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  1. Thanks Evan for this very beautiful inspiration of today. “The penetrating eye of faith.”
    When the challenges of life are at their peak and its pitch dark, the penetrating eye of faith can see the distant dawn. We need not worry, since through the love of our loving Father God All will be well.
    Hymn no 350 mentions “Faith can sing through days of sorrow, All must be well”
    We do notice that when its still dark, birds start singing,.. Why? because even the birds know that darkness is momentary and that dawn will soon break.
    We need to cultivate so much faith in the almighty and all good God, that we look through the gloom of sorrow into the perfectly illuminated day.

    Hymn No. 350
    Through the love of God our Saviour all will be well;
    Free and changeless is His favor; All must be well;
    Precious is the Love that healed us, Perfect is the grace that sealed us,
    Strong the hand stretched forth to shield us; All, all is well.

    Though we pass through tribulation, All will be well;
    Ours is such a full salvation, All must be well;
    Happy still, in God confiding, Fruitful when in Christ abiding,
    Holy, through the Spirits guiding; All, all is well.

    We expect a bright tomorrow, All will be well;
    Faith can sing through days of sorrow, All must be well;
    While His truth we are applying, and upon His love relying,
    God is every need supplying, All, all is well.

    1. Thank you Nergish that was so needed this morning. Some really foggy stuff going on here where I live. Was reminded that what is needed is a new or different perspective. Preferably God’s. All is indeed well. Again thank so much for being in tune with Truth. Pun intended.

  2. Thank you, Evan, for this inspired thought, and thank you, too, Nergish, for your lovely and inspired response. 350 is one of my favourite hymns.
    I once wrote a poem about a thrush singing in the dark, I must look it out.

  3. Thank you Evan and thank you Nergish for your lovely comments and for reminding us of that hymn. Aren’t the hymns wonderful – there seems to always be a hymn to meet every need!☺

  4. Thank you Evan and Nergish. I awoke this morning with the words of this hymn in my
    thought. It is a family favorite,. Another proof of only one Mind.
    Thanks to all for the love and gratitude expressed here. Thank you for your prayerful support. And thank you Evan for supplying this blog for all to share in!

  5. Oh yes thank you Nergish – its very lovely and very true what you say.
    The hymn, also one of my favorites.

    Thank you Evan for that meaningful aphorism. Lovely photo, could be on one of the islands in the north- or eastsee.
    The penetrating eye of Faith – how true and strong is Faith.

    Another hymn says in the second vers (no 224):

    All good, where`er it may be found,
    Its source doth find in Thee;
    I must have all things and abound,
    While God is God to me,
    O that I had a stronger faith,
    To look within the veil,
    To credit what my Saviour saith,
    Whose word can never fail.

    This is a prayer for more faith and a comforting assurance that God`s goodness and word can never fail.
    The Bible says that “God gives man faith and understanding …” That assurance is comforting for me.

    Annepat, looking forward to your poem!

  6. “All will be well, All must be well; All, all, IS well.”
    …the way Truth sees Creation…all-harmonious.

    “Thought” sees what it believes…and, believes what it sees, as Mrs. Eddy tell us.
    But, “our” Thought is God’s Thought, for there is just One divine and perfect Mind.

    God’s idea, man, simply CANNOT see what God does not see!

    Our standard for today, whatever false sense may try to present.

    And EveryDay.


    1. Thank you Spirit View Fan for your powerful punch of a comment. It’s an example of what this week’s lesson states from Science and Health ” Divine Science deals its chief blow at the supposed material foundations of life and intelligence.” We need to understand that we see what God sees, all Good, all Spirit.

  7. Thank you Evan and contributors for these wonderful ideas to start the day! :). Thank you Nergosh and Uta for sharing those hymns!
    Annepat, I would love to read your poem if you choose to share it. 🙂
    Faith is knowing the all harmonious and good of Truth and Love when mortal mind is presenting its foggy “suggestions” through the five senses. That is how I see it.
    Blessed day to you all!

  8. I look forward each day to reading SpiritView and all the comments – I am so grateful to all of
    you for sharing these angel messages ….. today’s is especially helpful and inspiring … time to get to work with these powerful statements. Thank you, each and everyone!!

  9. Love is all, ALL. No room for fog in Love’s all. I’m so grateful for SpiritView and all the sharing, it’s very generous.

  10. Let’s just be
    what we truly are…
    The final conclusion
    of higher logic
    gives the seeker
    a glimpse…

    Let’s just be
    what we truly are…
    Brilliant reflections
    of the Most High…
    Imbued with goodness,
    Knowingness and Love….

    Wrapped in robes of
    Divinity…. Seated at the
    table of Mindfulness…
    We are individualized
    awarenesses, expanding
    in a sea of bliss….

    Let’s just be
    what we truly are…

  11. Yes, hymn 350 is one of my favorite hymns too. Especially when we are diligently praying and we haven’t seen any progress yet, this assurance is so comforting…

    “While His truth we are applying, and upon His love relying, God is every need supplying, All, all is well.”

    Thank you Evan and all contributors. (=

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