Don’t be a pushover for mortal mind

August 28, 2013 | 10 comments

When I was a youngster, there was a bully in my school who would occasionally pick on me. I was not a fighter and I didn’t know how to handle this guy. He was muscular, older than me, a tyrant to many of the kids, and a terrorist really. When he came my way, I gave in. I figured if I resisted I would be pulp. He never hurt me, but his acts were humiliating.



Over the years, I realized it was a mistake to just give in. There were other kids he never picked on. Why not? It was because they wouldn’t put up with it. They did resist his actions, and he knew it. So he left them alone.

I don’t put up with it anymore! And it doesn’t happen anymore either.

But I’ve learned a valuable lesson in metaphysics. We must not let mortal mind bully us either! We have to resist, or the efforts to pull us down continue.

Mortal mind is a term used in Christian Science to signify all that opposes God.

Any time we start to feel fear, worry, angst, or dread, we are being bullied by mortal mind! And the bully needs to be resisted.

God is all-powerful good. God is always working on your side for perpetual health, happiness and wellness. God is backing you up 100%! Lean on that help and defeat the bully.

Never fear the internal bully. Resist its lies with spiritual truth and send it cowering away. You’ll be much happier and stay healthier.

“Resist the devil, and he shall flee from you” (James 4:7).







10 thoughts on “Don’t be a pushover for mortal mind”

  1. It took me years to do that, not to be a push over by a bully. It wasn’t until I hit my sixties before I really started to learn, and I thank God for guiding me in C/S to accomplish this.

  2. I’m learning not to be bullied by an ache or pain by wondering what it must be or what caused it, but I need to be even more “bold” to not be bullied by all the medical claims in the news and in advertisements. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. when error speaks nothing is said I think of that when I make nothing into something by either resisting or fighting. not an easy task!

  4. I love this more, each time I revisit the article. Thanks Evan!! A dear practitioner friend, said to me one time when I was dealing with a “mental bully”….”no amount of mud slinging, ever touched a sunbeam!”….. In thinking about God as our “Source” and we as His beams of light, this makes perfect sense and is so TRUE!! The only way ANYTHING can “appear to hurt us” is IF we believe the lie and let it control our thinking…… BUT the Good News is that a ‘sunbeam’,(idea of God) sent straight out from God, the All knowing Mind, who is Spirit, Love, Soul, Principle, our actual Life and ALL Truth, has nothing but Good surrounding him/her because God is ALL. God is So Good, he gives us more than we need so that we shine with Love’s radiance enough to Share with the so called “bully sunbeam” and heal whatever the problem, screaming for attention, is trying to make us believe…..’Taint so!!!” If it did not began at our Source, God and is not saying…..”Look at My perfect creation! The One I made in my own likeness, which is Spirit and Good!!!! thanks again for all you do for this world!!!! hugs to all God’s precious ones, caydee kittredge

    1. Thank you CayDee. Your thoughts are so helpful to me this morning. Thank you Evan for this wonderful timeless resource. Blessings to all.

  5. Thanks Evan and all.posters. while you wrote this several years ago, I was thinking of applying it to the current election season. We can’t be bullied by the never-ending news commentary and reports of scandal on both sides. God governs, period. Each of us will express the wisdom we reflect when we cast our ballot, but in the mean time, we can express love, avoiding the back and forth of mortal mind. The bully of human opinion is no match for Mind, the creator and keeper of all.

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