Exercise spiritual authority over disease

June 22, 2018 | 9 comments

“Like the great Exemplar, the healer should speak to disease as one having authority over it, leaving Soul to master the false evidences of the corporeal senses and to assert its claims over mortality and disease.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 395.

You have spiritual authority over all disease. Be sure to exercise it!

Jesus said to his followers, “…I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you” (John 14:20, NLT). The same authority that Jesus possessed over disease, you possess through Christ that dwells in you.

You are never helpless. You are never alone. Christ is in you. Christ gives you the power of God to exercise over all illness. Exercise it freely and abundantly! Let’s Soul’s healthy effect come out and save you.

9 thoughts on “Exercise spiritual authority over disease”

  1. Dear Evan,
    Thank you so much for this brief but powerful message, it is just what I need to know – really KNOW – at the moment.

    Bless you for your great contribution to help all mankind,

  2. Thank you, Evan! The idea of disease has attacked my friends’ lives with a vengeance lately. Your blog was uplifting and just what I needed to get me on the right track. I have been struggling to know the right thoughts to share and hold onto in my own thinking.

    The suggestion of disease or imperfection has begun to creep into my head filling it with fear or doubt. I must put matter into its right place and see it for whatbitbtruly is: nothing! The thought that I, too, can be anything less than perfect is preposterous! God’s law is superior to matter’s nothingness!

    I remember a quote from a 5 year old from a lecture I heard a long time ago: God is! This isn’t! And that’s that! She was healed instantaneously from a broken arm after that declaration.

    I’m so grateful to your spiritual reminders of Man’s perfection!
    Hugs, Ali

    1. Evan, Thank you for sharing your message today. It was very helpful. I especially like “Christ gives you the power of God to exercise over all illness.”.

      Ali, i really llike Mary Baker Eddy’s quote that you used.- ‘God is, this isn’t, and that’s that. I use it a lot when my thoughts start to stray from where my true spiritual inheritance comes from. It is a very final declaration and ends any thoughts that stray to mortal thinking.

  3. Thank you very much Evan for today`s very helpful SpiritView.
    What a very sweet foto – imagin our hands in God`s loving and guiding hands!

    We learn that God provides us with everything we need. And we need having authority over all disease. That is such an assuring SV that we are never without God and His steady help!
    Thank you for the passages from SH and from the Bible what Jesus said (John 14) – love them!

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