Don’t play hurt

September 26, 2006 | 2 comments

Found a powerful article by Alan Cohen on not playing the role of victim. If you are the type to ever feel hurt by events not flowing your way, check it out.

His piece, “I don’t play hurt,” masterfully outlines a better approach to untoward circumstances than crying “Woe me.” It explains that we all have experiences that cause hurt, but we don’t have to stay hurt. And he shows you how to prevent the pain.

2 thoughts on “Don’t play hurt”

  1. Thanks, Evan, for the link to this article & for your next post about waiting for approval, too. Both were just what I needed to read this morning. –G

  2. Tremendous article on non-victim-thinking! Example of chosing animal magnetism’s arguments OR chosing to know and guard one’s own thought. Thank you for linking!

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