Come up with something entirely new

August 29, 2013 | 4 comments

If I would have asked people what they wanted,


they would have said a faster horse.


~ Henry Ford

4 thoughts on “Come up with something entirely new”

  1. To gain something entirely new, I’m trying to be a better listener so that I can hear what God is telling me. Purification of self in all words, thoughts and deeds is my means to becoming a better listener. God is always talking to me, I just need to listen.

  2. Ever hear that famous song “SOMETHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN.” Prayer is the oldest thing to do in the book, but suddenly what Mary Baker Eddy discovered is new again, in her time as well as ours and will always be eternally.

  3. Similarly, in 1894 the London Times predicted that by 1950 all cities would be buried in horse manure. Then the car was invented. So we need not look to what mortality outlines, God is always on our side, to save and guide us. We don’t have to look to dire mortal predictions.

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