Cut loose

April 25, 2013 | 7 comments

Logic will get you from A to B.


Imagination will take you everywhere.


~ Attributed to Albert Einstein


I think God has an imagination. Not a frivolous, fantasy, unreasonable speculation. But a wildly free, knows-no-bounds, spectacularly creative, innovative and far-reaching mental scope that sees new possibilities, progressive opportunities and advanced positions without limit.


Sometimes, in metaphysics we get too logical, too intellectual. This endangers losing the spirit. When that happens, get back in touch with God’s Imagination, the realm of Spirit that isn’t shackled by step A to step B, but soars unfettered.


It’s a happy liberating place to be.

7 thoughts on “Cut loose”

  1. I wish Evan would explain what he means when he wrote; “Sometimes in Metaphysics we get too logical and intellectual?” How does one do that? I find when I pray, my imagination triggers in and I get inspired as to what to write in the “Daily Lifts, Spirit View, and Time 4Thinkers Websites. I also get inspired with Jokes to write. Where does the words LOGICAL AND INTELLECTUAL come into play? Sorry, I don’t understand.

  2. I get this totally, Evan! The spontaneity of thinking OUT from Mind, rather than reasoning UP to it (which is more intellectual than spontaneous) is what I believe you mean, yes? Yes,”thought soars enraptured fetterless and free”! Logic and reasoning has its place in our prayers, certainly, but so does whimsy and spontaneity and imagination. Imagine what the world would be like if we all imagined it in its primitive perfection!

  3. Tobias,
    I am not Evan, certainly, but to me that means don’t be so rigid that we miss out on the joys of freedom and love. To me, it means don’t worry about getting your pants muddy stooping down to pet a tail wagging doggie, or don’t be so fenced in by rigid wording or theory that we fail to open our heart to the simple joys of fresh thinking. Just my view of course. I keep thinking when I sometimes hear very complicated and complex metaphysical arguments that our Master taught by telling stories about sheep, weeds, runaway sons, lilies, swallows… I LOVE the simplicity of Jesus teaching and his clear view of the simple Truths.

  4. “When you walk through a beautful botanical garden, you feel open and light. You feel love. You see beauty. You don’t judge the placement and shape of every leaf. The leaves are of all sizes and sahpes and they face every which way. That’s what makes them beautiful. What if you felt that way about people. What if they didn’t all have to dress the same, believe the same, or behave the same? What if they were like the flowers, and however they happened to be seemed beautiful to you? If that happened, you’d get a glimpse of God.” Michael Singer

  5. We ‘know the truth’ and ‘expect a healing’ – which is logical.
    I think Evan is referring to ‘knowing the truth’ – really releasing into that divine knowing – & allowing for God’s “imaginative” solution – something way beyond what we had thought or expected. Turning to God I’ve experienced solutions that I could not have dreamed up! I love Evan’s insight!

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