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January 20, 2023 | 20 comments

Would you like to do something significant today? If so, live out your spiritual truth.

Spiritual truth is your reality with God. It includes a life filled with love, wisdom, intelligence, creativity, health, goodness, spiritual mindedness and like qualities.

When you live true to your reality with God, you accomplish something significant, for you overcome evil to some degree in your life experience and bring out more of God’s goodness. Living conditions improve. Happiness is easier to find.

To live out spiritual truth is to side with good and walk away from evil. It is to overcome anger with love, resentment with forgiveness, ignorance with wisdom, disease with health, and depression with joy and gratitude. It’s thought advancing to a higher position that experiences more of God’s care and love.

You can improve on yesterday by doing something significant today. Discern a fresh view of spiritual truth, and act on it. Live it out! Be everything that God designed you to be. It’s good and it’s grand.

20 thoughts on “Do something significant”

  1. Thank you Evan. This reminds me of a quote used by Mrs. Eddy:

    ““What if the little rain should say,
    ‘So small a drop as I
    Can ne’er refresh a drooping earth,
    I’ll tarry in the sky.’”

    (Pulpit and Press, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 4:3 What)

  2. Once again, “you nailed it!” Every day I look forward to these SpiritView posts; they are such a powerful reminder, and precious gift, every day… Thank you Evan!

  3. Thank you once again. And to all. We cannot hear these spiritual truths ever enough. I let them wash over me each day

    1. Nadine I agree, we can never be reminded enough of these truths. The world is trying to tell us the opposite messages. The Bible lesson this week is on Truth. I listened to the recording on the CS phone line, at the end they play a hymn, this one was #201 and one verse reads, “Truth will from error free your long enslaved mind, And bring the light of liberty where it shall be enshrined.” I related to the long-enslaved mind, sometimes it feels like my thought is captured by error.

      I guess the most significant thing we can do every day is remember that Life and everything created by Life (God) is actually spiritual. Getting glimpses of this fact impacts every area of life. We don’t have to strive to make this truth true, just recognize it, ponder it. It is always true, nothing can change the facts of Being, That is good news.

      Sending Love and gratitude to all of you!

      1. Turn, turn, TURN, for a glimpse of Life created by GOD, spiritual. Thank you with gratitude ROSE, I love reading those words and breathing in that thought, to UNslave my human thoughts, by releasing thoughts to soar to new heights. The hymn, 201, repeats that in song, which I can sing all day long, with gratitude.

  4. Sometimes I wonder what can I do? There Seems to be so
    many problems in the world. But…
    “As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light
    one with the sun, even so God and man [woman],
    Father [Mother] and son [daughter]
    are one in being. The scripture reads: “For in Him we live,
    and move, and have our being”. ” (S&H pg 361: 16-20
    Our being is BEing IN GOD. What a great place to be!
    At this moment and always.

  5. It is good to know that every time we overcome a material
    suggestion with the spiritual Truth, in every thought or spoken
    word, or action, we are doing something significant. it helps
    even if only a small way ( like the poem by Mary Baker Eddy
    shared by Karen above) towards healing the world. That is
    so worthwhile, and basically so simple that we can achieve it,
    as we watch our thoughts continually.

    Thank you, Evan – you put things so clearly and present them
    as really desirable.

  6. For some reason, I am not sure why I didn’t realize this before, but it came to me why Jesus spoke of the Rabbi’s being liars and murders. It not that they were actual murderers, but in Jesus case some of them were about to do so, but that they learned their lies from their culture being taught of their fathers the way culturally which although following the law of Moses, ignored the spiritual intent that God had given to Moses. That diversion from the spiritual intent was the being of the lie, so they because liars. As to murderers there too, their lack of true spiritual recognition lead them down the path of falsehood towards self. Their selfish ways turn on themselves committing them to a life purely mortal. They were in a sense murdering themselves by not acknowledging the Spiritual realities of Life and thus the hypocrisy. We can see this today in our current culture the selfishness inherent in mortal thinking, the ultimate lie against self and our true nature as a child of God, Spirit. Though it is wrong to murder or bear false witness against our neighbor, it is equally wrong to murder and bear false witness against ourselves. Ignorance of our true nature as wholly spiritual is not a sufficient defence that will absolve this ignorance, but acceptance to allow the spiritual to transform us to our true nature is.

    1. Thank you Evan. And thanks Josef for your insights!
      And from this Bible Lesson on TRUTH —
      Jesus told the truth to expose the error in mortal thinking.– right up front.
      And Mrs. Eddy states
      “The truth taught by Jesus, the elders scoffed at. Why? Because it demanded more than they were willing to practise”
      Thanks everyone for your thoughts!

  7. Thank you Evan. This is true and something to practice. Learning a truth and putting into practice every day. What a great job. I will try it. Thank you everyone for your beautiful contributions.

  8. “You can improve on yesterday by doing something significant today. Discern a fresh view of spiritual truth, and act on it. Live it out! Be everything that God designed you to be. It’s good and it’s grand.” I love this! It reminds me of Eddy’s instruction to “…be in earnest from the start, and gain a little each day in the right direction…” (SH, p.21) I can do that! Thank you all for your thoughtful contributions this morning.

  9. I ask God what I should do all the time. Of course, I know God is Principle, Mind, Soul, Life, Truth Love, Spirit so I am not asking a person in the sky, but since I have become so familiar with those synonyms I can just say “ God.” I usually feel a gentle nudge, or a sudden new idea, especially if I am not asking selfishly. Today it is, “God, what significant thing should I do that best reflects you? Be it grand or as humble as washing a dish with love, your Principle directs me and all.”

  10. Thanks to all who have commented and shared your inspirations. This has made it definitely a Good Friday for me.

  11. Evan, thank you for your insights today. I love that the ability to do a small thing in the right direction will help us on our way. “When you live true to your reality with God, you accomplish something significant, for you overcome evil to some degree in your life experience and bring out more of God’s goodness.”

    Josef, thank you for sharing your insights on Jesus’ calling the rabbis more than just hypocrites, but liars and murderers as well. Good thoughts. That gives me a lot to think about as well.

    Thank you all for your comments on this subject. Lots of good thoughts there as well and very needed and appreciated.

  12. Thank you Evan, and wonderful and inspiring comments everyone! Sometimes, something significant is doing what seems like it maybe insignificant, but is a way of “letting our light shine”…wearing a smile, saying hello, being patient, doing a good deed, sincerely asking someone how their day is going and listening, etc.

  13. A dear friend shared with me that a Franciscan Monk said, something to the effect that It is enough if I pick up a bit of trash/rubbish for the glory of God. This gives me the incentive to pick up. I remember the first time I paid attention to the “stuff” dropped along a lovely bush trach and wondered “Who would do this?” The immediate answer was, “Your brother!” What? I don’t have a brother…Hmm, this was my awakening. We are all brothers. I got to work!

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