Everyone is a friend

October 28, 2016 | 21 comments

How many friends do you have? Probably far more than you realize…

From a spiritual point of view, everyone around you is a friend. Close family members that you get along with are obviously friends. Perhaps a buddy from school you’ve stayed in contact with, a favorite co-worker, the girlfriend you share deepest thoughts with, or the partner you think a world of.

But then there’s all those “other people.” The ones you rarely think about such as the neighbor down the street you seldom see or people you walk by every day without acknowledgment. And, of course, the enemies—oh yes, the people you avoid, think poorly of, dread or even despise. Believe it or not, all these people are your friends too.

Yep, everyone around you is a friend, whether you think of them as good or bad, because every one of these people offers you an opportunity to grow spiritually and to become a better person. And that’s what friends do—they make you a better person for the lessons you learn from them.

The retail clerk that scowls because she’s having a bad day is your opportunity to think positive about her and help her find a reason to have a good day. Maybe give her a big smile and help her see that life is not so bad after all.

The ultra-competitive co-worker who is always trying to one-up you at the office is your opportunity to demonstrate that there is enough good to go around for everyone. That there doesn’t need to be any selfish competition between the two of you. Each of you have your own blessed niche to fill.

And the neighbor that talks foul about you is a friend too, because you are going to learn that your integrity and character cannot be reached or touched by any evil aspersion. The truth of who you are speaks louder and prevails over any lie.

Jesus taught his followers to love their enemies, because he knew in truth there are no enemies. Only opportunities to grow in love and demonstrate God’s power over all evil.

So, have no fear of your enemies. Do not waste valuable mental time fearing or loathing them. Turn them into friends. Look for the spiritual lessons that can be learned in your experience with them, and become a more effective spiritual thinker, actor and doer. Learn to love more and hate less. Master your relationship with them.

Take control. See God in control trouncing evil, bringing good to the surface and helping you both find a healthier and happier way to co-exist.

I’m guessing that your list of “friends,” just got a whole lot longer…

21 thoughts on “Everyone is a friend”

  1. Dear Evan,

    You are a spiritual guide. Every day I thank God for the angel messages you put out there to heal the world, especially supporting your fellow Christian Scientists who need that brotherly touch! Mrs. Eddy talks about how imorportant it is for us to first take care of each other, as our particular path requires courage and Truth. Every day I read SpiritView and feel utterly humbled at the way it meets my needs. I thank God each day and then send out a heart full of gratitude your way.

    This one was particularly helpful, as I have been praying to see that because I belong to God, all His ideas are in my ‘love sphere’ of being, hence wherever I am I am loved by and loving each idea. So no more thoughts if not having friends! I can see that I have a ton of people I love and am loved right back.

    Thanks again

  2. I think it was in 1981 that an article in the Christian Science Journal, entitled “An Answer to Violence” was published. I loved this article. The writer encouraged readers to love everyone. How? Well, you’re walking down the street. Someone is coming towards you. You don’t know them but you think”Here comes someone precious in God’s sight” or “Now are we the beautiful children God made us to be”
    This intrigued me so I began to practise this simple exercise.
    The results were immediate.
    Everyone responded. Some spoke a cheery “Hello” or “Good morning”; some just smiled.
    When out walking I’ve continued to do this. That warm feeling wells up inside of me.

  3. Great article, even for one such as I, who is not a Christian Scientist. In God’s eyes we are all friends. although it should not be, it is an amazing thing to watch the change in others if you approach them with a smile. and their smile affects a remarkable change in you as well.

  4. Thank you so much Evan , and thank you for my enlarged list of friends now.
    Actually that is clear. Friendship is a quality of God. And everybody expresses Gods qualities, so also friendship. How lovely and freeing that understanding is which you gave us with your today`s SpiritView!

  5. Evan, thank you so very much. Then, is not each one of us, as an idea of God, in fact a “Christian Scientist” in thought, not just those who have membership in the church named “Christian Science” ? One who follows Christ as Jesus spoke, would then to his/her present understanding, who lives Truth, Life and Love, is a Christian Scientist. So, we all are in fact, even if we use another word choice to identify ourself. We are not separated from God in any respect, but eternally one with Him as his image and likeness. Man reflects God-like attributes.

  6. I love Sunshine’s remarks. Her comments makes Church membership an infinite,universal brotherhood! All under the tent of God’s love. No labels or sects (which God doesn’t recognize), just men, women, children as bonded by Christ ( whether or not each one knows that or not). In fact, everyone’s comments really stirred me this morning, Thank you all, and of course, Evan, for getting the discussion started! Blessings, friends!

  7. Thank you Evan! This is spot on. I can use this post for a friend who needs to read this message. And thank you all for your wonderful comments.

  8. Thank you, Evan and thank you Friends, each and every one of you, for being You! Aside from being friends, I think we are also all Family. God’s Universal family. I love that.

  9. living with ‘fence dispute’ neighbors, my family is finding this very helpful…. we will take this opportunity!

  10. Thanks, Dear Evan, for being such a Good Friend to All of Us! And Carol, you beat me to it! I was just going to comment that I told someone the other day that I think of Everyone as my Family…..(.she was saying she had to live near her “blood family” to feel safe and loved.) As an old song from the ’60s/70s goes: “We are Family…….Brothers and Sisters are We…..” Oh, okay…….so I’ve “dated myself’……LOL!! Love and Blessings to all my SpiritView Family and Friends! You are the Best!

  11. I feel washed clean! Farina. I was thinking the very same thing when I finished this post and began reading your comment. Thank you all. Much love and peace.

  12. Christian Scientist or not, all of you who have commented I consider friends and members of my extended family. I have been attending meetings of a local organization called Women’s Connection which is part of the Stonecroft Ministries, a non-denominational Christian women’s movement, for almost a year. Though the other women are Evangelical Christians and our dogmas vary vastly, our love for Jesus and God doesn’t. I have been included lovingly and appreciated for my sharing of Scriptures (only, never C.S.) when knowing someone is in need. As a result, I am now in charge of the group’s Sunshine activities. Love is reflected in love regardless of religious beliefs and I am so grateful to have this opportunity to let my light shine.

  13. What a wonderful reminder! I always think that to have friends you must first be a friend and hold in thought each person we meet as a child of God. Sometimes it’s difficult. I had a situation where when I said to someone who was giving me trouble in an organization, “Let’s just work together and be friends,” She retorted, “I will never be your friend!” I was momentarily hurt, but knew I must forgive and still think of her as my friend whether she did or not. I’d also like to share the thought that we always have wonderful friends in the Bible who teach us great lessons from their lives and words. We are never friendless.

    1. Grace, I am he, Sunshine. Friends of my parents nicknamed me “Sunshine” when I was a young boy. I have been proud to be that now for 9 decades. I thank you for your kind words. Ervin a.k.a. Sunshine.

  14. Every day I read the blog and the comments and feel grateful to have them, but don’t always add mine. Never the less you can all think “there is another one out there” who is enjoying what is being shared. Thank you all.

  15. Wonderful message. Thank you Evan and all who made comments. I am a member of First Church of Christ, Scientist, a church whose members study and practice Christian Science (the Science of Christianity) as taught by Mary Baker Eddy. She wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures before she established a church – intending her teachings to benefit all mankind no matter what faith or none. What a blessing for all of us that she “listened” to God.

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