Do you have an inspiring attitude?

April 27, 2017 | 13 comments

“Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?”

~ Dennis and Wendy Mannering

13 thoughts on “Do you have an inspiring attitude?”

  1. Oh, Evan, because you are posing this question, I think about it more deeply.
    And I ask myself, do I have an inspired attitude that would be worth catching?
    Every morning while studying the lesson sermon, I think, then an inspired attitude will be erected in my consciousness. Thank God He gave us Christian Science!

    Thank you Evan for your SpiritView which leads us to dive more deeply to find
    spiritual sense – am very grateful for that 🙂

  2. An ‘ aha’ moment
    certainly fun to have…
    They don’t always
    Come easy…
    But when they do
    I’m glad….

    Our bodies are beholden
    to a soaring Spirit…..
    Our Spirit is beholden
    to an infinite Presence

  3. Thanks, Evan. My attitude has been lousy with stress lately. I needed this wake up. I’m so grateful.

  4. Thanks, Evan. I made up a little saying to share with a class on Deployment that I taught to Navy wives to help them deal with life when their husbands were away: “Gratitude is the attitude that gives you altitude.” When our hearts are filled with gratitude we reflect joy, and it uplifts not only ourselves, but others with whom we come in contact.

  5. Thank you. Evan, and thank you all for your thoughts on this. Maximo, your response is now in my “little book” of inspirations!

  6. A cheerful, happy and appreciative person can attract many people, many friends. Happiness is achieved by being grateful to God for His abundant graces showered on us each day. Such a person only focuses on the blessings and never on the lack…and so is always grateful, satisfied, appreciative, caring, loving, joyous, calm, collected, buoyant, always will to extend a helping hand.. Who would not like to catch up with such a wonderful person???
    Thanks Evan for your daily posts.

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