Christian Science is the pursuit of Truth

February 6, 2018 | 22 comments

A newcomer to my practice asked me about Christian Science and what its teachings were all about. I replied, “It’s the pursuit of truth.”

I went on to explain that people pray in Christian Science for healing of all sorts of problems, but the bottom line goal is to learn something more about truth. And God is the ultimate Truth.

For instance, if struggling with a disease, a student of Christian Science might ask in prayer, “What is the spiritual truth about me in God’s likeness?” And that truth would not include disease. He would pray to understand God’s likeness better until he could see the unreality of the disease.

Or, if someone lacked money to pay their bills, they might ask in prayer, “What is the truth about my abundance coming from God?” And they would pray to see how God had already met their needs through love, wisdom, care, compassion, and the infinite resources of Mind, and they would continue praying until their growing understanding of abundance made the lack go away.

The study of Christian Science is the pursuit of truth, Truth, God!

God is all good. There is no room, space or place for evil in God, thus evil is not the reality it appears to be. It is not a truth, but a temporal deception of the human mind, a lie, to be conquered and overcome with an understanding of reality, or truth.

Enjoy your pursuit of Truth today!

“Truth is God’s remedy for error of every kind, and Truth destroys only what is untrue”
Science and Health, p. 142

22 thoughts on “Christian Science is the pursuit of Truth”

  1. Good day Evan and group. Today’s article Evan brought to my mind what was written in John 8:32. “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Free of disease, free from poverty, from lack of love etc, from everything that is false because it is not part of the atmosphere of God, which is not God’s idea or reflects God. Being a seeker of Truth, at least in my case, seems easy, but taken to day to day is a very, very demanding job, the demands are many. It requires being most of the time aware of our life in God. But in human experience mesmerism aims to hit us continuously. That is why I say that the search for Truth is a job, a permanent struggle in which we must try not to lower our guard, because the small fissures get into the water. Do as Mrs. Eddy said: “When the illusion of sickness or sin tempts you, firmly cling to God and his idea, that nothing but his likeness more in your thought” Blessings to all.

  2. This is very very helpful as I often feel a bit stumped as to how to answer such a big question…I feel like saying “I’ll tell you about CS if you have 3 hours to spare”!
    But this really pares back the long answer to a simple TRUTH! In short I’d say no one really wants to hear about “RELIGION”, but not many inquiring minds would feel put off being told that Christian Science is the search for Truth…as S&H says, “The question, “what is Truth? “convulses the world”

    Thanks for this!

  3. Yes Christian Science is the PURSUIT OF TRUTH. One has to persist with the Truth and patience does pay. Truth is not always hasty to deliver us…Truth tries and purifies.
    So friends “Never give up for God is Faithful”
    Thanks Evan for your daily inspirations

  4. Evan, really appreciate this view of evil or any error that presents itself as….
    “It is not a truth, but a temporal deception of the human mind, a lie, to be conquered and overcome with an understanding of reality, or truth.”

    A temporal deception of the human mind, a lie….we are not then helpless before it.” Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind….”(the Bible, Romans 12:2)

    PS. It does not matter how long we have accepted the lie as truth, once conquered and overcome with truth, the issue is resolved/healed.
    Today is BIG w/ blessings friends!

    1. I love your ‘PS’, Grace. It has often been said, like in referring to ‘fake news’ ~ if one tells a lie enough, it is believed to be the truth. Your stated Truth, counteracts this and like Gustavo reminds us, “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. What an empowering message! Thank you all.

  5. Evan, over the years I have read many descriptions/explanations of Christian Science and this one is by far the most succinct way of talking about Christian Science. Thank you very much.

  6. You are right, the pursuit of Truth is the bottom line in asking for God’s Understanding.
    Keep us in the need for our basic awareness and we remain on the right track.
    You are so very helpful, Evan.

    I have had a few experiences lately where I have turned my thoughts over to God for needed resolutions. and I found direct healing and the way to go. Again, our fortune lies in God’s Presence, through our prayers. Your food for thought daily, seems to meet my daily needs for which I am grateful. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for sharing these wonderful inspirations. I will definitely keep pursuing the Truth . God, Truth, doesn’t leave us halfway, Love and truth takes us ALL the way. Thank you all.

  8. Today’s inspiration is so fresh and powerful. The more I seek Truth the more clear it’s simple all-power becomes. ” what a glorious inheritance we have been given” rings true. I love the feeling of pure joy and excitement that comes when understanding shines through. Thank you Mother-Father God, Evan for listening and responding to God’s call to express and share Truth with us, and all SV commentors.

  9. Thank you Evan! This is very helpful. Put me back on track this morning.

    Knowing the truth about God is knowing the truth about ourselves as the reflection of that truth.


  10. What timing! My housekeeper has just come to me asking about the Christian literature she sees on my table. She has been abused, and her church made HER feel guilty. So she asked about my Christianity, what it was about. Evan has given me a good start, complimented by you others. She will order S&H online in Spanish. And we have begun. Please send prayers for her understanding.Thanks all.

  11. Thank you for such inspiring words and wisdom.

    Today I opened my bible for inspiration and read this from Galatians 5:3, “It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.”

  12. Joan my heart goes out to your housekeeper whose church made her feel guilty. I had a dear friend who had a similar experience. Her husband was unfaithful and she eventually divorced him. Her church blamed her for his unfaithfulness and when she wanted to marry again, a member of her church, she was refused a ceremony in the church edifice. It was conducted in the church hall and the ceremony contained nothing but admonishing her for her sins and demanding her to do a better job this time. I sat with tears streaming down my face. I will pray that all receptive hearts will understand the truth of their identity as the beloved children of our Father/Mother God.

  13. Heavenly Father,
    Full of your Presence,
    I go forward as Thy
    perfect reflection,
    Thy Will radiating
    into the atmosphere
    of my life, and beyond,
    Radiating the ultimate
    Good to all…
    Knowing this, I now
    Exist in a state of
    Eternal Grace, unfolding….

    1. …and let God my self moulding.

      hi Max, as Gustavo says, beautiful and inspiring, your poem – thank you.

      I do not quite understand the sentence “It`s the pursuit of Truth”.

      But I love the truth sentence from Science and Health p. 142 which Evan gave us today. Anyway, I thank you very much for your needed spiritual view of those matters, dear Evan – and for your so loving comments, all dear Commentors! 🙂

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