Do your own God-inspired thinking

November 19, 2019 | 14 comments

What percentage of your thoughts during the day are your own God-inspired thinking, as opposed to someone else controlling your thought?

For success in Christian Science healing, it’s important that we do our own God-inspired thinking. In other words, demonstrate the one Mind influencing our thought, as opposed to other so-called human mind forces such as anger, fear, apathy, false reports, disease, personal opinions and evil acts at large, swaying our perspective.

For instance, if another commits an act that tempts us to get angry, whether at home, at work, or in Washington D.C., we can resist the temptation to let anger take over, and pray to see the one Mind of Love in control that produces a good effect. If a doctor gives us a bad health report, we can refuse to let discouragement dominate our thought, and side with spiritual truth that brings healing our way. If we watch the news, and view horrible acts of evil, we can resist the temptation to feel overwhelmed and counter what we see with spiritual truth that helps make the world a better place. In other words, we don’t have to let mortal mind take over our thinking—ever!!

As children of God, we have the Mind of God to guide and inspire us. When we shut down mortal mind’s demoralized view and listen to Mind’s spiritual inspiration, our thinking will fill with uplifting spiritual views that improve our experience and those around us.

Our thinking should never be a pawn in the hands of mortal mind. It is designed to reflect the divine Mind.

Let 100% of your thoughts be God inspired, and 0% mortal mind influenced. You will live happier and healthier.

14 thoughts on “Do your own God-inspired thinking”

  1. I love the energy and clarity of your exhortation !!! So useful, so do-able, so practical, so encouraging, so healthful, so healing, so protecting. Mega thx, Evan.

  2. This is a very important activity and the basis for thinking critically about any activity we would engage. It is the very basis of MBE discovery that frees us from our own tyranny of Soul that often leads us to our own self-destruction. Example in this week’s bible lesson of the periodical son who lost the principle of life only to realize that he was already blessed returning to his true life in family humbled by his mistaken belief.

    1. I just realized that using the tyranny of Soul might be misunderstood or even an incorrect description of my intention a better way to put it is a tyranny of our individual identity as would be exhibited in Soul as our true being.

  3. Indeed there are too many unhelpful distractions to our thinking. A timely reminder to keep on track. Thanks Evan.

  4. Thank you Evan! In reading the blog today I was reminded of an article I read recently on the web ( in which there was the following quote from someone being interviewed:

    Let’s just say there is an adversary, there is a devil, there is a Satan. His whole job would be to try to convince the world that God doesn’t exist.

    The part about convincing the world that God doesn’t exist has stayed with me as an excellent way to summarize any negative suggestion that we may be tempted to believe. All negative suggestions can be summed up as implying that either a) God doesn’t exist, or b) God’s all harmonious effect/creation doesn’t exist. Mrs. Eddy on page 102 of Science & Health even defines animal magnetism as “a mere negation”. I love that! Realizing any erroneous suggestion is just a mere negation about Truth really helps me to avoid believing those suggestions and instead causes me to remind myself what is true about God and God’s idea.

    And even if the suggestion comes in the form of an “assertion” instead of a “negation”, for example, I am sick, or I have a disease, we can quickly turn that around and understand it’s really just a suggestion that God or God’s effect doesn’t exist…and dismiss it immediately!

  5. Thanks to all who have shared their inspirations. When we trust in God completely He directs our path, we just have to listen.

  6. Wonderful reminder Evan.
    Yes, it seems hard sometimes to counter mortal minds, the carnal minds (which the Bible tells us is enmity against God), beliefs, opinions, suggestions coming as news reports, conversations with others, world beliefs, etc. But, I find I must make the effort, it’s soooo worth it! My teacher of Christian Science gave us this thought to start the day:

    “God is my mind and the thinking of it”.

    I expand the idea as to what that means, like, because God is mind and good and All, there can be no evil mind, because God is immortal there can be no mortal mind, because God is One there can not be minds many, etc. Then I affirm that every man, woman and child reflect the one Mind.
    Godspeed to all. (=

  7. Thank you. always vigilant. who is doing the talking? Thanks for help in watching the news. I know we only see a choice selection of an event for the time allowed but it seems God is not everywhere sometime,s though I have experienced that God is.

  8. This is one of the finest spiritual commentaries I’ve ever read — and it truly is the most needed for me today, given a public meeting I attended yesterday. Thank you very much, Evan.

  9. Thanks for this great ideas. Yes, after all as Mary Baker Eddy said enough tines :), there is not even a mortal mind to speak since there is only 1 Mind, infinit, isn’t this a wonderful God- inspiration? 🙂 I’m very grateful for her sharing all Mind gave her, includying the great “Advance from the rudiments laid down.” Because of these teachings I have taken away that term n only reefer to it as mortal thoughts, n it has blessed me so much, reminding me tbat I can change them.or disposed of them! So many blessings with the study of this Science of the Christ
    Thank u Evan for the blessings on sharing! Love n Peace IB

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