Enjoy every step of the way

December 28, 2022 | 13 comments

Do you ever get in a big rush to get somewhere and fail to experience peace in the moment you’re in while making your trip? Perhaps it’s time to slow down and see the goodness at hand.

In this video, I talk about benefits I gained when learning to enjoy each step of the way, rather than staying blindly focused on reaching a destination.

This vlog was filmed at Twin Lakes, Colorado, when my wife I and visited the area in September 2022.

13 thoughts on “Enjoy every step of the way”

  1. Your blessings is also mine to keep and cherish along each day that we have before us. Thank you so much for the inspiration that you shared. Gratitude for you insights. It is not the end of the goal but the journey along the way. How often have I heard this but to put this into context of a goal is really the exciting part. How often I have planned and put together some project and having finished and not had the sense of accomplishment. Now as I walk along my day I will feel the moments of planning and doing of a project that I enjoy the moments.

  2. Thank you Evan. I enjoy your daily blog and I know so do many others. Inspiration is our goal and only real experience every moment and every step .

  3. The kingdom of heaven is here now. We have God to experience and express in this eternal now.

    Our job and our joy is to love all now. God gives us everything we need to do/be that healing loving each moment and circumstance, God is enabling us to know here and now God is omnipotent, supreme. Therefore, here and now, each and every detail of each and every person, and each and every situation, and even each and every sensation, is exactly precisely perfect with the lessons and blessin’s we need here and now for our growth in grace – – self-knowledge, wisdom, love, and good deeds here, now. To reason rightly, and demonstrate Christian Science healing with each detail to bless all. Proving/living Truth, Love, Principle, uncovering and replacing the lie and amplifying/praising the truth specifically, universally, absolutely. With grace for all now.

  4. I look forward to SpiritView every morning. It’s one of my first steps along the way and it always inspires.
    Thank you Evan!

  5. Evan, these travel logs/vlogs are So Beautiful and wonderful to see different parts
    of the country, with such lovely messages. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
    I had seen a cartoon where someone is standing at the ‘gates of heaven’ and is
    looking grim and St. Peter says to him, “Actually you had a great life, but you were
    so busy looking down at your phone, that you missed it”.
    We do, have so many things to be grateful for, each step that we take, in the right
    direction, where good is all around us.

  6. Thank you❣️

    This is how I have lived my life for a few years now.

    I am learning how to walk again. I am learning a lot about ABILITY.

    I try to remember what you share on a daily basis, step by little step.
    With gratitude,
    I leave frustrations and impatience behind.

  7. Whenever I have gone for country walks (which I am unable to do at present) one of my pleasures has been to keep my eyes open for wild flowers, and for new things I haven’t seen before. I love to look for new things in the fields – birds and animals – whether domestic or wild creatures of various kinds. I love to see new views of the countryside. I love every step of the way in these walks. For me it is not about exercising the body, but exercising my awareness of God’s beautiful Creation. I need to do more of that in the town, not just looking for new shops, which I do, but also for whatever new things are going on in the streets. It may be students playing instruments or singing,, or religious people standing and shouting out about God, etc. When I walk to the postbox, I love to look into people’s gardens and see what flowers or trees are blooming as I go.

    There are many new things to be seen and heard every day wherever we are if we look out for them,, and if we are looking for God’s ideas, we will be rewarded with joy. When we look through our spiritual lenses, we will be able to see things more clearly as God is presenting them to us, and they are all very good.

  8. “Order my steps in thy word…” Psalm 119, 133

    “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” Psalm 119, 18

  9. How awesome to be reminded of enjoying each step of our way, each moment of our day.
    Hymn 278
    Poem November 9, 2018
    The following words are from a hymn
    in the 1932 Christian Science Hymnal.
    Pilgrim on earth, home and heaven are within thee,
    Heir of the ages and child of the day.
    Cared for, watched over, beloved and protected,
    Walk thou with courage each step of the way.

    Truthful and steadfast though trials betide thee,
    Ever one thing do thou ask of thy Lord,
    Grace to go forward, wherever He guide thee,
    Gladly obeying the call of His word.

    Healed is thy hardness, His love hath dissolved it,
    Full is the promise, the blessing how kind;
    So shall His tenderness teach thee compassion,
    So all the merciful, mercy shall find.

  10. I was listening to a clip of an Ekhart Tolle talk and he was saying that most of us live 90% or more of our time just waiting to get to the next “big moment,” some seemingly very important goal. As Evan said, we are so focused on the goal that sadly we can easily miss the joys of each moment. Those joys are there to notice when we take a breath and step back and look with our spiritual eyes. Let’s take back that lost 90% !

  11. Thanks Evan:

    I am praying each for Patience as I take each. Father guide my little forward in your path. Although we experience trials each day. They are prove of God’s tender Love for His children. Open my eyes each hour to behold all the beauty of the universe.

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