Eat good food

August 1, 2022 | 12 comments

If you want to eat some good food today, be sure to gobble up some spiritual truth!

Jesus Christ taught, “People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matt. 4:4, NLT).

The good food of spiritual truth, love, goodwill, charity, kindness, gratitude, and unselfish living empower, strengthen, and inspire. They have a good effect that brings out health and happiness.

To the contrary, the junk food of selfishness, gluttony, apathy, indifference, laziness, slothfulness, and neglect, fail to inspire and may leave the indulger feeling heavy, weighted down and depressed.

Choose to eat good food. Pray. Consume spiritual truth! Nourish on love. You’ll love the positive effect you feel. It’s grand and good!

12 thoughts on “Eat good food”

    1. Angie that article was good spiritual food for me this morning, thank you! I liked the analogy of the mouse and cheese, the cheese being the temptations error tries to entice us with. Blessed day to you.

  1. Like this week’s lesson, being “born again ” is constantly choosing the right (Lovely article, Angie), and in choosing only what is spiritual we have the constant baptism of “spiritual truth” that washes through us, and lifts us above all materiality, giving us eternal nourishment.. My poem “Soul- True Nourishment” “ , shares what is ever available. Never go hungry again!
    Thank you Evan for providing such a lovely meal.

      1. Such a “nourishing” poem of just the right thoughts to fill each part of our day. Thank you for sharing.

      2. Thanks for sharing your poem Ken. I loved this line that was repeated at the end of the verses, about seeking what is best to do, “In the quietness of love, we always knew.”

        At times I feel uncertain about the next thing to do, the next right action, as it is sometimes said. So good to hear that when resting in God’s peace and quietness we can and do know.

  2. Spiritual truth is our Life. The more we consume it, digest it, assimilate it, the more we discover the Joy of Being.

    Spiritview is the soul food that Evan serves and we are so glad and grateful to partake of it and share it. Love to you all.

  3. It is good to think about food as spirituall nourishment not in matter but purely spirit. My spiritual breakfast was my prayers for my self and others and the world. Thanks Evan for all this good thoughts.

  4. Thank you Angie for that inspiring article.
    And thank you Ken for your lovely and inspiring poem.
    Thank you very much Evan for giving us the spiritual view of food that really nourishes God`s child.
    It is very nourishing to take the spiritual food out of our weekly lesson sermon and prayers. Also very nourishing can be the christian science church services, if one listens well to the inspirational message from God. The services a r e divine messages from our Father-Mother God, who gives us all we really need. I am working to understand this all better and better and God is always working with us! Am very grateful for it all .
    Thanks you all for your inspired and helpful comments ! 🙂


  6. This is a wonderful way to explain nourishment, taking in good food. we all are having all this nourishment from God every day. Thank you very much Evan for sharing us this good thought. I love it.

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