Don’t judge by appearances

March 14, 2012 | 3 comments

Kathy and I attended church at the Wanganui branch on Sunday morning, and were delighted to meet a small band of generous, out-going welcoming members.

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Wanganui

Attendance at church was quite modest that day, so I figured attendance at the lecture would be modest too. Boy, was I wrong!

Hall set up for the lecture in Wanganui
The lecture room was packed Monday evening. Lots of newcomers, along with others who drove two hours or more to get there. All the copies of Science and Health except for one were taken afterward, plus piles of literature.

The audience was so attentive and rapt with the message, I kept talking and talking…the longest talk I’ve given on my whole tour, but it did not seem to matter. They soaked it all in and sat ready for more.

People asked meaningful questions during the event, and stayed after to ask more.

A woman told me after the lecture that she had arrived with a major heart problem giving her grief but it all disappeared during the talk. She was soooo happy and gave me a really big bear hug.

One woman had a hard time seeing how evil could be a lie when it looked so real. I said to her, “Who wins in the end, God or evil?” She replied, “God!” “Then that settles the question,” I emphasized. “If evil can be wiped out by God, good, then it is not an enduring power. It is not the reality it claims to be. In the end of it all, God is real and evil is not.” She nodded in agreement and left with much to think about.

Overlook where Kathy and I read the Bible Lesson

3 thoughts on “Don’t judge by appearances”

  1. What a blessing that you get to share your tour with Kathy! Having heard your lectures I know good is unfolding “down under” and all benefit! Thank you so much, Evan, for sharing so freely and openly with all of us! I almost expect my passport to show a stamp for Australia after reading your blogs and enjoying your pictures! Thank you! patty

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