Eliminate the "buts"

May 30, 2013 | 5 comments

Do you ever sap the healing power of Truth out of your life by qualifying it with buts?
For instance,

“I know God meets every human need, but…”


“I know I should forgive my co-worker for botching the project, but…”


“I know my husband is a good person, but…”


“I know I should get up and do something productive, but…”


“I know I have many things to be grateful for, but…”


Those “buts” are not as innocent as they appear to be. They belie a lack of faith in God, they deny divine Love, they belittle truth, and they discredit prayer.
As one friend reminded me, “We don’t slide into heaven on our buts.”

5 thoughts on “Eliminate the "buts"”

  1. Thanks for the excellent reminder, Evan…especially enjoyed the little joke at the end! (Often, easy to recall humorous statements are an effective way for me to remember a profound truth!)

  2. The way I heard it years and years ago was “If these Christian Scientists don’t watch out, they’re going to slide into hell on their ‘buts’. (I think your friend cleaned it up a bit.)

  3. We all do this, I do this, it’s human to but. But (there it is again) let’s all admit it. We but. But (that’s the second time) isn’t C/S there to teach us not to but? The one thing that I love about our religion, is that there is no condemnation if we BUT. But (that’s the third time) persistence in this religion wins the prize. (NO BUTTING AROUND.)

  4. That’s how it is, this BUTS seem so innocent but they are not ! Forget the buts and the cure take place ! Thank you for this powerful reminder, Evan !

  5. The heavens open up for the innocent
    lambs who obey their shepherd, the
    goats are always butting.

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