Enter the elevator of Truth

August 21, 2018 | 16 comments


Praying for God’s help is like getting into an elevator and punching the UP button. Once the button is pushed, the elevator lifts you to a higher elevation through no power of your own.

God is always the Lifter, the Healer, the One who gets us to a better place.

Prayer tunes our thought into God’s allness and allows Truth to lift thought out of error to spiritual reality. That’s when healing happens.

So, don’t hesitate to enter the elevator of Truth today and enjoy the ride up!

16 thoughts on “Enter the elevator of Truth”

  1. Love the analogy Evan. You certainly give us great ideas to think about. As I read it a popular song over here in the 1980s came to mind. It’s called “The only way is up”. I think I’ll be singing that a lot today!!

  2. What a beautiful thought-image! It reminds me of one of my favourite passages in Science and Health:
    “Christian Science silences human will, quiets fear with Truth and Love, and illustrates the unlabored motion of the divine energy in healing the sick. (SH 445:19-21)”

    Thank you so much for this!

  3. Oh yes, Evan, will follow into the elevator of Truth. Thank you for the spiritual ride up!

    Wonderful Linda, the o n l y way is up.

    Thank you Bèatrice for that uplifting passage from SH. I love that and it is a very strong Truth, MBE gave us so lovingly.

    We can be endless grateful for Christian Science, the huge presence God donated us so freely!

  4. “Go into the closet (quiet place of thought and prayer) and shut the door (of the material senses and way of thinking)…” (Christ Jesus taught)
    The Truth will take you where you need/ask/want to go: to higher perspectives, health, harmony, light, joy, healing!

    God’s las of adjustment is always in operation!


  5. GOD’S law of adjustment came to me strongly in thought yesterday. I so love how we are all one in Christ, and what a saving, loving Presence that thought is. Thank you, Evan, for providing this blog which nourishes us.

  6. Very UP-lifting thoughts today! Thank you Evan and fellow riders on our elevator to harmony. I remember in art history class learning that in a lot of religious paintings, persons would have their fingers pointing upwards, depicting ~ I am thinking of heavenly thoughts. Enjoy the journey today, every one…and every day

  7. Oh my! What a huge relief to be reminded that of Course God is the doer, the healer. All we need to do is turn to God in expectant prayer and understand healing is certain. God will show us we are already there. I think sometimes we get frustrated when it seems to take a lot of “time,” but time is just a lie, a false mortal measurement.

    I felt a huge weight lifted when I read: “Once the button is pushed, the elevator lifts you to a higher elevation through no power of your own.”

    Something I always remember from a Carol Dee Lewis lecture: “Healing doesn’t take time, it takes Truth and you have it.”

    Thank you father-mother God and Evan for listening for and sharing God’s powerful and precious angel messages. ♡

  8. Thanks, Evan, and all. The melody of “Up, Up and Away” came to me after reading this. Don’t remember the words, but that phrase fits this blog. I’m getting on that elevator today! Lots of love to everyone!

  9. Thanks so much, Beatrice, for sharing, “the unlabored motion of the divine energy in healing the sick” as it seems at times a lot of labor is expended in searching for healing.

    1. Thank you, Lori. This passage has helped me so much years ago, when our children needed healing – it lifted the burden off me and they were healed!

  10. Hello Evan, I love the analogy, makes me want to live in an elevator :), which of course we can! I’m grateful to know this Science of the Christ, for all of God’s goodness all the time n for your posts!
    Blessings for your blessings!

    Love n Peace, IB

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