Christmas Eve lecture tonight

December 24, 2015 | 10 comments

I posted a blog last Friday about a Christmas Eve lecture I will be giving tonight in New York City.

Here are the details again, if you want to attend or watch it live over the Internet.

Lecture on “The gift of Christian healing,” in New York City.

“Flyer on Christmas Eve event in New York City”

You can watch the event live at

Have a blessed Christmas!


10 thoughts on “Christmas Eve lecture tonight”

  1. Spiritview is such a wonderful gift and I am blessed by it every morning. I am so grateful for having lived in Eastern WA and God having “introduced” me to you and your blog that I can still have with me in Eastern Oregon. Best wishes to you and yours.

  2. A blessed Christmas to you, Evan, your family and everyone here at SpiritView. I’m looking forward to sharing the evening with you online and it is such a thoughtful way of you and the wonderful church family to bring the Christ spirit into our lives in such a joyous way. Thank you again and all who comment and are blessed by these loving inspirations throughout the year. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  3. I start my day with the Lesson Sermon and Spiritview and endeavour to stay on track!!!! All your blogs are so helpful Evan, covering a wide range of subjects, but always they seem to be what I need at that moment. May I wish you and your dear family, all the special joys of Christmas and every blessing in the New Year to come.

  4. Thank you, Evan, for SpiritView all year long and for your Talk tonight! Thank you Third Church, NYC for giving the World this Gift! Sending Love, Peace and Joy to All! Merry Christmas!

  5. I watched your lecture from NY tonight. I loved every minute of it. Thanks for sharing your incredible experience with your wife. So encouraging! It’s wonderful how these broadcasts can be seen all over the world these days.

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