Driving Through Horrid Traffic

May 30, 2014 | 5 comments


Here’s a brief video that at first sends a shiver of horror up your spine, then relief, then rejoicing that it is possible for many people to coordinate with one another in tough conditions and come out safe.

I don’t know how many accidents happen in Meskel Square, but all the times there are no accidents is proof that when drivers are forgiving, understanding, patient, and alert, they can avoid accidents in precarious situations and drive through the busy streets of life safely.

And on the contrary, when people rely solely on “the rules,” or traffic lights of life established by others, and forsake forgiveness, understanding and patience, when someone breaks a rule unexpectedly and others don’t adjust, a crash is imminent.

Patience, understanding and forgiveness pay off!

Enjoy this short clip. It’s fun. Thanks to a blog reader for sharing!

“The Busy Meskel Square Of Addis Ababa In Ethiopia Has No Traffic Lights”

5 thoughts on “Driving Through Horrid Traffic”

  1. Amazing grace that it works at all! Seeing those pedestrians scoot through that traffic was especially breathtaking. Yes, laws to regulate traffic are a good thing! I will never complain about getting a red light again!

  2. Thank you, Evan, for this wonderful example of God’s ideas moving in God’s Orbits! and Her perfect intention for them. I agree with Grace, seeing the pedestrians scoot through traffic is absolutely breathtaking! Try this in LA!! God’s orbits here too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts too with the video. Patience, consideration, courage, and skill – qualities of Love in action. Nice to see them in motion in Ethiopia and everywhere.

    1. We were passengers in the same kind of traffic in Manila recently about 2 hours daily for 8 days. We saw no accidents,and saw practically no damaged vehicles. It has to be the atmosphere of LOVE expressed between all the drivers for one another.

  3. No one was texting, shaving, or putting on their makeup, nor adjusting the radio, or cd, probably not honking the horn, either.

    I have seen the circle in Cairo in the day when it was cars, trucks,donkey carts, busses, scooters, bikes zooming through.

    Love and alertness to duty.

  4. Wow! That was fantastic! Would that all intersections would have traffic that harmonious! I couldn’t keep my eyes off it!

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