Defend against all types of infection

May 3, 2021 | 35 comments

Millions of people are receiving a vaccine in hopes of being protected from infection of the coronavirus, but why not take steps to protect oneself from infection of all viruses and their variants? This is doable when one understands that the best preventative against any type of infection is calm, poised, assured and consistent spiritual mindedness.

One doesn’t need to set themselves up for an endless cycle of vaccine shots far into the future. Through spiritual means, one can demonstrate impenetrable spiritual immunity today that sticks forever.

The spiritual protection one demonstrates from one virus protects them from other viruses and their variants too.

This is possible because disease is not transmitted materially through a particular virus. It’s transmitted mentally, usually through fear. As Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “We weep because others weep, we yawn because they yawn, and we have smallpox because others have it; but mortal mind, not matter, contains and carries the infection”
(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 153).

To prevent infection from any type of virus, guard against mortal mind influence, by knowing God’s omnipotence and omnipresence. Recognize only one power and influence over your health, the power and presence of divine Love. Know that divine Mind alone shapes and forms your experience as a child of God, not a material virus.

Render viruses of all kinds harmless with an understanding of God’s all-encompassing, ever-pervasive Love. Neutralize fear of disease with spiritual truth, and keep it out of consciousness. It’s the surest defense against any type of contagion, and the most effective way to stay healthy under all circumstances.

It’s possible to stay out of the material cycle that breeds a never-ending fear of viruses and growing dependency on material medicines. One can demonstrate spiritual immunity through sound spiritual mindedness. It’s the healthier happier way to live.

35 thoughts on “Defend against all types of infection”

    1. Martine,
      Thank you for the double feature. Both articles support Evan’s immunization this morning.
      Uta’s thanks are in such loving course and reflects highly refined thanksgiving.
      I stand as a humble learner following the path which others have forged.
      I’m as grateful as can be. Thanks again for sharing the Truth this fine Monday morning.

    2. This article and Evan’s post offer immeasurable support to help us during these times. Many, many thanks!❤️

  1. Hi dear Martine, I just read the article “Spiritual Immunity”. Wow that is so suitable for these time’s need and very helpful. One Truth thought says:”Spiritual Immunity is as continuous as Life and as perfect as Truth.” That is a helpful firmness needed very much! Thank you very much for your links”

    Utmost thanks to you Evan for your steady loving help for us all! Your last paragraph put it altogether and gives a lot of comfort and advice how to work and pray. Am deeply grateful for the Truth you give us with such wonderful clarity!♡

  2. Thank you Evan , as always for your treasured guidance. Thank you Martine for the articles also. Happy day all❣️

  3. Thanks so much, Evan, for just thoughts I needed to wake up to this morning! And thanks, as well, to Martine for the supportive articles…both are very helpful!

  4. It is such a blessing to pray and be guided to an article which will meet some need in somebody’s day and another blessing to receive your thanks, a perfect God’s day to all !

    1. Thank you Evan & Martine..needed to hear this as I write from Uttar Pradesh, Prayag Raj, India, at a time when there are no words to express the fear people are gripped with! I thank God for CS and all of you who are teaching us invaluable truths as Jesus taught..for encouraging us through articles, comments etc, etc..I am learning to ordain my thoughts alright…God is with us!

      1. Dear Annette,
        My prayers are with you all in India as our true brothers and sisters with one Father-Mother
        God, who is protecting us all from the fearful but false claims of destructive elements, or viruses. The
        truth that Evan is pouring forth with such love, and all the inspired comments from us all, I am seeing as embracing you in India and all mankind. May God bless you and keep you forever safe in His care. We are all the children of God, and God says that His children cannot fear.. Love is the liberator.

      2. Dear Annette,
        Many many thousands of people, if not millions, are praying for India. I am so glad you have CS and am sure there are thousands of you in India who are making a huge difference with your prayers. Therefore, this imposition, aggressive though it is, must dissolve into the nothingness that it is. I thank God for Truth and Love.

      3. Dear Annette, Your prayers and right thinking are a blessing to all those around you, and everywhere. We are showering you with love, and God has all of us in His loving arms, melting the false sense of fear. Thank you for sharing here today.

      4. Dear Annette,
        As you can see many people are praying for India. I wanted to join in prayer as well so I prayed to understand what God knows about this dear country. I was led to the 46th Psalm. The whole Psalm is a tender assurance of God’s loving presence that is enveloping and embracing this nation in His care. I especially love and find comfort in these verses, ,”There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High. God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early.” (Psalms 46:4, 5) Giving you all a loving hug each day!

  5. Thank you for staying with this topic. We need to keep on it. We can’t pacify error and expect it to go away. We know as Christian Scientists that is leaving our work undone. I’ve tried this easy route many times before and it always leads me back to the spiritual lesson that God intended me to learn by employing CS in the first place. Why not run to meet it like David with Goliath?

    Each time we overcome a sense of sin(belief that we are anyone can be separate from God) or fear, we help the world overcome it. It’s True! We can take a gentle, loving but firm stand in our allegiance to God. God is the all of Good. We can trust it’s simplicity.

  6. The truths stated in your blog today, Evan, spoke head on to the mortal mind intrusions into thought. And, they are true for all our friends around the world….and especially in India where fear is being propagated by the minute. But, not only did you speak to so-called infectious viruses, but to other mortal mind intrusions into thought that would disrupt, confuse, and confound man. Thank you so much! I am deeply grateful.

  7. page 110 9: The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany, Part II,

    9 “the day will dawn and
    the daystar will appear, lighting the gloom, guiding the
    steps of progress from molecule and mortals outward and
    12 upward in the scale of being.”

    Good to know, when tempted by fear of the unknown, to look to the light, the dawn, the DAYSTAR

  8. To Annette Dsylva
    When the false pictures of sickness and death seem so vivid, these distortions compel us as truth knowers to “up our game” in holding to spiritual sense, the allness of God, the perfection of reality. From the article that Martine referenced “Spiritual Defense”…”he is insistent in mobilizing his spiritual forces by bringing to the front ideas of courage, confidence, spiritual understanding and spiritual power, to offset and destroy the suggestions of evil”.

    The fact is God is Love, and there is no other. This absolute Truth must be evidenced in India.

  9. Historical Christian Science Lectures
    God is individual consciousness. Bicknell Young,
    read by Anthony Whitehouse.

  10. When I read the title today, initially I thought “again?”
    But, of course, this terrible imposition is waging war on us still, and particularly our beloved India.
    Yesterday I pondered how we Christian Scientists can combat such a lie; last night I watched a webinar with Janet Horton, the remarkable retired Military Chaplain who helped break the “camouflage ceiling” and refute lies, impositions, restrictions, resistance, error of every kind actively, daily. She retold her experience of being at the Pentagon on 9/11. She had been impelled (she said it was an insistent voice commanding her) the day before to pray for the world against “the gathering of evil.” Her prayers certainly prevented a more horrific tragedy there. One with God is a majority. We are One with God, The One. So, as others have said today, we must remain vigilant. I am embracing you, dear Annette, our brothers & sisters in India. Hugging the works with Love. The All Power. .

  11. Thanks Evan for emphasizing the importance of “an understanding of God’s all-encompassing, ever-pervasive Love.” I’ve read in the media about the mortal belief of herd immunity that claims when a sufficient percentage of a population has become immune, through vaccination or previous infection it reduces the likelihood of infection for individuals who lack immunity. In the Bible God’s children are often referred to as His herd, His sheep and how He loves and cares for each and every one. That is real herd immunity, spiritual immunity for all His children 100%!

    This is nicely illustrated in the picture above, He’s got the whole world in His hands! As children of God we rest in His hands knowing fear does not belong to us, is no part of us and we can claim our safety and freedom from fear. Love to each of us here, to all upon whom our thoughts rest and to dear Evan.

  12. Annie, I would love a link to Janet’s webinar if its available! She is an outstanding example
    of living C.S.

    1. The wrbinar was produced by Discovery Bound, & I think it will be available in about a week. I’ll find it & post it here. I’ve read her book 3 times, as she has profound healings on nearly every page, each very inspiring.
      “Cracking The Camouflage Ceiling” is the title of her book.

  13. Amen! What an awful thing to be afraid of sickness. . . . . .instead of demonstrating health, as we are able to do. Thank you for pointing out truths that get us through and beyond our fears. The confidence gained from studying Christian Science is invaluable in all areas of life. Thanks again for sharing!

  14. In the May issue of the Mary Baker Eddy Library Newsletter is an Article “what Mrs Eddy said about Reporting and Treating Contagious Disease”
    It is Mrs Eddy’s wisdom that keeps us on the straight and narrow path.

  15. Many thanks, Martine, for the link to the article, “Spiritual Immunity” which was very helpful. I would also like to point out that if you click on the icon at the bottom of the page for audio you can listen to the latest Sentinel Watch, which is on the same subject and outstanding.

  16. LIFE

    S&H 151:18-24: “The blood, heart, lungs, brain, etc. have nothing to do with Life, God. Every function of man is governed by the divine Mind. The myth of human mind has no power to kill or cure, and it has no control over God’s man. The divine Mind that made man maintains His own image and likeness.”

  17. I read your earlier post about responding to someone who asks if have had your vaccine yet. A few days later I had the opportunity to respond to the question, “I am completely protected”. Awesome timing. I look forward to your daily blog. Thank you Evan.

  18. A heartfelt thank you to Maggie, Rose ,Theodora , Linda and everyone here for your encouragement and prayerful thoughts! Honestly, needed this support during this hour of suppositious grief in India.. Thank you all for sharing Spiritual Truths which will bring healing to our we prayerfully turn to God…God is in us as us…In His kingdom we must remain by prayerfully including all mankind ..all of God’s Spiritual creation…..!

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