Keep the spam out!

September 25, 2006 | 2 comments

How well do you keep the spam of mortal mind out of your thinking?

You know what spam in your email inbox looks like–unsolicited advertisements, vendors hawking wares, purveyors of illicit material, rants and raves of fanatics, junk, garbage, and waste of time reading….

What do you do when you spot a junk email? Most people punch the DELETE key!

We learn from experience that we have to keep the junk mail out to find the good content when we need it. Junk email is unwanted clutter and confusion.

The same rule applies to our thinking.

Mortal mind works overtime sending spam messages our way. We don’t ask for it, but it seems to come anyway.

Beliefs like:

I’m feeling down.
I’m angry and mad.
This project is too hard.
I can’t do it.
Nobody likes me.
I’m alone.
I’m poor.
Nothing ever goes right for me.
God doesn’t love me.

You can probably add to the list. It goes on and on…

The good news is, we don’t have to take it in. We can turn on our spiritual junk filter and keep the unwanted nonsense out.

By maintaining consecrated spiritual awareness we can keep our mind filled with good, positive, healing thoughts.

Like darkness cannot intrude upon light, evil thoughts cannot intrude upon good thoughts. When our mind is filled with truth and love, evil cannot get in. And that’s a demonstrable fact!

There is one Mind, the divine Mind, your Mind.

The divine Mind is our junk filter for mortal mind. It automatically keeps the garbage out.

As we think out from divine Mind, and claim divine Mind as the only Mind, the junk mail won’t get through.

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2 thoughts on “Keep the spam out!”

  1. When I saw “NO SPAM,” I couldn’t help but think of the canned meat. My daughter had a healing this weekend thinking about “NO BOLOGNA.” I called a Christian Science practitioner late Friday night to pray with us because she was feeling ill and had quite a fever. As I was decribing the situation to the practitioner, I used the phrase, “a bunch of bologna.” Well although the phrase came out of my mouth, it was a message from God. My daugher is a vegetarian, and her values are so strong that no one could pay her to eat bologna. We reasoned that in the same way, she didn’t have to accept the bologna (or suggestions) thought was trying to feed her of sickness. She soon fell asleep and awakened in the morning completely well.

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