Conquer the anger, then speak with love and understanding

September 25, 2019 | 17 comments

“Speak when you are angry, and you will make the best speech you ever regret.”

~ Unknown

17 thoughts on “Conquer the anger, then speak with love and understanding”

  1. QUOTE:
    A saint was asked: “What is anger?” He gave a beautiful answer: “It is a punishment we give to ourself, for somebody else’s mistake.”

  2. Good morning!
    Reading Special Edition Journals. Today “Defending oneself daily from Animal Magnetism.”
    By Joanne Shriver Leedom
    In this article it explains the impulse of the incorrect thinking as electrical in nature.
    The keynote is;
    “Stubborn human will brings more misery to mankind that can be imagined He defends himself best who purifies himself most.”

    Waiting to think and listen for the correct voice to direct our speech is a the work of patience. Sometimes it’s best to just be quiet. After all there is only one Mind.

    I’m very grateful for this avenue to express and share daily the the thoughts of each reader, the leading title by Evan.

    It may be well to tell that the opening page doesn’t have the same point of entry. I think that is why my comment is the only one this morning. Perhaps my expressions aren’t always as pure as could be. If in error please correct and instruct for the good of understanding.

  3. We need to be very careful when tempted to be angry. Anger can ruin good relations. It takes so much love and time to make good friends and anger can break a good relation in no time.
    Relationships are very delicate we need to take care to maintain them. Anger spoils everything. Bitter words can be dangerous and we do not realise what we speak when we are angry. This behavior distances us from our good friends, which are precious gifts from God.
    So wisdom tells us to think many times before anger takes over. We need to stand porter at the door of thought. Prayer keeps us calm. Since we are the reflection and expression of Soul God we are calm, patient. Since we are the expression and reflection of God Love, we are loving, kind, patient and forgiving. Praying in this manner keeps us calm and cool even when tempted to lose our cool.

  4. Thank you, David, for that article reference! I found it on JSH online. I’ve been working on “unmasking” animal magnetism and look forward to reading the article!!

  5. Here is another article on AM. Disarming Aniimal Magnetism by Jack Edward Hubbell, C.S,B. High Ridge House Annual Meeting. March 23, 1997
    PDF can be found by googling it.

    Wonderful blog as always! Thanks Evan.

    1. Thank you very much, Paul for giving us this link to Michelle Nanouch’s radiotalk in Australia, about how to conquer anger prayerfully. It is very inspiring and helpful!

  6. Thanks Paul for the info on Michelle’s lecture. I’ll check it out later. I have this quote attributed to Mary Baker Eddy in “A TREATMENT FOR EVERY DAY” which I use frequently, “Give me grace to remain silent, when it is not necessary for me to speak.” It’s so helpful!

  7. Thank you very much for this reminder, dear Evan. Yes it is so important to calm down and listen to God’s thoughts for the right answer in order to speak with Love and understanding, when there seemed to be anger. Oh how often I regretted my too quick reply which was not so friendly and I struggled with that unhappy situation and asked God for help and I then got more calm again. Am working prayerfully on it and am doing better meanwhile. Am grateful for Christian Science, teaching us that God is only good and Love, and that we express this divine goodness and Love!

    Thank you all for your so helpful comments.
    David I like your comments, and please go on commenting like you do now. It is very interesting and helpful, thank you very much!

    1. Thank you for your comments.

      Am striving to be worthy of making comments from inspiration. Sometimes looking back on them I don’t recognize them as something authored by myself.
      Mrs. Eddy in her works and writings often referred to the manuscripts as a taking of dictation directly from God. Evidently she did write the words of God as it bears His mark of Truth.

      I am but at the lowest level of science. Having read some of the works of great authors like Robert Peel makes me fell illiterate. But inspired to read on, understand on, and look for that tiny little bit of the omnipotent Truth that unveils the spiritual universe in consciousness.
      Occasionally it is revealed and it’s worth all the time and effort researching the writings of the Bible and Christian Science literature. It results in healing of myself and others.
      Sometimes studying for many hours, like practitioners sitting at the bedside of the sick, praying all night.

      I did this once a long time ago. A friend told me his father in law was at his house, having been given up by the medical doctors. The man lay moaning in a back bedroom, banging on the wall. Drugs no longer having the effect of subduing pain.

      I told him I would come after work. It happened to be a Friday night. It was a long drive to his home. I was elected 1st reader at our branch church. I brought my books with me.
      Sitting at the dining room table we discussed the healing Truth written in the scriptures and the “key to the Scriptures”, by Mary Baker Eddy.

      It was an all night engagement. Every time reading aloud the man was quiet. When the books were laid down, he again started banging and moaning. This continued through Psalms and other scriptures. In Science and Health, page 30, starting on line 13, Mrs. Eddy gives an argument in the allegory of a sick person condemned to die for violating health rules. It was read in it’s entirety aloud and discussed. Finally at about 5:30 am, the man quit moaning and banging the wall, when the account of the trail was finished. There was peace at the table. I told them the man was healed.
      The man whom I never saw nor knew his name was indeed healed.
      He left his daughters home to live at his cottage. He and his wife were French, they were given a set of textbooks translated into French. The son and daughter, my friends were soon to receive class instruction, became church members.

      Sharing of this Truth with all of you as continually reflecting God is a great blessing.
      I am humbly grateful.
      This opportunity is immense and fulfilling. When reflecting here, intrusions in thought flee and the space therein is completely free of error. What a blessing to start the day!

      How great, powerful, immaculate, and wonderful is His Love to all of us sitting at His table!
      Our God is all in all! Hallelujah!

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