Eternal health

May 19, 2006 | No comments yet

Do you believe in eternal life? If so, then you have to believe in eternal health.

It’s impossible to possess eternal life and not be healthy, for disease is the opposite of life, the effect of death in varying degrees.

Jesus taught, “I am the way, the truth, the life…follow me.” He didn’t mean worship of his physical personality was the way to Life, but living true to the one God and one’s spiritual self as he did would lead to heaven.

To arrive in heaven, we have to leave the earth and all of its limited material beliefs behind, including the belief that disease is real.

In the big picture scheme of things, disease is not real. It’s illusion. Life is eternal. People discover this when they pass-on and still find themselves alive.

We’re living our eternal life now. It’s not in matter. It’s not in a physical body. It’s not temporal. It’s spiritual, at-one with God, in Spirit, and it’s healthy–totally.

Claim your health today. Don’t look at yourself or others through the eyes of mortal mind that get spellbound by disease. Rise into a higher consciousness of life in Spirit where health is eternal, and live well!

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