Where is God?

May 23, 2006 | No comments yet

“I don’t feel God’s presence,” many people have complained. “How can I feel close to God,” they ask.

It’s a common belief, that one can be separated from God. But this is impossible, for God and man are forever united.

Look around and see how close God is to you.

Is there beauty to behold? Is there harmony to hear? Are there good deeds unnoticed? Every bit of love and every hint of beauty and harmony IS the presence of God.

Is their order anywhere to be seen? A room well swept, a drawer well organized, a schedule well planned is all proof of God in action.

Does someone care? A tender touch, a compassionate response, a kind remark, a thoughtful gesture are all the hand of God at work.

Can you think? Are there helpful ideas to consider, inspirations to act upon, or intuitions to follow? Every insight, direction, guidance and inkling to greater and grander possibilities is God’s Mind at work in you.

The more you look the more you’ll see. God is everywhere! Not in material forms that decay and disappear, but in the good ideas and qualities outward forms manifest.

How do you feel close to God? By acknowledging the good God is obviously doing already.

God is not a controlling power remote to your experience. God IS the presence and power of good and love at work within you, around you, and all about you. You couldn’t be any closer to God than you already are.

Look and see!

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