Clear the landing strip

May 29, 2013 | 7 comments

I was chatting with a friend about the need to have a ready state of thought to receive God’s ideas that help and heal. We came up with an analogy to illustrate how the human mind needs to get competing clutter out of the way for God’s fresh new inspiration to land in thought.
Here’s what we came up with…



The human mind is like a landing strip for airplanes.
Planes land when the runways are clear.
If the airstrip is cluttered with landed planes, there is no room for new planes to land. They remain hovering in the sky until a space is cleared.
God’s angel messages are like airplanes hovering in the sky waiting to land and deliver valuable cargo.
PinIf the runways are cluttered with other planes, there is no room for angel-planes to arrive.
“Other planes” could be fear, worry, drowsiness, apathy, indifference, selfishness, anger, hate, and any other quality of mortal mind that would crowd out God’s inspirations.
To allow for God’s planes, or angel-messages to land, the human mind needs to clear its runways. It needs to get the undesirables off the strip so the helpful ideas of God have space to land and park.
Is your mental airstrip clear so God’s ideas can land in your thought and bless you with their payload?


7 thoughts on “Clear the landing strip”

  1. Love this post Evan, thank you! Now, tell us where you found the photograph, that was a find….. 🙂

  2. What a great analogy. Sure how can we receive God’s angel messages if our thoughts are all cluttered up with garbage. The greatest garbage I constantly hear is Gossip!
    Isn’t it better to talk about a persons good qualities instead of rehearsing time after time the so-called mistakes a person makes. Find the good, dwell on that, correct mis-information with the truth of man’s God given qualities and you’ll see the difference.

  3. again, better than any self-help book! “Other planes” description so helpful, showing the contrast, i’ve thought indifference better than hate, but it’s all error, and my landing spot needs to be CLEAR!!

  4. This is a wonderful analogy. It makes it sound so easy. Actually it is, the more we keep our mind uncluttered with erroneous thoughts or fears, the more angel thoughts we receive and act upon!

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