Everything works together for good

December 26, 2018 | 24 comments

It’s a law of God that everything, absolutely everything, works together for good.

With a surface evaluation, this statement seems impossible. Too many horrible things happen in the world to claim that everything works together for good. Murders, wars, famines, hatred, disease, and death are not good, and possess not one iota of good in them. However, all the terrible things that happen in the mortal experience are not the final story for man. As Christian Science so beautifully explains, man is spiritual, immune and exempt from all evil.

Disease and death never touch God’s man. Murder never happens to a child of God. Lack is not an experience of spiritual existence. And spiritual existence is the only existence that counts in the Big Picture of Life.

The ideal of Life is not to attain some sort of perfect utopian existence on the matter plane. This is impossible. Nothing is ever perfect or infallible about so-called matter-existence. It’s a sham, a farce, a dreamland. Real life is in Spirit, in the realm of the eternal and invincible.

This is what Jesus Christ knew and understood. The crucifixion was a wrenching experience for Jesus to go through, but he did not fear it or even run from it. He understood life to be spiritual. He knew his life was not in the physical body to be crucified. It was out of the reach of his attackers. His understanding of this truth enabled him to triumph over the attack of his persecutors and walk out of the tomb alive three days later. The crucifixion, as unjust and torturous as it was, served to work out the greater purpose of good for Jesus to prove that life is spiritual and incapable of being destroyed.

We can learn to do the same.

When bad things happen, there is something good to come out of the experience. We can look beyond the physical, like Jesus did, to the spiritual reality, and rely upon that spiritual reality to triumph over whatever lie mortal mind is trying to push upon us. We can reject disease, lack and death, and demonstrate health, abundance and life.

Evil is never the final say. Good has the final say, for life is eternal, never subject to loss or lack.

Look for the good, find it and prove it. It is always present to be seen, understood and demonstrated.

Everything works together for good.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28.

24 thoughts on “Everything works together for good”

  1. thank you! very important mainly when one is going through what seems very real and painful. Right here and now it is Love divine and our true, real identity as God’s child.

  2. Thanks Evan and belated Merry Christmas! You provide daily gifts throughout the year for which I am so grateful!

  3. Yes. Beautiful. And sometimes we feel a sense of asymmetry – we’ll seek the good in our own experiences, but we wouldn’t want to find a silver lining in painful circumstances affecting others. When we get to know survivors, though, we realize there are no human objects of experience, only subjects, i.e. spirit. No need to project irredeemable loss on to others. Best to see “other” people as God sees them, and give to reputable charities as called.

  4. Thank you Evan. . So important to remember. I got some unwelcome news relating to a loved one last night and went to bed and awoke very troubled. I will cling to this truth.

  5. These ideas are a great gateway, pathway, into 2019. And, to change images, a lens or way to look back at the past. Many thanks.

  6. Thank you, Evan. Your post was timely and a reminder to see each situation in its spiritual perspective, grounding, and strength.

  7. Loved reading this today. Such good reasoning in answer to the errors and evils that seem to be a part of the human experience. Thanks Evan.

  8. Great reminder. Sometimes I think, “God is good, but…” There is no but to the allness of God’s goodness.
    Thanks so much!

  9. Thank you Evan. Your Spiritview message for today touches on something I’ve noticed lately, on Page 96 of S&H, where Mrs. Eddy discusses the final “chemicalization” where she writes, “the darkest hour precedes the dawn.”
    “The breaking up of material beliefs may seem to be famine and pestilence, want and woe, sin, sickness and death, which assume new phases until their nothingness appears.” Also on the same page,
    “Before error is totally destroyed . . . Earth will become dreary and desolate, but summer and winter, seedtime and harvest (though in changed forms), will continue unto the end,..”
    This made me reflect on what today’s earth scientists, who are materialists of course, are predicting to happen due to massive climate change. But as Mrs Eddy adds, “..all discord will be swallowed up in spiritual Truth.” Just as your reassuring message says, dear Evan!

  10. Thank you Evan. It’s so radical what Jesus images forth to us due to his ability to see Good beyond the mortal view. I appreciate your words … reminding us about the radical stance we are imbued to take using this model. Love is our liberator.

  11. Thank You Evans, yes timely and coincidentally your message discerned is very important and brings total confidence to all of us and personally I am excited to know Good is an established fact of being set in Divine Laws that we can wholeheartedly rely on in any difficulty. Was so grateful as I had to handle a difficult situation and was inspired to look for even a slightest trace of right in that moment and one glimpse of right unfolds a larger glimpse and realised Good is indeed in control for God’s purpose to be revealed in our life experience in humanity regardless of human doing or undoing. Good is God’s nature and therefore forever present.

  12. Thank you Evan.
    The message today helps me realize my earnest desire to be convinced that the Almighty power of Mind’s supremacy is presently operating everywhere, and is in control.

  13. thank you so very much Evan for today’s SpiritView. It is really excellent , inspiring, highly comforting and, yes healing, if one applies the wonderful ideas, Eva gives us so clearly.

    Desease and death never touch God’s man because God’s man ìs spiritual, immune and exampt from all evil. And we can look beyond the physical, like Jesus did, to the spiritual reality. Oh Evan I am very grateful for the so necessary and valuable spiritual understanding you are giving us, I just need presently!

  14. Thanks Evan. Just when I think things can’t get any worse for endangered species, earth health issues, and war/fire/typhoon-driven displacement of so many… This kind of inspiration comes to the rescue!

  15. “You are the King’s daughter!” Said a practitioner to me once upon a time. She was awakening me to the fact of what I was NOT: A chemical mortal, a victim, a repository of shame. Evan’s posts remind me of this real spiritual identity, thank you Evan for all your hard work, so joyfully done.

    1. Susan, Thank you for your contribution today. It sure struck home with me and brought some healing thoughts. I have carried a burden of, “You sure messed up your life,” It was particularly healing the thoughts you and Evan shared today. Thank you so much. It was a healing balm.

  16. Wow, super duper! I love sharing this healing idea when someone is mourning the loss of a family member or friend “Evil (death) is never the final say. Good (God, Life) has the final say” It’s not the end of their story. I like to remember too that Jesus crucifixion proved Love is the victor, not hate. So many wonderful ideas to contemplate! Thanks so much Evan and all the contributors too. (=

  17. Thank you for writing this. I have been overwhelmed by the events in Yemen. I feed people for joy and these little people are not getting food. I remind myself that my focus on the good is the best help I can give myself and everyone. I will read this many times.

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