Enjoy the moment you’re in

October 21, 2016 | 22 comments


Much time is wasted by the human mind worrying about tomorrow, regretting the past, fretting over the future and fearing the present. One way to eliminate this type of wearisome burden and live more happily is to enjoy the moment you’re in.

That’s right. Love the moment you’re in!

God is All. God is all good. You couldn’t possibly have more of God’s goodness to enjoy than you already have—this moment.

God has an answer to the question you’re pondering. God has a solution to that problem you’re struggling with. God knows what direction you need to take next. God knows everything, and the role of prayer is to listen, then act. And you can do that—this moment.

You aren’t going to have more of God’s goodness available tomorrow or next year to lean upon. Whatever happened yesterday is not depriving you of God’s goodness today. You have it all now. Honor it. Embrace it. Acknowledge it. Enjoy it!

From a spiritual point of view, you are presently occupying the most wonderful moment of your life. Life is not happening tomorrow or yesterday. Life is happening now, the moment you’re in, and it will always be that way.

Rather than squander time away thinking how about life could be or should have been, live it now.

You have God now. You have God’s help now. You have everything you need to succeed in all right and worthy endeavors coming from God abundantly now. You’ve got it all. Enjoy!

“The moment I called out, you stepped in; you made my life large with strength.”

~ Psalm 138:3, The Message

22 thoughts on “Enjoy the moment you’re in”

  1. Thank you so much for this – a good reminder to count our blessings right now. As a noticeboard outside a church near here used to say ‘Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present’.

  2. God is all the time with us – yesterday, today and forever.There should be no cause for worry when we are inseparable from God, good. Where God is, everything good is.

    At times when we go through tough situations in our life, some doubts appear in our thoughts.. “Oh how will I cope up with the extra expense? How will I manage with my health in old age? Will the things with which I am struggling so hard, work out for me?”
    At such times we need to pause and fully understand that if God, good is with us and we are inseparable from Him, will He not care for us and provide us all the good that we ever need?

    Your inspirations Evan, are always so apt and come as a healing answer to all of us.
    We only need to keep thanking God all the time for the wonderful blessings He showers on us, moment to moment, daily and forever.

  3. Ahhhhh…Yes……the Power of Now! What did Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, Eckhart Tolle, and most Great Spiritual Teachers know and teach about the NOW? That it’s a present state of consciousness that we miss so much of thru letting our mortal minds run like wild horses thru our lives. The NOW is HERE…….Where are We?

  4. As a coach I have been facing the now in a way that may look material but it is not. In the now as it applies to sporting activity, the now (present consciousness) contains a little of the past and a little of the future. This now is elastic. As a athlete gets familiar with the activity and fears failure less, the now expands and time slows to allow a greater perspective of the activity. Often when one begins a new activity, fear creeps in reducing this now (present consciousness) to a smaller perspective which is also accompanied with rushed unnecessary decision making process resulting in error. When we allow ourselves to lessen the fear and allow ourselves to perceive ourselves in the learning process, we move out of the smaller perspective quicker and our progress to this expanded consciousness is unfettered. I liken this perspective to the spiritual growth that is necessary to leave go of the material conditions and see ourselves as God made us free from fear, able to witness progress in our perspective, to see the wholeness of our relationship to others; not fearing their success as our failure but seeing everyone’s progress as a truth of being. The human experience of time is just the first step in understanding the infinite quality of spiritual understanding where time becomes irrelevant to the larger perspective of divine principle where all expressions of the truth of being reside.

    1. I found this very helpful, your sports explanation about the now shrinking or expanding depending upon the present view you’re holding. Thanks! I think it will improve my tennis game!

    2. I found your comment interesting too Josef. A few days ago Lori Marquart commented about a lecture entitled “Time is not a factor in your life” by Dave Hohle in which Mr. Hohle discusses the elasticity of time and I found his comments very interesting too. For anyone that wants to also see a video of this lecture you can find it by clicking on this link below:


      1. Such a very clear and helpful lecture by David Hohle on subject of time… lessness!

        Thank you for sharing the link, Brian!!

  5. Well, NOW most certqinly seems to be the theme of the day. I got this in my email from the Findhorn group – Eileen’s Thought for the Day:
    Learn To Live Fully In The Ever Present Glorious Now

    Time and distance are as nothing in My sight. It is you who create limitations by allowing time and distance to control you, instead of being in control of them. When you can learn to live fully in the ever present glorious Now, you will at last be in complete control, and time and distance will become as nothing to you and you will know the true meaning of the freedom of the Spirit for you will be living in Spirit and truth in the Now, with no concern for the past or for the future but giving of you very best Now.

    21 October 2016

  6. Perfect Reminder!!

    … Struggling with a claim that “satisfaction and fulfillment” are hinged on certain persons, places, things is clearly limiting myself to a material sense of life… when all the while,
    the infinitude of Truth and Love are present HERE and NOW. These are not simply words… they are the truth!

  7. Ann I love the saying at the church and Joseph you have so clearly expressed something about “Now” I had never considered…Thank you…
    Gods Love and Principle which allows us to realize and claim Health, Happiness, Wisdom and Peace…….
    are present Now in the very room you are sitting…..

  8. Thanks, Brian, for giving us the link to the Lecture, “Time is not a factor in your life.” It is really quite Wonderful! I got such a sense of freedom from watching/listening to it!

  9. Brian, thank you very much for the link to the Lecture from David Hohl – it was very interesting and lively. It gives me very much.
    Thank you, dear Evan for your SpiritView, to enjoy the moment – yes, because every moment is a moment of God, yes the moment of the allnes of God! Am very grateful for your SpiritViews!

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