Eliminate reluctance

March 14, 2023 | 11 comments

Are you quick to yield to Truth? Are you quick to acknowledge Truth?

When it comes to admitting healing truth, reluctance is not your friend.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote,

Some people yield slowly to the touch of Truth. Few yield without a struggle, and many are reluctant to acknowledge that they have yielded; but unless this admission is made, evil will boast itself above good” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 450).

Prevent evil from boasting itself above good. Be quick to admit Truth! Eliminate reluctance.

11 thoughts on “Eliminate reluctance”

  1. Any time we think a case is going to be difficult we have made it so by our own belief..
    Jesus spoke and the lame were healed.
    We need “An absolute faith that all things are possible to God” MBE.
    I always try to see the Christ as doing the healing and that aids me in having an absolute faith…
    Step by step I learn to trust Him more..

  2. I have truly begun to understand more the meaning of Truth and other synonyms
    for God and am so grateful that the truth is coming out more and more with things
    in the world today, so they can be corrected and healed.
    At the moment I am seeing this Truth as protection and as power, as a very large
    storm is here and expected to continue. My generator had gone on unexpectedly
    and thankfully the company came out yesterday, rearranging their schedule, to
    discover the reason and it is now ready if the power does go out. Despite the
    threatening weather, I feel so secure in Love’s presence and power. “The storm
    may roar without me”. It’s beauty actually cancels out any fear about it.
    We all are included in heavenly Love and do abide in God’s ever-loving care.

  3. I’m embarrassed to say that it took a while to admit to the complete Truth but once I did life for me became so much better. I want so much for others to see what we have in Christian Science. It feels so good to be free of the pain that I sometimes experienced. Praise God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Mrs. Eddy and all practioners for your dedicated service to helping all of us.

  4. Thank you Evan I just know you are backing up this thought with your prayers as well as right now as many of us need this so dearly.

  5. Thank you very much Evan. Once the Truth opens up to someone, it glows and the person always feels different as one ifinds fulfillment in whatever challenges the person had been struggling with.

  6. I just listened to todays Daily Lift and Sentinel Watch and then found my printouts of Spirit View Jan 12th, 13th and16th on Perfection. Now Studying the article you provided J Thanks.

  7. Thank you very much dear Evan that you make me think about this topic. From age 10 on in Sundayschool I found the Truths I learned there very good and therefore was quick to admit Truth. But there came times where I had to go deeper in admitting the divine truths.
    I am very grateful for the wonderful practitioners and CS nurses who helped me to understand God, divine Truth and Love more deeper and our pastor, Bible and Science and Health helped me through the weekly Bible Lesson to understand and be quick to admit and love Truth! Thank you God for Christian Science! ♡
    And dear J, thanks a lot for the great Sentinel article, and thanks all for your interesting and inspired comments, all so helpful! ♡

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