Be a participant, not an observer

April 28, 2017 | 19 comments

If you ever feel like life is passing you by, it’s time to become an active participant in life rather than a casual observer.

God has blessed you with a Life that is without limits. There is no limit to how much good you can accomplish. There is no end to how far you can go. There is no lack of opportunity for you to explore. There is no obstacle in your way to hold you back.

You can move as fast down the path of progress as you choose.

To advance, any limited concept of life that would prevent progress must be dropped. For instance, any belief that argues you are a limited mortal with limited possibility and meager opportunity needs to go. It’s not true. It’s error of belief. You are not a limited mortal. You are an unlimited immortal. You have the full might and power of God backing you up to realize your potential as a productive, profitably engaged, needed being.

Rather than standing on the sidelines of life and watching everyone else succeed, jump in and live! Your neighbor does not have any advantage over you. You are just as loved and cared for and provided for as they are.

God’s primal provision is not money, education, fame, or favored genes. It’s wisdom, intelligence, creativity, expansive thinking, intuition, love, courage and the ability to act with good results. You have all these! You are just as important to God as anyone else.

So, no more sitting around and watching life go by. Be an active participant. Prove that you have what it takes, coming from God, to accomplish significant work and demonstrate boundless worth and value.

“The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the achievement possible”
Science and Health, p. 199.

19 thoughts on “Be a participant, not an observer”

  1. Thank you Evan for a most needed lift. It has roused my thought and has pushed me to go furtherMay I please use this platform to ask a question from the responsive reading in this weeks lesson.?

    Could someone please explain why Isaiah 59:20 reads “And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the Lord.
    The “in Jacob” got me thinking… we say “in Christ”, when things are done following his example or in his name, so was Jacob the early representation of Truth, a forerunner of the Christ?

  2. dear Farida, as I understand, Jacob was not at all the forerunner
    of the Christ. The Christ is forever and was already before Moses.

    The Christ is the true idea of God voicing good, speaking to humanity,
    as Mary Baker Eddy says in Sience and Health – and I would ad:
    in time and eternity!

    But I myself would also like to get a better understanding
    of that passage you mentioned, Farida, namely: Isaiah 59:20.

    Oh, Evan, how mighty and strong is your lovely SpiritView
    of today, it givews me a lot. I think it maches with
    the theme of the annual Meeting “let us feel the energy
    of Spirit which leads us into newness of Life” – about that is
    this sentence from Science and Health from MBE.
    I am so grateful for your inspiring blog full of Love 🙂

  3. Farida: Jacob was not a nice man, starting with stealing his brother Esau’s birthright, lying “(art thou my son Esau…I am” all the way till he wrestled with his sense of sin and and reconciled with his brother.
    (See Genesis and S & H p.308, also definition of Jacob in the Glossary. ) To me this passage means that you can be sunk in sin and still redeemed…a universal message of Truth.

  4. Farida, I searched and found a few explanatory notes:

    Science and Health 589:4
    Jacob: a corporeal mortal embracing duplicity, repentance, sensualism.

    Romans 11:26
    And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:

    … and the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and turn the transgressors of the house of Jacob to the law; …

    … to such among the Jews, the posterity of Jacob, who repent of their sins, and turn from them; and particularly their sin of the rejection of the Messiah …

  5. This inspiring wealth of encouragement and hope was just what I needed this morning, in having to make a decision which way in a renovation to my home. Thank you, Evan. This really helped in showing our unlimited source of good and will help me move forward with this progress. And also, what blesses one, blesses all ~ in giving work to two gentlemen that could use it right now.

  6. Suppose we are all Jacob until …….

    Liquid pure Love
    Flowing from Her heart
    water of light
    In the darkness
    of my plight

    My eyes peer
    and marvel at the sight
    the reflection of
    my reflection
    glowing in the night

    The human disappears
    yet none but you see
    the face reflected
    Is the Living Christ
    Looking back at me

  7. Thank you dear Evan, this message is the one I so needed to hear. I am not a limited mortal, but an unlimited immortal – what an expansive thought. How wonderful to be reminded that I have all the wisdom, intelligence, creativity , expansive thinking, intuition, love, courage, and the ability to act with good results. Because these are God-given gifts, no human can take them from me no matter how they see or limit me. They are the toolbox of righteous living. And righteous living sustains growth best when in contact with other people.

    Maximo, thank you for your beautiful poem today.

  8. Hi Farida,

    Interesting question. Here’s what the New Living Translation says:

    “The Redeemer will come to Jerusalem to buy back those in Israel who have turned from their sins,” says the LORD.

    Very inspiring Spiritview – thank you!

  9. Sorry – one more:

    Children of Israel. The representatives of Soul, not corporeal sense; the offspring of Spirit, who, having wrestled with error, sin, and sense, are governed by divine Science; some of the ideas of God beheld as men, casting out error and healing the sick; Christ’s offspring.
    Science & Health 583:5

  10. When Christian Science was new to me and I was talking with a friend about our upcoming high school reunion, she had the notion that personal comparisons and measures of success would ruin it for her. There wasn’t much in my experience that would outwardly boast success, but deep inside I felt that success was living in a way that doesn’t compromise your conscience. I shared that with my friend. I don’t know if it impressed her thought in any way. It is a lasting conviction that came to me as I studied the Bible, especially the story of Jacob, whose repentance revealed not only the blessing of redemption but of God’s purpose, that we already express Love, spiritually, that we so greatly desire, humanly. I had learned in Christian Science that this ultimate underlies, overlies and encompasses our being, without measure.
    Thank you Evan your reminder.

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