Express mentally what you wish to manifest

March 23, 2018 | 11 comments

“The physical affirmation of disease should always be met with the mental negation. Whatever benefit is produced on the body, must be expressed mentally, and thought should be held fast to this ideal.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 392

As a child of God, you are endowed with eternal health, strength, wellness and ability. If ever tempted to believe the opposite, negate the intruding belief and replace it with the reality of your healthy and harmonious being at-one with God.

Cling to strength, not weakness; health, not disease; to life and never to death.

11 thoughts on “Express mentally what you wish to manifest”

  1. This message is so very helpful to me as I pray to be less selfish and endeavour to persue the practice of loving unselfishly and enfolding all in Love’s embrace.

  2. Good day Evan and group. Thanks for the topic today. I love the subject to be treated because it is of a power that crosses walls. It is substantial that it is shining almost continuously in the consciousness, we are what we think, since our thoughts will be manifested in the body. So, two things: Affirm the Truth, health, harmony, well-being, strength, ability … as you say Evan. And on the other hand to be a good archer, as soon as a disharmonious thought emerges, you have to reject it so that it does not become a snowball and you have to persist in it. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” as Santiago says. Thank you all for looking for the Truth and excellent weekend.

  3. Thank you Evan! What a good way to start the day! 🙂 It also bring to mind;
    “Disease has no intelligence to declare itself something and announce its name. Mortal mind alone sentences itself. Therefore make your own terms with sickness, and be just to yourself and to others.
    Mentally contradict every complaint from the body, and rise to the true consciousness of Life as Love, — as all that is pure, and bearing the fruits of Spirit.”
    SH 391:24-32

  4. This was the icing on my study of the lesson this morning… to finally shatter the fear.
    Thank you Evan and all for your angel messages every day. I so appreciate the comaraderie and support in my journey to go deeper.

  5. Every human
    loves God with
    their entire
    heart and soul….

    Only some see…
    Only few know…
    because they
    are walking
    thru life, in a dimly
    lit dream… a dream
    that isn’t so….

    But to each
    their own…
    In their ripe time
    all is revealed…
    The few become
    many as we
    traverse the only
    landscape that’s
    Love revealed….

  6. I love the Truth,
    Indeed in do,
    Though I often fail
    In my “clinging”!” 🙁
    But Love is
    Clinging to me!
    Dear Truth, so true
    To Its idea!

    Do I believe “every human”
    Loves Truth
    With his/her
    “Entire heart and soul and mind?”
    No, I do not. (Wish I did!)
    That, I understand,
    Is true of God’s man, not humans.

    But humankind IS progressing
    Out of the dream
    Of life in and of and as material,
    And this gives me great hope
    And gratitude!!

    Thank You, God.

    (And I do agree with the rest of your poem, Maximo! Thank you for sharing.)

    Let’s enjoy our God-given
    Peace and joy and dominion,


    1. Within the depth of every human heart is a place where God’s love resides…
      Most are not aware of this Love… the awakened are…
      Hope that helps you understand….

    2. Hi SpiritViewFan,

      love your words: Love is clinging to me!

      That in turn causes that you as God`s child are naturally clinging to God, always! You cannot do anything against it! Thats wonderful 😉

  7. Thank you very much Evan, for today`s SpiritView , very needed! – and thank you for that awfully sweet photo!

    Yes, it is worthwhile clinging to strength, health and life, and praying to know oneself as one with our so good God, who bestows all these qualities to His/Her beloved child and all His creation. Am grateful that I may learn all this, and I am still learning more.

    Thank you all for your helpful inspired comments and poems.

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