13 thoughts on “Don’t be pushed into a promise you aren’t going to keep”

  1. Thank you, Evan! This is good advice.
    I make hasty promises sometimes. Occasionally, I say “yes” to someone who asked for more than I can reasonably give. But I prefer to keep promises as best I can, even when I over-promised. Something good always comes of it. And I can remind myself to consider next time, rather than rushing in.

  2. The Bible tells us and shows us that God’s promises are always kept. So if we promise God something, and really want to fulfill that promise with our whole heart, then we can ask God to help us keep it. He has promised He will be with us every moment to help and guide us. So, as I see it, if we really believe something to be good that we are asked to promise anyone to do, we can know that we can and will do it, if we lean on God and listen for His directions.

  3. Good one. For me this ties into letting go of self and human will. I used to try and come up with a remedy for situations presented to me on the spot, making promises to help, because I like to help people. But now I am working on listening for God to guide me to what I should do. Sometimes it’s an action and sometimes it’s not. Everyone is working out their own salvation and God has a specific plan in mind for each one. Sometimes it isn’t intended for us to be involved in that plan and we don’t need to feel guilty or selfish that we aren’t helping. Other times we are guided to be a part of their plan and we can offer a “promise” of assistance or care because it’s directed by God. Often we think we are doing good work when we over exert ourselves to please others or just promise something without giving it some quiet thought or quiet listening, rather. Sometimes we really are thrusting in our human will by not listening to God first on how to proceed to make a promise or not. I’m learning that we don’t have to give people an answer or a suggestion right away. Sometimes it comes to us immediately what to do and we can offer it, but it’s also okay to take some quiet time to think about it and then get back to the person if you feel divinely directed. God always knows what’s best. We just need to keep asking God.

    1. I like what you said, Trista! Sometimes Christians and CSers can get so caught up in the “Helping Business” that they don’t see how they are really coming from their ego and from wanting to Look Good, get approval from others and from God, and to get a sense of their self worth from others. Our self worth doesn’t come from Helping Others. It comes directly from God. And often times we can actually be of more help, but staying back and not helping….trusting that Others are capable of taking care of themselves…..with God’s help…..if they so choose!

  4. Yes difficult one at times, acknowledging God is in charge and the Law Of Love is in operation for all gives good results and we naturally know when to and when not to partake as well as when we do partake we have enough resources to help and also the needed grace and respect is present for all to accept. Also being aware all cause and effect belong to God helps remove every sense of personal responsibility and it’s ill effects of guilt and judgment and witness grand charity and kindness for all.

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