Don’t be a nuclear reactor

October 27, 2016 | 16 comments

One man was bemoaning to me one day that he was tired of being a “nuclear reactor.” And by nuclear reactor, he meant one who could on occasion emotionally blow-up and get ultra-angry when events were not going his way or others acted irrationally (at least from his point of view).

If you’re ever tempted to explode with fury when others act contrary to your expectations, there’s a cure. It’s called love!

Love is infinitely patient.

Love looks beyond the evil of the moment to the good that is possible.

Love is not self-righteous, thinking only about what it can get or ought to get. Love is interested in what will bless the other person, and is happy to provide it.

Love is not selfish, only concerned about what it wants or believes it should have. Love is unselfish, always ready to help another up, extend a helping hand, share an encouraging word, or to help a neighbor overcome a weakness or shortcoming.

Love does not focus on everything that is wrong, but works to bring out everything that is right.

Love feels no need to be defensive, no worry about its image, nor desire to prove another wrong. Love works to inspire that which is right.

Love has no fear of loss.

Love is not a frail human emotion that feels vulnerable or unsure.

Love is divine, the power and presence of God that asserts and affirms all good.

Love knows its own wholeness and completeness and is not afraid to show it.

Love is always in the position of strength, never weakness.

Love has the upper-hand, always in control, acting with authority, dominion and confidence.

Love is the Mind of God that acts with grace, poise, peace of mind and clear conviction that whatever is right will prevail over what is wrong.

Love persists until it wins.

Love never gives up.

Love has the final say.

As children of God, we all have the Mind of Love to express freely and abundantly in every relationship we are part of.

Letting divine Love take the lead in our thought and relations with others negates temptation to react out-of-control, for the Mind of Love is always in control, ready to bless others no matter what position they take.

16 thoughts on “Don’t be a nuclear reactor”

  1. My friend, whom I have been “dating” since April, has floored me recently with a statement that
    he doesn’t believe in the old testament of the Bible. I was so shocked that I could not at once answer. I later told him I could no longer “date” a person who so believed in this theory . Since this is the core of my being–in fact I am reading from the Holy Bible this Sunday in church.
    How should I reply to him!?
    i feel so inspired by your blogs and have often brought them to Wednesday night service.

    1. Hi Anne,

      I would explain to your friend that the most important gain from the Old Testament is the moral and spiritual lessons to be learned and then applied to daily life. There are hundreds of lessons to be learned from the OT. Honesty, integrity, faithfulness, trust, love and so on. Certainly your friend believes in the importance of practicing these virtues and values?

      We know the story of Adam/Eve is a myth, but that’s not the point. It’s the spiritual lesson to be learned and applied. One may wonder about Jonah being swallowed by a whale…but again, it’s the deep spiritual lesson that is to be learned. History proves King David existed, Moses, and Abraham… So, we have to read the OT for the spiritual lessons. Then it all makes sense.

  2. Love it! Heh heh. I used to call it my porcupine days.
    Nuclear reactor is much more fitting. Really helpful list.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Thanks, Evan for this “Love, Love, Love” SpiritView! Praying to Know and really Feel that I am the Reflection of Love, God, and therefore can only Express this Love to All (including myself)! (P.S. There is a wonderful Daily Lift today about how we can pray for our Neighbors to help defuse their angry reactions to the U.S. Presidential Election.) Boy, it sure seems sometimes that error, evil, animal magnetism, etc. is trying to keep things stirred up – to keep us upset and on edge so that we can’t feel Love’s Embrace. But…….”Why stand aghast at nothingness?”

  4. Thank you Evan ! I am working on expressing more ” patience, meekness, love, and good deeds” since our leaderMary Baker Eddy has said this is what is most needed. I may not explode like a nuculer reactor but those minor irritations and sometimes even exasperation need to be silenced with the omnipresent, omnipotent Love of God!
    To Anne, your friend may be attracted to your spirituality and faith and you may be just the friend he needs to move him forward. Be willing to listen to God’s guidance in your relationships. If it’s right, It will move forward in the most impelling way. If not, you will be led to let it go.

  5. I felt attacked by this type of nuclear explosion after attending the Wednesday night church service last night. How could you have known as you posted just the right answer to MY need? Love, love, love as my mother always said. Transparent is my need to LOVE! Thank you for this blessing.

  6. I just love this lesson. Love solves all of our needs. You want to wrap yourself in fathomless billows of God’s Infinite Love. Thank you Evan for this wonderful expansion of Love. I could read this daily.

  7. This is a keeper worthy of being posted on the wall. It can only be added that Love is not human emotion but divine purity of thought which is the foundation of eternal peace.

  8. Thanks, Evan. Your words brought to mind what MBE says: “The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love.” She goes on to say that without it, “the letter is but the dead body of Science,–pulseless, cold, inanimate.” It seems to me that can apply to us, as well, as students of this Science. What is the most important thing we can do in this world, but love—love as God loves, love all and express patience, forgiveness, meekness, joy, unselfishness.

  9. Anne, it may be helpful to explain to your friend that we take “the inspired word of the Bible” not the literal translation, which is probably what he is taking. In the past, I have often shared with door to door sincere believers in the Bible who try to convince us to accept their their views, that if I believed the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2, I would probably be an atheist. I couldn’t love and trust a God that would create man and woman to live in a garden with a tree with the knowledge of good and evil, create a serpent to tempt Eve to eat of the fruit of the tree and share it with her husband, Adam. A loving God couldn’t create evil and man capable of temptation, and then punish him for sinning. The only true theory of creation which I believe is in Genesis 1 where God creates man and woman in His image and likeness and God saw EVERYTHING that He had created and it was VERY good.

  10. Thanks for a perfect message for the day!

    I’m working on giving up a habit of just such reactions, especially when driving – well those aren’t necessarily nuclear, but I have tended to get annoyed easily! Especially when I’m not feeling great. Something that has helped me a lot with this, is being firm in my own identity as God’s beloved child. When I am strong in knowing God’s infinite love for me, I am not drawn into judging others, and reacting negatively to their actions.

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