[VIDEO] It’s okay to stand out for the right reasons

June 21, 2018 | 14 comments

If you practice Christian Science, have you ever been shy or timid about sharing your faith with friends and neighbors? If so, there’s a way to dissolve that fear and let your spiritual light shine bright!

In this vlog, I share some ideas on how I conquered that fear. It was filmed while Kathy and I were hiking earlier this month at the Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming.

14 thoughts on “It’s okay to stand out for the right reasons”

  1. Thanks Evan for encouraging us to stand out for the right reasons. It’s indeed very selfish to keep only to ourself the good experiences we get through the study of Christian Science.
    Yes, at times we may be criticized or whatever, but there are many sincere seekers of the Truth and why should we deprive them of this wonderful Science, which makes our life a joyride.
    The teachings of Christian Science bring us closer to God and open up the treasures of Truths, which heal not only bodily ailments but any challenge we are facing in life, be it a relationship problem, financial problem, job related one, depression or fear of the unknown.
    I am truly blessed to know Christian Science and love to share with the receptive heart the blessings which overflow from partaking this Divine way of life. Deeply grateful to Mrs.Mary Baker Eddy who never hesitated to share her discovery, Christian Science, with the world at large.

  2. Thank you Evan, for this wonderful SpiritView and your gorgeous Vlog in that nice and interesting surrounding! 🙂

    During my middleschooltime on a school journey I had the CS Monitor with me, and there asked if I am a Christian Scientist, also the teacher heard that. From there on they knew.

    In later years when I visited a former schoolfriend, she told me so much about all her ailments she had and how often she was at the doctor. So then I decided to give her Science and Health by MBE. And I said, if she had time she could have a look into that book; and everything else I left to God to lead her to reading and hopefully understanding it.

    But later in my office where I worked one collegue subscribed to the Monitor, so also in my office they knew that I belong to this wonderful church, where we learn the best thing in the world, namely that God is Love and o n l y good, and that this religion is healing through prayer. How endless grateful am I for this “best Thing” in the world, Christian Scince and for Mary Baker Eddy for her endless devotion to give us this best thing in the world!

  3. Thank you Evan. Standing out with humility is confidence and we all should be confident in divine principle as it is the true power to heal and to love which we all should be willing to share with our neighbors.

  4. U are correct in pointing out that in “ the old days” CS kept our religion very much to ourselves as we were so “ different” but thought has changed and the desire to help others is stronger than wanting to hide being different than other Protestant sects. I too have had many healings over many decades. My greatest Ty to God is to live as exemplary a life as possible. As always, thank “y’all” for your lovely expressions of Truth.

    1. Like a great many places in the west the name was given during military expeditionsi in the late 1800’s and was the result of poor interpretation of the native name for it.
      The Souix call it “Bear Lodge” other tribes have similar names also involving bears. As you can see it looks rather like a bear has scratched down the sides of it with its claws.

  5. I have always kept my spiritual life quiet and headed the warning pearls before swine. but I never felt right about it when the opportunity to share came up and I remained quiet. My family knows and is happy I do this though they do not embrace anything about religion.
    I have been asked recently by a loved one if I would heal her, I was reluctant to share because we have never discussed spiritual matters. But I told her I would put together some items and send them on. I am including a short note from me.
    Interesting, that as I was deciding it was time to come out of hiding, my computer at work started to play a CS recording by Daniel Jensen I had downloaded a while ago. I hadn’t selected the software it was stored on ,with many other things, so it kind of threw me for a moment. I burned a copy of this wonderful, easy to listen to talk and have included it in my box of goodies for my friend.

  6. Dear Evan, You may smile when you read this. Back in the 1950’s we were having a house guest who was going to be using my bedroom for his stay, . I was in junior high. My mother took all my CS literature & put it out of sight in a bedroom cupboard. She walked in the bedroom during his stay. There was the doctor sitting on the carpeted floor reading the CS literature. He was sincerely interested.

    Thank you for everything you share with us 5 days away. It is truly a blessing & greatly valued & appreciated. I look forward to what you share.

  7. I just put in the word “stranger’ in JSH and limited it to testimonies.
    539 testimonies used the word. I scanned 200 and found that 75 of the testifiers were healed — their lives were transformed and often saved– because A STRANGER encouraged them to try Christian Science. I probably breezed through many more.
    75 people had absolute faith in the power of Truth, of almighty Mind to heal.

    COURAGE, Friends! We are the children of LOVE! Is God going to punish us for helping our neighbor? Does anything else have power? Do we heal or does God? Are we glorifying ourselves or God when we share a healing? Are we followers of Jesus or Oprah? Did Jesus love the stranger?

    Like most of you I’ve encouraged strangers to call a practitioner or read the book. Happy to report remarkable healings in every case. Honest. How can we do otherwise?

  8. Yes, and it doesn’t have to be the name of C.S. that we share with others, as that might not be appropriate. Some people are turned off by Religion and will take notice just by your sharing some good thoughts and by your expressing Love to them. People can usually sense your Guiding Light and will notice something is different about you and maybe want to know what it is. I’m just turned off when people push their Religion on me, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking C.S. with others…..unless I was guided by God to do so. Important to Listen!! We don’t have the Only Answer – lots of Good People and Good Healing Thoughts out there!

  9. Had to laugh out loud when I saw the image – the focal point of that classic movie Close Encounters – I believe best described as “a story about ordinary people discovering a larger world, and responding with awe and wonder”. How many of us share that same passion to understand and experience Truth? We stand out without being aware or caring about the critical reactions of others, and like the apostle Paul “willingly giving up everything in our infinite hunger for righteousness “. And on this journey we must meet up with those also feeling the tug of Wisdom to “come up higher”.

  10. This wonderful teaching about being open as to who we are and what we follow for help in life (Christian Science) has jolted me out of hiding re: “what is the rock in my life???” ( Christian Science!) and made me realize I need not be ashamed/shy of my commitment to my church, my believing in God and C.S.—but to “come out and be separate.” Long have I hidden my S & H, the C.S. periodicals when I knew people would be visiting. If Evan can stand in front of that beautiful rock, and gratefully proclaim his great faith and what C.S. has down for him and others, I, too, can stand out in front of anyone–be separate, loving, never afraid of ridicule and know that I can share, bless others—with Christ’s healing power. So-o-oo dear Evan, I am coming out from under that seclusion/isolation of too many years of hiding the C.S. TRUTH and will now be open, grateful and share with others what this treasured talk has opened up for me. Out come all my C.S. magazines, journals,sentinels, S & H, the large Bible- on tables—-and my gratitude to know that I am not the object of derision or skepticism. I am a disciple/follower who follows what God directs me to do, share what I have to give, what I have learned and help to reach out and heal/help those in need. How are “they” going to know if I don’t speak up—quietly display S & H, our Boston publications???! What an eye opener! Thank you,dear Evan. I am no longer in hiding. God will quietly unfold the next step in my surfacing. Loved ALL contributions above. Great gratitude here.

  11. somehow I also think like Bevi commented. It might not always be wise to fall with the door into the house and talking about my Religion at once. My nearest neighbor for instance is catholic.

    yes it is mostly wise to be guided by God in such situations!

    Thank you Bevi for mentioning that ☺

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