Demonstrate dominion over despairing circumstances

February 25, 2020 | 16 comments


Have you ever been tempted to throw up your proverbial hands in despair and give up trying to succeed at something that is important to you?

If you’re pursuing a worthy goal, don’t give up! Go up! Rise into your God-given dominion to do well.

God has endowed you with the ability to understand and know whatever you need to know to follow through with every right idea that beckons for demonstration in your life.

A mortal sense of existence would cast shadows on your path, create doubt, fear and even despair that discourage progress. But you are not a mortal struggling against material odds. You are an immortal reflecting an all-knowing, all-wise, and ever-capable God.

Where a mortal view finds reasons to despair, a spiritual view sees opportunities to excel.

Waste no time in despair. It’s not constructive or helpful. Switch your point of view to the spiritual and seek out the help coming from God that gives you dominion over those untoward circumstances and empowers you to conquer them and move on.

You have dominion to do well. Exercise it abundantly!

16 thoughts on “Demonstrate dominion over despairing circumstances”

  1. Thank you so much Evan. Just the message I needed to listen to. I seem to be struggling with people letting me down at the last minute … the change to God’s Perspective is a must.

  2. I’ve been tempted to give up many many times, but usually, I have not had any option but to keep going. However, at those times, I found that once it seems impossible for me PERSONALLY, then I HAVE to hand the thing over to God. STOP, let go of trying to force MY plan to happen, acknowledge that God holds everything in perfect harmony, listen for direction, and know that this will be an experience to learn from rather than buckle under the weight of it. A practitioner once said to me that when her plans did not eventuate, she would ask God, “What will I learn from this today?” THAT’S a plan!

    1. Wow, Diane! Thank you for your great insight. I really appreciate the clarity that comes from the words you emphasized with capitalization. It’s so true: we HAVE to hand it over to God and STOP trying to force OUR plan, thus making it a tug-of-war. You gave me a clear view of my job for today.

  3. Thank you Evan & All ! Yes it can often be a temptation to give up on what we feel are God `ordained pursuits. I find great support and joy in Job 23 v 14 “For he performeth the thing that is appointed for me:and many such things are with him”

    1. thank you. the computer for example has thrown me for a long time. But as I’m less afraid of it, I do better. Please excuse the tiny print.

  4. Recently I heard this phrase in a talk given by the Salvation Army (yes indeed!)
    “Stop! Drop and Roll!” These are typically instructions were one somehow to have caught on fire. But the message is : Stop trying to fix things yourself. Drop to your knees and Roll your [issue, problem, concern, pain, trouble, etc] back to God to handle.
    I loved this simple lesson.
    Christ Jesus said “I can of myself do nothing but what I know from my Father.”

  5. Thanks, great thoughts because all true! Even more important in this time that people are so confused n bombarded with many things, n many lies!
    I will send it to friends that will love this (as long as I change the word God to the great synonyms given centuries ago, they love the update 🙂 .
    Thanks n bleaaings for sharing the inspiration that comes to u!
    Love n Peace IB

  6. Thank you Evan for the great reminder. When people ask how I’m “doing” I generally answer I’m doing really well, thanks!” But your thoughts made me question whether I actually DO feel great in all areas of my thinking. I found some small places where there has been some giving-in and up. So now I’ll treat them with an uplifting perspective and practice my God-given dominion over them!

  7. Thanks you very very much for this so encouraging SpiritView. It was a wonderful uplifting this morning to get on with a refreshing God given spiritual energy studying the lesson sermon and creating an indpiring Wed reading. A Very fresh wind was blowing and the sun was shining brightly! What a beautiful start of God’s day to exercise abundantly our God given dominion to do well. Am very thankful for your precious, helpful and inspiring SV, dear Evan!

  8. What I needed to hear/read at this exact moment. Thank you!

    And many thanks for all your inspiring and helpful ideas, messages, teachings…

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