Seek spiritual inspiration over material stimulation

November 10, 2020 | 34 comments

For quicker healing, seek spiritual inspiration rather than material stimulation.

Spiritual inspiration comes from God and is discovered through spiritual sense. The more we are tuned into spiritual sense, the easier inspiration comes, and the faster healing happens.

Material stimulation is an error-state of mind that believes matter is mind and the source of health and happiness. Rather than seeking God through spiritual sense for help, it turns to something material for mental and physical stimulus, like a drug, mindless eating, poking and prodding the body, or time, for relief.

God is Spirit and is found through spiritual sense.

The quickest route to God is through spiritual sense!

Seek spiritual inspiration through spiritual sense and find healing. It is doable!

34 thoughts on “Seek spiritual inspiration over material stimulation”

  1. Spiritual sense. The only real sense. Gravitating Godward. Looking away from material things to the spiritual essense of all that appears before us.
    “Spirtual causation is the one question to be considered, for more than all others spiritual causation relates to human progress.” Page 170:22 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
    Progress for today is enlisting our spiritual sense of all that appears around us. Blessing everyone with this precious healing truth.
    Thank you for this morning posting.

  2. Thank you Evan. Just the right Message from God at the right moment.
    Not nerves, but Angel messages communicating Harmony.

  3. Thank you Evan for the perfect post, and Barb, David, and Fay, for:
    Spiritual Sense Rules!
    Spiritual Sense the Only Real Sense.
    Not nerves, but Angel messages.

  4. Spiritual sense satisfies as nothing else can. When we are filled with the Spirit material cravings disappear.
    When Jesus said “ Blessed are your eyes for the see” he may have been referring to blessed are you who are spiritually satisfied for you see good and feel good.

  5. these are times with great blessings to see again and again. It also seems to me to be a time
    of great growth as we going higher in understanding ourselves as spirit only.
    I chug along challenged but feeling more light on my face.

    1. Nadine, I truly relate to what you said. I believe this is a time of great growth on many levels — within ourselves, in our communities and globally. We are being called to turn Godward, to Divine Love, all other structures are failing.

      I loved, “I chug along challenged but feeling more light on my face.” Right there with you!

      1. Thank you Rose and Nadine for seeing how we are all being challenged to turn to God, for certainly nearly all material systems are failing us.
        When the electricity goes off for hours and our material devices stop working and we feel lost without them, we should use this time to turn to God for answers instead of feeling frustrated. Also when the water goes off and we can’t do the washing, we can use this time to wash our thinking clean.

  6. I am reminded of hymn #64, “From sense to Soul [God] my pathway lies before me, From mist and shadow into Truth’s clear day: The dawn of all things real is breaking o’re me, My heart is singing: I have found the way….
    I feel the calm and joy of things immortal, The loveliness of Love is all around…Thought soars enraptured, fetterless and free”.
    Angel thoughts project us into a place of harmony, where God is working His/Her purpose out and Truth is revealed, surrounding us with Spirit.

  7. Evan –
    The term spiritual sense is used frequently in your various blogs. Can you clearly define this fundamental idea? Thanks.

    1. Hi Rob,
      Mary Baker Eddy defines spiritual sense this way: “Spiritual sense is a conscious, constant capacity to understand God.”
      (Science and Health 209:31–32) This is a start. Using Concord to read more how she uses the term would be most enriching. In the above, I would find it helpful to consider spiritual sense as our ability to understand or be conscious of, aware of spiritual qualities present and operating, to understand God — substituting synonyms… understand real Love, Life, etc. Lots to think about and a very good question to ask ourselves.

    2. Hi Rob,

      Other commenters are giving good answers to your question. Spiritual sense is seeing what God sees, knowing what God knows, and hearing what Truth has to say. It happens in Mind, your real Mind, which is the Mind of God.

      Everyone has spiritual sense. But in everyday human experience, it takes practice to tune-in and listen to what spiritual sense has to say. We can’t be listening to mortal mind and divine Mind at the same time. We choose one or the other. Choose to follow divine Mind!

      1. Thank you Evan, for your wonderfully clear and true explanation of “spiritual sense”.
        Oh yes, let`s choose to follow divine Mind! Yes, it gives us a lot of work to do, but it brings us and all rich blessings!
        Evan`s yesterday`s SpritiView also gives an overall view what Spiritual Sense is , namely to know God, and what it causes, namely, healing and blessings° :))

  8. Rob,
    Your question to EVAN, is a thoughtful one.
    It helps everyone to clarify his/her thinking. To me “spiritual sense” is seeing everything as God sees it. Not to be influenced by material objects, or things, or bodies, but asking: How is God seeing this situation or thing?
    Love everyone’s contribution!
    Go with God, each & everyday…

  9. Rob
    The Daily Lift, applies to your question. When an adverse circumstance arises, it is an opportunity…
    Phone #. 1-617-450-3430 for Daily Lift.

  10. Thank you, Evan, and everyone else, for your inspiration. God speaks to us individually. I have found reassurance and confirmation of our true spiritual sense in Unity of Good, page 25. In “A Colloquy”, part of Good’s response to Evil’s assertion of the reality of the five material senses, states, “Good. Spirit is the only substance. Spirit is God, and Good is good; hence good is the only substance, the only Mind. Mind is not, cannot be, in matter. It sees, hears, feels, tastes, smells as Mind, and not as matter.”
    I love that truth. Have a good day!

  11. Rob
    I find it useful to start by looking at all we see and do materially as having a spiritual interpretation. A tree , for instance represents majesty, beauty, shelter etc.
    Look past the finite view of sense and you will find what God wants you to see.
    He is continually holding us in his Divine care and continually unfolding to us the Truth of our Spiritual being .
    Some lovely comments today, thank you everyone.

  12. It sometimes seems (s-e-e-m-s) that some individuals are endowed with
    more spiritual sense than others. How absurd. Would God give only SOME
    qualities and abilities to SOME of Her children and not to others? What Mother
    would do this? We are complete (perfect) ideas of infinite, divine intelligence,
    divine Mind, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love!! Nothing less. And having this gift of spiritual sense
    we can use it to RISE ABOVE the lie of intelligent matter (material sense, the five senses which
    cannot give us the real facts, ever) and BE the powerful reflections of the Almighty that we ARE!


  13. Thank you Evan! While I was reading this entry, I also thought that it is also important to establish protection for our spiritual sense and to affirm that healing DOES come from understanding spiritual sense. As you share, “healing comes faster” when we use spiritual sense. That is an established law that comes from this practice.

    Much love to my expanding SpiritView family!

  14. Evan, what a glorious topic to ponder and give greater definition to in thought. Your posts always lift thought to heavenly places,- to a recognition of our innate God-sense of being. Spiritual sense is natural to the man of God’s creating. We are all endowed with it. It is our God given natural capacity to behold the things of the kingdom of heaven here and now. Spiritual sense is conscious only of good. And as my teacher once said to our class, “Let spiritual sense be as natural as breathing to you.” All of today’s responses are so thought inspiring!

  15. Spiritual sense is the only true sense of things, whether of ourselves, others, our circumstances or community/world affairs. Thanks Evan for the reminder to rely on spiritual sense!

  16. I just went back to review yesterday’s Spirit View on Understanding God. It’s a wonderful tie-in to today’s message!
    Thank you Evan and all!

  17. Barbara C, thanks for reminding me of an exlerience more than a decade ago. My beloved cat passed on shortly before a trip from Or to Tenn covering places i had never seen before. An avid photograher, i chose to take but not used my treasured camera until i had used the Camera of divine Mind (see Science and Health) to rise above the grief claiming to overwhelm me. I remember seeing a beautiful tree i normally would have captured with my camera, but, OH, WOWEE, all the BEAUTIFUL qualities i beheld instead of being captured myself by the surface appearance. I was so uplifted and supported by Love i was certain my kitty was being loved and supported too and we were not really separated but forever united as God’s spiritual, beloved manifestation. THANKS EVERYONE AND Evan forctge clear sharings on our forever God given SPRITUAL SENSE!!!

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