A Day for Thanksgiving

November 28, 2013 | 14 comments

It is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, a national holiday held to remind people of the importance of showing gratitude and honoring a higher source outside of themselves.

It feels good to give thanks! And I thank you for your loyal readership, supportive comments and insightful contributions to this blog over the past year.

God bless.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good!
His faithful love endures forever.

~ Psalms 118:1 NLT

14 thoughts on “A Day for Thanksgiving”

  1. Evan, Thank you for all the wonderful insight and inspiration you have shared. I have a special folder made for all of my favorites that you have so unselfishly shared. I also enjoyed listening online to one of your new lectures. I feel you have helped me yield more to God’s allness and goodness. Thank you–I am grateful! Karen

  2. Yes, Evan, your daily gift of spiritual insight is one of the many things I am so grateful for today. Bless you and your family and the Cause we so dearly love.

  3. There is a heartfelt thanks to you and the daily blogs.
    Along with my daily review of the Bible Lessons and readings from CS Publications and prayer, I value your blogs that keeps my thought process headed in the right direction.
    Your yearly class preparation is very timely and meets the need for our uplifting direction to keep us on tract.

    This what Thanksgiving means to me to keep my Christ Like awareness.

    Thank You Evan

  4. And thank you Evan for allowing me to express my understanding of this wonderful religion, C/S. Of course, in C/S, we express thanks every day and every moment in our lives for the revealed ability to be able to express what C/S teaches of our AT-ONE-MENT WITH GOD now and forever.

  5. Good Morning Evan, Thank you for sharing your insight, inspiration, Love of CS. Your blogs help me headed in the correct direction. God Bless you and your family this Thanksgiving Day.

  6. Evan, thank you for this amazing blog !
    It makes part of my daily spiritual workout always teaching me something new, inspiring me, together along my path !
    Have a great day !!!

  7. What a great opportunity to thank you Evan for your wonderful blog. I’ve been blessed by many of your insights and articles. Have a wonderful, gratitude-filled Thanksgiving.

  8. Many thanks, Evan, as I love your daily blogs. I just returned from church. I really love the “Thanksgiving ” lesson each year. I didn’t get up to testify this morning,. but over the years I heard someone give this testimony which has always resonated with me. Had I stood up I would have said “I am so grateful to be grateful.” I was thinking about that smile you shared, gratitude is like a smile for the more you smile the more others smile back at you, and the more gratitude you give the more you are given in return.

  9. This Thanksgiving Day, more than many others, has turned by thought to how grateful I can be for opportunities to be of service to others. And my faltering joy and confidence are so often lifted by those who, in love, serve me — as in your blog, and many other sources that open my eyes to the gentle goodness at work around me, and everywhere. Thank you, Evan, for your faithful service in all you do for the Cause of Christ.

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