Eliminate dread with understanding God’s goodness

July 28, 2020 | 39 comments

Life is good! Do you feel that way when you get up in the morning? I hope so.

I was talking with a friend who mentioned he felt dread when he got up each morning. My heart sunk when I heard those words, because I see so much hope and promise when I arise each day. I see so much good ahead of me to discover, embrace and experience.

As I’ve learned in Christian Science, life really is good. It’s God, infinite good without end. Existence is about discovering more and more of God’s goodness and living it out with each passing moment. There is no end to how much good we can experience. It goes on forever.

The sensation of dread stems from an uncertain sense of existence. It’s an apprehension, or fear, about lies ahead. It disappears with an understanding that only God lies ahead!

As Jesus Christ proved, only good is coming our way from God. All evil will be conquered. Death will vanish. Sin will be destroyed. As we faithfully walk down the path Jesus has laid out before us, we get to where he led us—to pure spiritual consciousness that knows God as All, and evil is no more.

Pure spiritual consciousness is what lies ahead of you. One way or the other, Christ is going to get you there, and evil is not going to stop you from being successful.

What better time to embrace this reality than now! Only good lies ahead. Success is certain.

Yes, we all have trials and tribulations that test our faith, and even cause us to doubt at times, but Truth has the final say. Evil loses. Error gives up. God’s allness asserts itself, and our eternal safe place with God becomes apparent.

So, there’s no need to dread what lies ahead. It ends with good! Truth will get you through the trial of the moment and take you to something far better. Waste no mental energy on entertaining dread. Focus on the infinite goodness of God and let that be your reality. You’ll be far happier.

39 thoughts on “Eliminate dread with understanding God’s goodness”

  1. What a wonderful treatment this is for anyone fearing for their future as they wake up each day.
    “Only good (God) lies ahead.” Thank you so much, Evan, for this wonderful “lift”.

  2. Sunday there was a lecture by Patricia Woodard of Texas. She explained just what the word repent meant. The root of the word was from Italian. Originally re-paint. She went on to explain that some paintings made by the masters were often “painted over” to hide the master’s work. It must have been done in a way to assure the masterpiece would be available when the repainting was somehow removed.
    She said in effect that each of us are a masterpiece. All we need to do is realize the perfection of God’s image reflected by each of us to reveal our true selves.
    That fits in this morning’s thought. If we can become once again as that “little child and leave the old for the new,, rendering thought receptive of the advanced idea.”
    Freedom from doubt and fear, starting each day as the eager, hopeful young idea, reborn each morning with so much to look forward to.
    She also told many other wonderful things. A marvelous healing for a nurse friends son. After three days in ICU was deteriorating. The nurse called “Patty”. She explained the thinking while the work was done. Somehow all new that seventeen minutes passed and the young man pulled off his ventilator and said “I don’t need this anymore!”
    That’s about as good as it gets. Perfection declared and healing accomplished.
    Thank you for getting us off to a good start that we may display the master piece of God’s creating.

  3. Beautiful ideas for us in this post. Thank you Evan. Short but so powerful…’Truth has the final say’❣️

  4. This uplifting message is so helpful to remember each morning as we arise and greet another day! Thank u so much Evan.

  5. I am the place where God shines thru’
    For He and I are one, not two;
    He wants me where and as I am
    I need not fret, not will, not plan;
    If I’ll just be relaxed and free,
    He’ll carry out His plan thru’ me.

    Sorry I don’t know the origin.

    1. The Author is Charles Edwin Markham. He was quite prolific for his writing /poems and has an interesting bio. American mid 1800s . Lovely quote M. Thank you.

  6. Many thanks Barbara!

    I searched the Sentinel issues site and found it mentioned in the January 2, 2012 Sentinel.
    “Prepared to Teach”

    I couldn’t attach it sorry.

      1. Thank you Kirsten, Barbara and M, I grew up hearing that poem from Nana, my grandmother, so I’ve researched it’s author also, captured the article today submitted by Hannah Mensing, and will reference it often. Delighted to learn Hannah’s last name reveals itself as Men Sing, and I will listen for their voice. What a happy way of overcoming dread today.

  7. Oh Evan, you’ve helped me so often to turn my confused or wary thoughts around, and today is the best of all (as each day’s new inspiration seems!)
    My heart-thanks to you & all my beloved SpiritViewers
    Love love love

  8. The innate wonderfulness of our being is sometimes seemingly covered up like a piece of furniture I had seen refinished that had many coats of shabby paint. When the customer came to pick it up, they were elated by the intricate wood inlay designs that were hidden and couldn’t believe that was their piece. Also I know of a mansion that, when cleaning a boring painted ceiling, the workers discovered a magnificent work of art underneath.
    I think it was Michaelangelo who said when he sculpted, it was easy… all he had to do was chip away at the marble that shouldn’t be there in order to see the perfect creation. I think we all have our times of chipping away, as a work in progress, to see our glorious being shine through.

    1. Thank you, Carol, for the wonderful metaphors that further illustrate Evan’s powerful message! Have a wonderful day everyone allowing our “glorious beings to shine through.”

    2. Carol was reminded of where we do our work finding our way to the perfect creation. Excellent to meet today’s challenge with a son who is fraught to start a new job and struggling to find his footing. THANK YOU for the reference to “chipping away, as a work in progress” because reading those words lifted me up above the fray. His perfection is being revealed.

  9. “Truth has the final say.. Evil loses. Error gives up.”
    That fact gives me such hope and Joy right now.
    Thank you, Evan.

  10. I love your phrase “One way or another, Christ is going to get you there.”
    It made me smile and and re-energized to press on..

  11. “A glorious day is dawning..” [hymn 2]
    -Really appreciate today’s SpiritView with its Awakening realization of our Child-likeness, as God’s sweet, innocent, joyous, eager Child of God:
    “Pilgrim on earth, home & heaven are within thee,
    Heir of the ages & child of the day.
    Cared for, watched over, beloved & protected,
    Walk though with courage each step of the way..”
    [hymn 278]
    -So much to be Grateful for, as we ‘love God with all our heart, & our neighbor as ourself’ [Christ Jesus]

  12. Not sure where this quote is from but here goes.
    If you are depressed you’re looking to the past. If you are anxious you are looking to the future. If you are at peace you are in the now.
    I wake up every morning and say to myself this is the day the Lord hath made, be glad, give thanks, rejoice. I thank God that this is His day. I’m glad I’m not in control. I wouldn’t know what to do. He knows best. Thank God mankind is not in control of it. I am glad mankind doesn’t have control of when the sun comes up or goes down because I’m sure he would change if he could. God knows best, leave your day in His hands.

  13. Wow Evan you are amazing! What clarity you have! I thought of hymn 445…I awake each morning to a brand new day singing hallelujah I am on my way….
    Love everyone’s comments…thank you all!

  14. I love this! It reminds me of Psalm 143:8, which is in our lesson this week: “Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning….”. That sentiment is the joyous refrain of hymn 457 which is often my go-to morning hymn. Thanks again, Evan, for an inspired blog.

  15. The August 3rd Sentinel, has an article that companions Evan’s wonderful Spiritview and filled me with so much peace this morning. It is called “Grace That Sweeps Away Mental Darkness”.
    The name is Withheld. I think this article has such a helpful and healing message.
    I wish I knew how to supply the link but it is on JSH online in the current posted Sentinel.
    So grateful for Evan and for all of the wonderful and helpful comments this morning.

  16. Thanks for this wonderful uplifting promise Evan and all
    With your comments……..but the message is clear and I
    shall rejoice in it today!

  17. Gratitude and love for all these uplifting thoughts. The mental fog and darkness has been uplifted and I have been set free. Thank you all!

  18. In praying about a belief of injury to my beloved dog, I am so encouraged by Evan’s conviction of God’s supreme goodness and omnipotence, which nullifies any sense of doubt or dread of outcome. Thank you Evan for this blog…. for your discerning and powerful treatments that are always so lovingly expressed,- and for the loving contributions by all SpiritView adherents. A beautiful dawning to every day!

  19. How could you know this is exactly what I needed this morning? Thank you, Evan! “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”

  20. Dear Evan,

    Your blog is so hopeful while I sit here here waiting for the results of a scan. A very uncomfortable position.

  21. An extra “Thank you” to those who commented after me, yesterday. I often go back and reread Evan’s blog and the later commentators. That way I don’t miss some of the helpful thoughts.
    Again, gratitude to all…

  22. This was from yesterday, but I’m just reading it now and gratefully appreciating all the love and wisdom expressed by Evan and all. When I first read the post I noticed:
    “The sensation of dread stems from an uncertain sense of existence. It’s an apprehension, or fear, about lies ahead. It disappears with an understanding that only God lies ahead!”
    “…fear about lies ahead” reminded me that all we can be afraid of is a lie about God’s perfect universal creation, which is right here, right now, always has been, and always will be, because God and His/Her creation is all there is, and we can see it.

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