Go for the little extra

August 20, 2018 | 10 comments

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

~ Jimmy Johnson

10 thoughts on “Go for the little extra”

  1. …a little extra love, a little extra thoughtfulness, kiindness, comfort, or understanding makes all the difference.

  2. To nourish us ( your blogger-followers) each day is the “extra” for which I’m most grateful
    Thank you, Evan

  3. Yes, Evan could be just a wonderful human, but he chose to line up as closely as possible to the divine Mind, to mankind’s great benefit!

    Thank you, Evan, for going the extra-mile(s), and for your fine example for the rest of us.

    Thank Goodness the truth of all of US is that we are already perfect!
    Putting this Fact into our human lives makes all the difference, huh, SV Family!


  4. So true…going that extra mile by expressing more compassion, more kindness, forgiveness, love …will certainly make you special in the eyes of God. Thanks Evan for enlightening us spiritually.

  5. Thanks, Evan. You taught us yesterday how to do the “extra” for which I am indeed grateful! Giving, doing, being—with the “extra” attached makes us lights for good, for God.

  6. so grateful Evan for your teaching me a better and broader English, which was always my favorite hobby and later I used it in business. And of course I am happy that you enrich my spiritual understanding a lot with all your gorgeous SpiritViews, big thanks!

    And I am so enriched by all the lovely and inspired and inspiring comments of all you dear SpiritView friends and fans, thank you all! I read them with great interest!

    Through manifold and inspiring comments today I now do understand the big difference between ordinary and extraordinary. I joyfully tune in to all your enlightened comments! 🙂

  7. Uta I think your use of and understanding of English is excellent and I always enjoy your loving and insightful comments. Thank you.

  8. dear Linda, with joy I read your nice comment – thank you very much!

    With 17 years I lived as au pair for more than one year in an English family in Surrey. My au pair mother there was a Christian Scientist and she sometimes took me with her to her church. So I learned better English spreaking . But my love and interest for English developed
    already in school. May be that I make still some Grammer mistakes . But I am jearning to learn it better!
    I love to comment here – it is so lively and friendly and blessing us all!

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