Dissolving anxiety

February 19, 2024 | 43 comments

If feeling anxious, there’s a way to dissolve anxiousness and find peace. Think about God.

You’re always thinking about something. Instead of entertaining fears and worries, choose to think about God. Focus on discerning spiritual reality.

You can begin by acknowledging God’s presence. God is always with you, always present to inspire and uplift your thought.

God sends angel messages your way to solve problems, resolve difficulties and reveal solutions.

Whatever appears to be making you anxious is not a power that can control your thinking and make you fearful. You are free to resist sensations of anxiety and find peace with God. It helps to acknowledge the one Mind of God as the only Mind influencing your thought, and able to bring you calm.

Anxiety is not a force to fear. It’s a false sensation to be conquered. When you choose to serve God, rather than fear, and listen and pray for healing insight, ideas come that lift your thought above fear to a peaceful place with God.

God is always with you. You are never alone. God is always bigger than any fear, and God’s love is present to conquer any reason to fear.

The Bible says about God, “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” (Isa. 26:3, NLT).

Trust in God, rather than in fear.

Fear can go away. God isn’t going anywhere.

Think on the realities of God, and let peace be your steady companion.

43 thoughts on “Dissolving anxiety”

  1. Thank you for today’s inspiring thought. this is something I really need to practice, it is much needed thank you.

  2. This is so beautiful ,true and profound ! Thank you so much Evan. ..well timed for me.
    A statement of pure Christian Science to live, love and share❣️

  3. Thank you each one and we all need this. the world is holding discord pictures here and there all day long stop watching the news except to learn how to help others today and want to work on and anxiety is nothing but we have to claim it we have to know it .yes we’re always thinking something so let’s lean on God and talk to him that is why he is with us all the time our constant companion and counselor. Thank you so much everyone ,have a great day because it’s God’s he’s giving us this great day; thank him, love him and he loves us back. He loved us first so let’s reciprocate and be glad we have his loving care and guidance.thank you Evan and all.

  4. If I find myself being anxious that’s when I know that I spending more time thinking about the wrong things and no acknowledging my real relation to God and my fellow mankind. Thank you, Evan for bring this point to our attention.

  5. Thank you Evan and all. This is very helpful. Let us strive to love God better everyday in our thoughts, our activities and in our discussions. .

  6. Lovely thoughts on dissolving anxiety! Thank you Evan and All.
    Heavenly photos of peaceful places yesterday and today : )

    Relaxing in green pastures
    With sun highlighting Soul
    Thoughts of stream lined Peace
    Making heaven-blessed … Whole

    To lean on the sustaining infinite
    In harmony … Free
    Our hearts shine
    In Love’s large liberty

    Gathering thoughts to a better
    State of Mind
    Leaving all of the cares
    Of the world behind.

  7. Evan, what a wonderful way to celebrate the dawning day. Thank you all for your supporting contributions. Our God is so loving to each one of his ideas. I am so grateful .

  8. Great topic “God sends angel messages your way to solve problems, resolve difficulties and reveal solutions.” However, I’m
    listening but hearing nothing. Therefore, I can’t feel God’s presence.

    1. Dear Lori, I am starting to understand that this kind of listening, that we are taught to do in CS is a very different kind of listening than the ordinary way that we would hear someone speaking to us. It is very subtle, I think that is why it is called the “still, small voice.” Maybe it is like a muscle that grows stronger as we practice hearing in a different way. Some people also say that they experience this communication through coincidences/sychronicities or reading something or someone saying something that is just perfect at the moment needed. Either way, if this communication from God to man is always going on, you cannot be deprived of it, because you (we) cannot be deprived of God’s Love.

      1. Thank you Rose, wonderfully said!
        It’s a spiritual listening with our heart.and with our spiritual sense!♡

  9. Such a wonderful lift today and something I have been working on! Those anxious thoughts just may be the root of other problems we are dealing with in the body or in other areas- so need to be dealt with. I have cut way back on watching the news and spending a lot more time praying to see the allness of God who is Love filling all space. That Love tenderly cares for all Her children- feeds and clothes and protects them. Good is unfolding every moment and the mesmerism which claims a power apart from God is unreal- We have the mind of Christ to see the Truth! So grateful for that!

  10. From Hymn# 508:

    I’ve got peace like a river,
    I’ve got joy like a fountain,
    I’ve got love like an ocean,
    I’ve got faith like an anchor,
    ………. in my Soul.

  11. My favorite article on fear is in the April 2014 Journal: “Healing—because there is no fear in the allness of Love” by Carol Dee Lewis. It’s a great read, and an even better listen. Perhaps someone else, who knows how, could post the link.

  12. This is lovely but when you know things don’t feel right within your body and the fear is so overwhelming and you just don’t hear or feel God, what do you do?

    1. Dear Anon, dear Lori,
      You remember one story in the Bible when one someone touch Jesus’s garnement and at that very moment
      The healing took place. I think the same thing happens to us when we don’t give up about the immediate result, let us not be impressed by apparent obstruction, but remember that once but touch the Spiritual” garnement “
      Gracious things appear to the surface.

    2. You’re always listening to something. God is always speaking to you with thoughts that bring peace and calm. Like standing in a crowd of noisy people, where there is one person you want to hear, you make extra effort to zero in and hear only that one person. Do the same when the body feels like it’s talking loudly. God’s voice is always more impressive, always present to hear. Zero in, and you will hear. And the noise will die away.

      1. Wonderful, thank you Evan for your very good explanation that we always can listen to and hear God’s thoughts. That is so very comforting! Also the Bible promises us God’s salvation, healing us!♡

      2. You thought blessed me at a moment of need, when my “body” was coughing loudly, over and over. . .but clear as a light turned on, I saw, “coughing”as unnecessary, exploiting and disturbing harmony. It merely wanted attention.


  13. Thanks a lot Evan for sharing a very inspiring thought that I needed today. Trust in God rather than in fear. Fear can go away. God is not going anywhere. Thanks

  14. To human sense, the world view is very bleak. We are bombarded daily with pre-election dramas in the United States, war between Russia and Ukraine, and a war in the Middle East with no definite end in sight. Yet, God is bigger than all this and has the answer to these conflicts. We will have answers, also, to day-to-day issues and those worldwide if we are willing to align our thoughts with God, good. This helps to dispel anxiety and any other thoughts patterns that would try to rob us of our peace. Thoughts that are not anxiety-ridden are pure. clear thoughts. They enable us to be happy and to march onward in a straight line. As the Bible states,”Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.”

    1. Thank you, Anne, for these calming thoughts to negate the roar of mortal mind’s
      wanting to be heard with all of what you mentioned. It is comforting to know in
      S & H where Mrs. Eddy writes on pg 97: “It requires courage to utter truth; for the
      higher Truth lifts her voice, the louder will error scream, until it’s inarticulate sound
      is forever silenced in oblivion. ‘He uttered His voice, the earth melted.’ This
      Scripture indicates that all matter will disappear before the supremacy of Spirit”.
      What a blessing to be comforted by these healing messages of Truth.

    1. The link does work … Thank you Martine and J . I love from the article where it
      says “We handle fear with the Power of divine Love”. Divine Love IS the antidote for
      anxiety or fear or dis – ease. It is the sun on a cloudy day, the light at the end of a
      tunnel, the Truth after so many lies that mortal minds tries to tempt us with. It is
      what makes us whole, as perfect reflections of God…where we feel the warmth
      and Love that surrounds us and fills in the emptiness that would Seem to be.
      Divine Love is with us always, beside us everywhere, whispering with the still,
      small voice of peace and harmony, holding our hand to bring about the support
      we may need. It dispels the lies of the so-called experts of materiality that would
      hold us back from experiencing the Truth of Love’s existence. It quells the discord
      that would have us fear any of the anxiety that is erroneous and not in accordance
      with God’s being.

  15. Thank you for the emphatic message about God’s continual presence. What a source of confidence! Knowing we are not alone and the angel thoughts are plentiful gives me strength and peace.

  16. Thank you very much, dear Evan for your loving treatment of fear. I needed it very much and it helped me very much today, knowing that we are not alone, and that God is always with us. As God, divine Love is ever present, He is never absent from anyone of us, and we can fully lean on our Father-Mother God for guidance and healing!

    Thank you all for your inspirations!♡

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