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August 27, 2015 | 12 comments

When you wonder how healthy your body is, do you consult the divine memory or a mortal mind memory to make your decision?

I was sitting in my lazy-boy chair reading my Bible Lesson early one morning, and I remembered that I had a minor injury from tennis a couple of days earlier that needed to go away.

“I wonder how I’m doing?” the thought popped to my attention. And my first inclination was to check my body to see if the wound was still there. But I instantly caught the suggestion and retorted, “Wait a minute! Am I going to consult the mortal mind or the divine Mind to see how well I am?” And I promptly decided to check with divine Mind.

What I found in divine Mind is that I’m a healthy whole and well child of God that never got wounded in the first place. There was no problem to check. There was only health and freedom to celebrate and accept. And that’s what I did. I accepted the spiritual truth about myself, that I was fine now, and the suggestion to check matter vanished.

I don’t know when the injury disappeared physically because I wasn’t keeping track. And isn’t that the point anyway? When we get so caught up into Truth, whatever trouble we thought was real previously, is no longer real to us. And that is spiritual healing at work.

So, don’t get snared into believing the mortal mind memory can relate truth. It can’t. It’s error from top to bottom. Only the divine Mind can report truth, and it has a good report to share every time. And when accepted and understood, heals.

12 thoughts on “Consult the divine memory”

  1. This is so true! Thank you for sharing this experience. This was such a hard lesson for me to learn. I used to be so focused on looking for “material results” to my prayers. But now when I pray, I try to just take joy in learning the truth about the issue and am so very grateful to have the resources to discover the truth (e.g. the Bible, S&H, other writings by MBE, the periodicals, etc.). I don’t even care if the evidence related to the issue changes…I just revel in the truth I have learned and leave it at that. After praying, if the issue comes back into my thinking, I remember what I prayed about earlier and dismiss the issue from thought. Sometimes one prayer session isn’t enough to learn the entire truth about the issue, so I may pray multiple times until I feel sure I have learned what I need to know. Before long, I realize the issue has been resolved. And that is nice, but what I really think is great is that this process of praying enables me to discover more about God and His idea!

  2. I like the idea of being able to heal through spiritual thought once and concentrate on about God and his idea.

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely reminder Evan. One must always consult the Divine Mind, the Divine memory to know the truth about any situation. The mortal mind always presents the false picture, the scary picture. But if we stand porter at the door of thought and keep a guard and a watch over our thoughts, aligning each and every thought with Gods thoughts, we will always remain untouched by error. Since God is All Good and Knows only Good, we will only get a good answer if we consult the Divine Mind and the divine memory about any injury or any so called ailment.
    If our consciousness is always filled with thoughts of God and of truth, how can there be any place for error to creep in? If our consciousness is pure, it naturally follows that our entire being is pure, harmonious and whole.

  4. Evan’s message and the comments that follow are all a splendid reminder to me to keep on seeking to know God more and more.
    “‘Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee :” Is 26 : 3.

  5. Thank you.

    It takes me back to the statement when I was young, but still is practical today, “There is no spot where God is not”. Mortal mind has to disappear back I it its native nothingness.
    This is a very powerful and simple reminder when looking at the material to “check in” to see if it is healing.

  6. I brought my son up in C/S from birth. My wife and I both have (As the medical profession has it, Cerebral Palsy.) We were constantly warned that my son would be born malfunctionly. I being a student of C/S mentally fought these dire predictions. He is married, has a child. And is a professional engineer. It was quite a war between Spirit and Matter. Spirit won.

  7. spot on. I was listening to something today and realized I had been in mortal mind mode about a ‘health issue’, even seeing myself with a health issue. Sometimes it is just so subtle.
    thanks Evan

  8. We also don’t have a material history of guilt, shortcomings, misunderstandings, or procrastinations that we mentally lug around with us. Our history is in Spirit. We are and have always been God’s image, always perfect, always pure and free. Now that’s a good heritage to contemplate. Thanks for the post and all the wonderful comments!

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