallie! When I start driving I know God is on my driver’s seat, and that on my whole Journey God is with us all, the whole traffic, including the passengers.
    So when a strange situation occurs i can be patient and know God is in control and no anger is coming up.
    An acquaintance sometimes says vulgar expressions. I told her not to use those expressions. But I know I have to go into my closet to pray about that situation. I also must pray that I myself have to listen to God’s thoughts, what to reply that is healing and uplifting that conversation.
    Thank you, Evan for today’s so very important reminder and for the healing advice of St. Paul to the Ephesians – and to us, too.
    Am so grateful for this comforting, healing and uplifting SpiritView blog, dear Evan!

  9. It’s so important to live Love.
    I find it helpful to keep loving statements in thought’
    “Now are we all the beautiful children God is causing us to be”
    “”Here comes someone precious in God’s sight””

  10. love your email approach Diane w.a….and smiling thank-yous to all…your comments have spoken so sweetly and specifically …Blessings to all

  11. When I have a situation I need first to see who is talking- usually mortal mind.
    I also find if I cannot say anything helpful, if I am upset and hurt, I generally say nothing or ‘that’s one way to look at it” ( My PR favorite) and give it time. God’s Law of Adjustment gratefully will come to mind and I let the One Mind lead on this one, as it should. This is not easy and when my hair is on fire it is hard to think straight.

    1. This is helpful. When mortal mind appears to be at work and I am inwardly criticising or thinking I know what would help someone else I am constantly reminded that it’s my own beliefs and they are not true. I don’t think many of my thoughts are helpful and I love getting these wake up calls. When I point one finger at another either in thought or action there are another three fingers pointing back at me. I can laugh when this happens. Thank you all for sharing, this is my first attempt to be part of this wonderful group. I love Christian Science xx

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