Fly as an angel

October 17, 2017 | 19 comments

Take a lesson from angels, and learn how to “fly” in life.

“Angels can fly because they carry no burdens.”

~ Eileen Elias Freeman

19 thoughts on “Fly as an angel”

  1. Thank you both commenters above. You are so right, although it is not always easy to let go of the challenges. But if we let God plan our doings and intentions, then I think it will go joyful and light.
    Thank you Evan for this lesson with the sweet angel-picture.

  2. We all face burdens in this earthly existence for sure. To release them and give them “over” is a choice we can easily make if we are truly all of one mind. If God is all in all, then the release can be simple. Done. I sometimes resist this “letting go and letting God” which increases my burdens. This reminder, Evan, is good for me.

  3. Angels, heavenly messages/messengers light our world constantly although sometimes we don’t seem to see or feel their presence. I think it is like the feeling we get when something just went very well in our lives and we are so buoyant and joyous, we feel like we are floating above all the burdens that would try to slow us down. Thank you, Evan and commenters for your angel thoughts… so uplifting.

  4. “How gentle God’s commands
    How kind his precepts are. . .
    I cast my burden at his feet
    And bear a song away” — Christian Science hymnal, hymn 402

  5. Interesting thought came to me this morning when reading Evans entry for the day. We all agree this spiritual journey out of pain, suffering, challenges, burdens… is tough hard work. But is it? Is this also just another belief? This is not to undermine anyone’s diligent work to be free of lies and distortions of what constitutes our being, our true eternal identity. I, too have struggled for decades to unravel the mysteries and pain. A new thought for me, Is the “struggle” complexity itself part of the lie or cover-up? Something for me to think on today. Do Angels know that we are already free and burden free? Blessings to all.

    1. God doesn’t struggle to be good so as Her reflection, a child of God, good, neither do we struggle. It’s part of the dream that we seem to struggle but we must pray from the basis of perfect God, perfect man, never separated for an instant from Divine Love.

    2. Good thinkings, Charla. You are sensing that while we need to “grapple with error in ourselves and others,” as Mrs. Eddy teaches, the “battle” really is God’s—Truth’s.
      We do the math and let the Principle of Math … work!
      (Prolly a mistake to wrestle with… illusions! Only makes em more real!)

      Loving God’s angel messages!

      Thanks, Evan!


    3. Great thought-starter! So on the premise of Jesus Christ reminding me that the Holy Spirit is the only teacher, your question threw me back in to My Life Journey (my personal metaphysical name for the Bible) and the spiritual meaning of Jacob, the dream of angels ascending and descending, and the struggle with “a man”. Now I am considering.. is the “struggle” a good thing as in a baby learning to walk, or a bad thing in that it is an opposing force and I could fail and my body could kill me? Is the ‘battle’ (note this isn’t war) not God’s (Truth) and progressive, and indeed not of my belief in separation (Lie)? So if I contrast this aspect of the idea of balance and harmony with the degree of perfect healing consciousness, resurrection, regeneration and immortality demonstrated by Jesus Christ – the concept of struggle makes good sense. It shows me I am Jacob/Israel, but I am also Jesus Christ! Kind of like the little boy trying on his Dad’s hat and wondering why he can’t see!

      Thank you Evan and Charla!

  6. Hi everyone, I had an idea where to find what MBEddy says about Angels.
    She says there for instance: … it is a spiritual idea that lights your path!”

    You find the whole article in Miscellaneous Writings on page 306 with the title ANGELS.
    Perhaps Evan wanted to give a special lesson to throw away unnecessary burdens.

    But anyway it is good to have a look on what Mrs. Eddy says about Angels which is very helpful in varous aspects.

    Love to all 🙂

  7. Regardless of flight, I just loved the little angel. She seemed so precious ,sweet,
    And innocent. Carefree . I always love and feel so much gratitude for the angels supporting us.

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