[VIDEO] Distinct individuality

October 16, 2017 | 16 comments

Do you realize how special you are? Do you understand that you have unique worth and value to be respected and honored?

Here are a few thoughts I share through video on distinct individuality that came to me while viewing the Delicate Arch last May when visiting Arches National Park in Utah.

16 thoughts on “Distinct individuality”

  1. Evan, your distinct individuality continues to offer me the opportunity to grow in Spirit and to shed the illusory garb of mortal mind–through your words/prayers/insights. Thank you for the time you give for all to become that which they are in God’s holy truth. May you and your family have a blessed day
    With gratitude and love

  2. Delicate arch…now that’s a phrase that will stick! I love how you find spiritual lessons everywhere….and share them with us! Thanks, friend.

  3. Individuality is one great thing that we all have as God’s ideas are limitless… from the infinitesimal to the infinite as MBE states.
    However, distinct individuality is very obvious and outstanding! As outstanding as that delicate arch. Thankyou Evan, for your never ending inspirations that ripple out across the world to inspire us as well.

  4. There is no detail too great for God as we live and move and have our being in him. Our individuality is our purpose though different for each of us the same in that it should shine out to others in a joyous compassion for being alive at all. Thank you Evan for sharing this video blog full of wonderful expressions we each have the opportunity to share.

  5. Always worth thinking about this. The immense good as reality was something I still struggle with and yet lean on. I noticed something ,after many years, that I finally recognized as what it was. not the first time. Keeping awake at the switch.

  6. More and more I try to appreciate the “delicate arch” in others too, not only in myself. So many people want other people to “conform” to their way of doing things or their way of thinking. Although that is appropriate when another person’s actions are harmful to others, it’s not okay when someone is just expressing their uniqueness. When I detect that thought in my thinking, I reject it and try to appreciate the diversity of others instead of wanting them to conform to my idea of what is “normal”.

  7. Yes, yes. I appreciate this SV, as I always do. Thanks, Evan. I will go see this Delicate Arch some day, and when I do, I’ll sure think of this Vlog!

    Been thinkin’ about spiritual qualities, given to each of us as complete reflections/expressions of God… and how we glimpse these in our human selves, enjoy and use them (or…not!).

    Mary Baker Eddy tells us that Christian Science practice begins with perfect God and perfect man as the basis of thought and demonstration. From here, and only from here, can we demonstrate in our seeming “human lives” the absolute facts of being…”and thus achieve the absolute.”

  8. Having hiked to Delicate Arch I truly appreciate what you have shared. How distinctlly unique each one of us are in our expressions of God. Thank you.

  9. I had never seen that arch before . Thank. You for sharing. Finding our uniqueness is often a chore. At one time I used to joke with a friend by calling myself Unique. For many years I stopped doing so as I realized I was just me and really not all that special!
    I actually questioned my worth. But when you attribute your worth to manifesting God like qualities not merely human personality you do become unique. I know where to find my worth . Thanks.

  10. Thank you Evan, for this very loving Vlog showing me and us all our very special spiritual individuality ; and that each one of us has her/his very special qualities with which we can bless us and others.

    I am happy with my qualities with wich I can bless my friends, my family, my church etc.
    Thank God for this loving religion.

  11. Lovely ideas…did anyone notice the flying black thing that whizzed by Evan right after he pointed to the arch? I wonder if it was a bat or a bird? Whatever it was, it was fast!

  12. Hi everybody,

    I can`t help and I cannot hold it back, what comes to me everytime
    I have a look at that interesting porch.

    I must giggle, because for me it looks like the lower part of
    a man in working trousers and with large boots standing there
    with legs apart. I find it funny 🙂

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