Don’t rush through life. Enjoy life!

November 12, 2020 | 28 comments

Do you ever feel like your life is a big rush to get things done? Maybe feeling stressed out, stretched to the limit, or always worried about getting to the next place or event on time? If so, there’s a better way to live.

I share some ideas in this video on how to stop rushing through life, and how to start enjoying life. It’s doable, with a spiritual perspective!

I filmed this vlog while hiking with my wife in the Hyalite Canyon near Bozeman, Montana, last September.

“Don’t be in a rush. Enjoy the moment you’re in.”

28 thoughts on “Don’t rush through life. Enjoy life!”

  1. What a beautiful message this morning. As I listened the thought came to me “ Am I being pushed through life by obligations or lead though life by God’s new opportunities?”
    Today I will drop my burdens at His feet and bare a song away..God never gives us burdens to bare. Rather we have opportunities to learn, grow, and enjoy..

  2. Good Morning!
    Enjoyed the “still waters” in your vlog.
    It brings to mind Psalms 23 & 91. I’m so pleased that you are actually living it. Thank you for sharing it. Your travel vlogs are very inspirational.

  3. This Vlog really spoke to me and just what I needed. I always seem to be
    rushing to the next activity and ticking things off on a list to do!
    Now I will live in the moment with much gratitude and see the gifts of God right here and now

  4. am reminded of something seen on a t-shirt…

    Notes from a Wetland: What’s the rush?

    Beautifully perfect. Thx ever so.

  5. Thank you for the fresh air from the trail. I felt right there with you. I enjoyed every moment of the video and am breathing more peacefully. I’m looking forward to God’s loving direction of the day ahead.

  6. Thank you so much. Such beautiful thoughts for me to think on today. As I view Mother Nature, I see she is not in a rush . Sunsets and sunrises aren’t in a rush, budding flowers are not in a rush, Autumn leaves falling from my trees are in no rush . I can think of lots more but Nature can teach us some grand lessons.

  7. I think that for me this sense of hurry and rush comes from a false sense of scarcity and lack; that somehow things will not be ok and I won’t have something I need later if I don’t hurry and worry and over plan and overcontrol things now.

    Of course that is error trying to keep me from noticing the always-present fullness and joy and goodness of this moment, that God gives in abundance. Thanks for the reminder to just rest in the perfect, complete now and trust God in all things.

  8. What a beautiful vlog for us today. Thank you Evan. Plus I too love to see the scenery you travel through and can understand how uplifting it must be.
    Just recently I was having a conversation with a friend who doesn’t agree /understand Christian Science, but was struggling with depressive thoughts and looking for answers. This subject today reminded me of how I dealt with it. I told her that when we look back it is easy to think of what we regret and when we look forward it is tempting to be too anxious . The answer is to concentrate on what is happening now…enjoy the present… hold on to every happy moment. She seemed very happy to take this on board and went away much more positive. For my part I never lost sight of Man’s true reality and our eternal harmonious existence as Gods expression. I am so grateful to be able to lean on ‘the sustaining Infinite’. Indeed ‘ today is big with blessings’.❣️

  9. Great re focusing method. Too easy to get caught up in the human mentality of process which always looks to endings and beginnings it seems, but not much attention to living in the moment in the middle of it, being attentive to it, for its fullest potential. Loved thinking of that as you directed thought that way. Thanks Evan!!!!!

  10. Thanks for the reminder, Evan.
    My kids taught me a lesson many years ago. I had planned a day out with two main activities I thought they would enjoy. They certainly enjoyed the first one, though I can’t remember what it was, so much so that I had to drag them away to the second activity, which they weren’t that bothered about! I should have just let them enjoy themselves and make a new plan. I won’t ever make that mistake again!
    Beautiful day in the U.K. love to all x

  11. EVAN, thank you for keeping me in the “now.”
    All fellow readers have expressed harmonious thoughts about staying in the”now.” Appreciate each comment.
    The lake in the picture made me smile and feel included in the “smile of the Great Spirit.”
    “Now are we the sons & daughters of God.”

  12. Your poetic expression, Cynthia, to Evan’s inspiring vlog reflects what Mrs. Eddy had written, ” The modest arbutus sends her sweet breath to heaven. The great rock gives shadow and shelter. The sunlight glints from the church-dome, glances into the prison-cell, glides into the sick-chamber, brightens the flower, beautifies the landscape, blesses the earth.” (S&H 516:16)
    God’s beauty that surrounds us is like gazing into the eternity of the stars, into a universe filled with goodness, if we choose to take the time to appreciate it’s wonders.

  13. I spent many years rushing through life and was not aware of God as Love…consequently it is quite difficult for me to stem this rushing of anxiety to the point of calm and peace on a continuous stream, however, I do have moments of stillness which I cherish and hope to extend into the future.

    1. I too used to rush around “smartly” as Mrs Eddy writes in Science & Health… tho God wud never have us need to be in 2 places at the same time, and He never rushes us. When we are still, we make the most progress, in a spiritual sense.
      When I left a job in the city (sounds like a song lol) in 1980.. with God’s help, it took me several months to unwind from the so called “rat-race”.. thus began my serious study and spiritual growth.. I’m so grateful!

  14. There is a program on TV from the U K called “Escape to the Country”
    Which I try to watch daily Having many travel restriction at the moment, this is my release from the everyday. Lovely scenery Evan
    and your message is clear. Enjoy and be grateful!

  15. I worked in a casino once and prayed a lot. The other girls serving coffee on Saturday nights used to be amazed that it was so “quiet” and “calm” yet, they made more tips than usual. I attributed this to the peace I had, and shared with the entire place. Every shift I worked was an unfolding of LOVE! The peace Id earned, I happily shared..but when I left my peace also left with me. Thats how it works.. stay in that calm peaceful place ppl.

  16. Thank you Evan for the inspiring lessons and spiritual perspectives you share from your wondrous hiking experiences. Your energizing vlog is a great inspiration for living life to it’s fullest today!

  17. Love this focus on our Eternal Now, in the Kingdom of Heaven:

    ‘Anyone who is joined to Christ is a new being; the old is gone, the new is come.’
    [II Cor5:17, Golden Text*]

    ‘God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, & of love, & of a sound mind.’
    [II Tim1:7, Responsive Reading*]

    ‘ renewed in the spirit of your mind; & .. put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness & true holiness.’
    [Eph4:23-24, Section I*]
    *: Bible Lesson

    ‘Drop Thy still dews of quietness,
    Till all our strivings cease;
    Take from us now the stain & stress,
    & let our ordered lives confess
    The beauty of Thy peace.’
    [Hymn 49]

  18. Such a calming and beautiful foto of that water behind you. (the shepherd leads us to still waters … 23rd Psalm). Thank you very much, Evan for today`s wonderful Vlog. After I listened to your Vlog I prayed to be aware of God`s guidance, how to do my necessary duties of this day effortless and enjoying God`s day. I started calm with reading half of the lesson and then I went outside to the postoffice buying needed stamps for letters to our church members and friends to invite them to our thanksgiving service. I did that with joy. In the evening I tried to watch a bit TV, but it turned out not to be the right doing. Instead I read the second half of the weekly lesson and then I again turned on my computer in order to listen oncemore to the so helpful Vlog of Evan and besides drinking a hot milk with honey. Dear Evan, I am very very grateful for your comforting and healing SpiritView blog which leads me to the right thinking and doings!
    Thank you all SpiritView friends for your so lively and inspiring commentations! 🙂

  19. Saw these words on a tee shirt, that caught me up short, planted the words in my memory, and am enjoying the awareness about LIFE:
    “Stand back, I’m going to try something new!” I’m looking for a way to make a copy of the words on a tee shirt, for a new born, Amelia!

  20. Veteran’s day yesterday, here in New Mexico was proceeding without our usual Veteran’s Day parade, always full, loaded with floats and tractors, marching bands, firetrucks and floats decorated, with members of our local VFW’s being pulled by the big haulers that are not working that day. We were told NO parade in person was planned, so no large gathering on Main Street, but I was opening the CS Reading Room on Main Street. Just as I was walking in to open it, the line of cars, trucks and large vehicles began HONKING, REVVING engines, and passing the northern block of Main Street right past our CS Reading Room. I was about the only person witnessing this display of patriotism, so I stood there, waved, covered my heart with my hand every time a flag drove past, and feeling like my heart would break, for the joy they were bringing with them, to HONOR of all the veterans who had served by gathering joyously, once a year, to celebrate!

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