Conquering jet lag and pre-tour jitters

February 27, 2012 | 11 comments

As I type these words, I’m flying over the Pacific Ocean in a Boeing 777. 8000 miles of water are below, the captain told us. Can you imagine, 8000 miles of nothing but water!
I peer out my window and behold a crystal clear sky cluttered with millions, no billions, of bright shiny white stars. There are so many. They are so easy to spot. God’s universe truly is infinite. There is so much to discover, so much to learn…
But the good news is, I feel great.
I wasn’t feeling so great 8 hours ago. I was okay, but not great, and I expect to feel great all the time.
You see, the first two legs of my trip across land en route to Los Angeles, were filled with a bit of trepidation. I was struggling for total fearlessness and confidence that all was well.
I didn’t realize it at the time, but questions like, “How well are you going to survive a 25 hour flight to Australia? Will there be jet lag? What’s going to happen on this month-long tour of a foreign land you’ve never been to? What are the uncertainties you have yet to face?” were clogging up my clear outlook and feeling of total peace.
I finally caught on to the error while waiting in the Los Angeles Delta terminal. I realized I needed to specifically refute these fears about my trip with pertinent counter truths. Most of them had been planted by well-meaning friends who do not understand how to travel well and voiced all the suffering I should expect. I was not impressed, I thought, but maybe I was…at least a little bit…hmmm….
Time to wake up! I vehemently declared. And out spilled specific truths I needed clarity on.
Spiritual truths such as,

This trip was planned by divine Mind, and the outcome was guaranteed to be a good experience for everyone involved before I left home.

Travel is not over miles or through space. It is mental movement from one inspired idea to another. There is no pain or suffering involved. It is a healthy, uplifting, invigorating, and inspiring activity to be part of.

All travel is in divine Mind where the ride is smooth, the experience beneficial, and the destination desirable.

I could never suffer for doing God’s work.

There is no jet lag in divine Mind. There is only persistent and permanent joy, buoyancy and delight. And there is no opposite mortal mind to conjure up jet lag and make me believe in it.

I wasn’t a material body travelling in a material plane to a material location. I was a spiritual idea supported and sustained by divine Mind, ever expressing the harmonies of Soul, and held in a perpetual state of mind/body/spirit freedom.

The protection and security of Love pervaded my being keeping me healthy and well every moment of the trip—and without fail.

I had nothing to fear. God had everything under control and was the only cause and effect at work in my life and on this trip.
All was well.  All will be well. And all is well.


Sometime over the next few hours, all sense of heaviness, latent fear and feeling of uncertainty vanished.  I woke up from a sleep filled with joy and buoyancy. My normal self was back! And I was ready for Australia.

11 thoughts on “Conquering jet lag and pre-tour jitters”

  1. And Australia — including that kangaroo — is ready for you, too!

    Your point-by-point refutation and reversal of lies and declarations of truth are powerful. No wonder you awoke refreshed and rarin’ to go!

    Only one little word was left out: “All MUST be well” (from hymn 350 in the Christian Science Hymnal).

    Did you and Shirley Paulson plan in advance for your conclusion to match her Daily Lift title? 🙂

    To hear what I mean:


  2. Thanks a lot, Evan, for sharing this experience including the metaphysical resolving of the connected anxieties. Flying has always been a challenge to me and I avoid air trips whenever possible. Your brave treatment has been an inspiration – I might reconsider flying in the future. Thanks again!

  3. A neat thought I heard when doing some traveling about was, “transportation is transformation.” We are being made new every moment with the influx of new ideas and views of the world, which take take place often while traveling. Thanks, Evan, for your work in defending the real spiritual transformation taking place for each of us in our travels. God speed!

  4. Thanks, Evan. I used your treatment as an outline to treat the writer’s block that has been challenging me for several weeks. It works.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this example of specific treatment for those nagging thoughts that creep up on us and for the natural result of eager anticipation for the good God has in store for each day of the next month. I look forward to reading more about it.

  6. I remember that flight to Australia contemplating at all the water and having the same concerns. We had a wonderful flight and enjoyed the company of a New Zelander. The people are so friendly and made us feel right at home. You will bless and be blessed by this experience.

  7. I recently flew across the USA, on each plane the pilot announced the time in the new city. At first I wanted to compare time differences, but then realized that only would contribute to jet lag. S&H says time is mortal measurements. So, I replaced those suggestions with but it is NOW and that is at one with God. That handled the belief of being tired or exhuasted from spending over 12 hours from airport to airport to airport. So, happy travels.

  8. Wonderful, helpful thoughts, Evan. I remember reading in a Christian Science Journal article years ago that “we go from Love, to Love, through Love” and that has been comforting when going somewhere that was unknown to me. Again, thank you, and enjoy being in Australia…I’m sure they will enjoy your presence and your message of the Truth of Being.

  9. Thanks a million Evan for your talk at the Sydney Mint on “Are you ready to flourish?” You gave me lots to think about. And thAnk you for your dedication. It is obvious that you are a tireless worker for the Cause. You’re an inspiration.

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