Don’t beat yourself up

April 30, 2015 | 15 comments

Have you ever felt down on yourself? Started to feel like you couldn’t do anything right?

Maybe you’re feeling dejected because you’re not reaching an important goal, or a physical healing is not coming as fast as expected, or other people are not understanding your position. Maybe you’re feeling inadequate, unqualified or incompetent, and start to blame yourself for potential failure. And if this demoralization continues, you might even begin to feel like you are your own worst enemy.

If this ever happens, “Come out and be separate,” as the Apostle Paul admonished. Negativity is never your thinking to claim and possess! You must disown it.

God’s plan for your life is all good, and the sooner you adopt this position, and know it to the bottom of your heart, the sooner you’ll demonstrate it and overcome negativity of the carnal mind that would hold you back.

The intent of the carnal mind is to discourage and stop goodness from happening.

From God’s point of view, good is never stopped and is never prevented. It is on-going, guaranteed and without doubt.

Humanly speaking, though, God’s reliable goodness is a truth we need to understand in order to demonstrate. And to demonstrate this truth, it’s wise to understand that one tool of the carnal mind is to inject into the human mind acceptance of failure in order to discourage individuals from pursuing their rightful demonstration of God’s love and care.

Be wiser than serpents!

Anytime you feel down on yourself, don’t claim the feeling. Separate yourself from it. See that the negative impression did not come out of your consciousness, but is like a robber beating on the front door of you home bellowing to be let in to steal your best possessions. You don’t have to allow the thief in! You can keep the front door locked and the evil one out.

So, stay alert to the mental guests you entertain. If they aren’t making you feel close to God, comforted in divine Love, and strong in Truth, then bar the door of your thought to their entry. Send them away.

God’s plan for your life is all good, and God is giving you the inspiration, guidance, wisdom and insight you need to progress, be healed and live a happy life.

Don’t let mortal mind beat you up and convince you otherwise. You deserve the best!

15 thoughts on “Don’t beat yourself up”

  1. SO MANY valuable lessons to adopt from this blog! Thank you Evan! Whatever the challenge presenting itself to one, I especially value the facts that: God doesn’t do failure; God’s plan for our lives is all good; we CAN disown negative thinking and the attempts of the carnal mind to discourage. That’s all it is … the belief of a mind separate from God that “would attempt to discourage individuals from pursuing their rightful demonstration of God’s love and care.” This really hit the nail on the head for me today!!!

  2. Excellent reminder, Evan. Thank you.

    I try to realize that God’s idea, man, (that’s us, in truth!) is safe from the attacks of evil,
    for evil is a non-existent lie, an illusive nothing, not real, not factual, not true, not.

    God’s idea, man—you and me–does not need to struggle with error, with false belief, for he is the pure expression of God, divine intelligent Mind. And nothing else but.

    This reminds me of Webster’s definition of “all:” “Nothing else but.”

    God, the only Mind of man, is ALL.

    So what and where is evil? It is supposition, only.

    W-H-E-W !!


  3. Thank You Evan, I feel your blog today was speaking directly to me. I have been
    feeling disappointed in myself lately for my behaviour towards another individual (even
    though I felt justified). I will continue to reread this post often so as to forgive myself and
    the other individual. You are ALWAYS meeting all of our needs.

  4. Thank you! I was feeling like this yesterday, and shifted my thought to gratitude. It’s a good reminder to be alert and “be separate” from mortal mind.

  5. I love Sue’s comment thanks be of God that we can disown negative thinking. How can we as God’s spiritual representative? We can’t, that’s all there is to it.

  6. Thank you Evan! This was so needed this morning as I was feeling discouraged about what claims to be a long standing condition. I know there’s no history of error, it never has existed, where God is All and man is reflection. I also appreciated Sue’s mention of the definition of All: “nothing else but. ” this daily treatment is suck a blessing.

  7. “Negativity is never your thinking to claim and possess! You must disown it.”
    This summed up your entire essay for me. Thank you!

  8. Love this!!!
    I’ve often wondered how I ended up in some predicaments. After reading this I remembered exactly those kind of arguments in my thinking but I didn’t recognize what they were then.
    This is really enlightening.
    Thank you.

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