No setbacks

February 5, 2020 | 15 comments

If you’re ever tempted to think you’re facing a setback in your life, quickly reverse that suggestion and look for a way to move forward.

With God, there are no setbacks. There are only opportunities to prove that God has provided for the need of the moment.

The human mind, in its limited view of reality, measures success according to what appears to be materially happening.

For instance, if funds on hand diminishes to near nothing, the material mind may yell, “I have no money!” and tempt thought to fear a lack of supply. However, from a spiritual point of view, supply is more than money. Supply is wisdom, intelligence, creativity, and inspiration coming from God that enable one to demonstrate supply whether one has money or not. Supply with God is infinite. It never runs out. Where the material mind sees financial adversity, the spiritually inspired mind sees opportunity to prove the abundance of God’s provision that will reverse that picture of lack and replace it with a picture of supply. When leaning on God, what appears to be a setback is turned into a move forward.

The same rule applies to health, relationships, and any other situation in life. There are no material setbacks that can’t be replaced with a spiritual move forward.

To stay healthy and well, strong and progressive, turn setbacks into moves forward. The quicker, the better!

15 thoughts on “No setbacks”

    1. yes Peter, learning from God and leaning on God! That is wonderful and we are cared for by Him/Her abundantly. 🙂
      Thank you very much, Evan, for another great spiritual lesson!
      I just set back a password, however for a new and clearer and better one. A little analogy for what you give us here. Your 5th paragraph up here says it clearly. It is a wonderful fresh start into my day leaning totally on God, the all encompassing Love and Wisdom!

    1. Coleen, I love the thought you shared of set-backs simply being “set-ups”. We’re set up for good, to move forward with God leading the way. Thanks! (=

  1. “The human mind, in its limited view of reality, measures success according to what appears to be materially happening.”
    It reminds me of what Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health page 120:7-24.

  2. Hymns at church today #2 and #518 very helpful on progress
    each day. One can never go forward if they keep looking back.
    Thanks again for your help and especially for your Sentinel
    audio on AM unmasked

    1. I too was so grateful for the Sentinel Watch you participated in last week on unmasking animal magnetism. I wish I could hear it again!

      1. The Sentinel Watch on animal magnetism can be heard again! If you go to the Feb 4 Spiritview on animal magnetism there is a link in the comments section. (=

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