Feeling and living at your best

November 25, 2022 | 14 comments


Live right, speak right, act right, feel right. It all works together as one!

Thought in harmony with God, is in its right place. The life it lives, flows; the words it inspires, bless; the actions it impels, reaps good fruit; and the feeling it produces swells the heart with heavenly joy.

14 thoughts on “Feeling and living at your best”

  1. Thanks Evan for reminding us, when we do not
    remember. We should all remember the blessings the is bestoded on each and everyone of us.

  2. My deepest gratitude for your insight about SpiritView. What a gem it is for us all. The blessings that come moment by moment and day by day that inspiries and instructs. Living the Christ is our daily goal and we know when it is present —- no words are needed. No shouting no screaming it is the gentle and natural sense of I Am.

  3. Thank you for “right thinking’ Evan. Mary Baker Eddy says in her text book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures that, ‘to begin rightly is to end rightly’. Thank you for explaining it this way. Thank you Fay for the article.

  4. I heard someone say the other day that he was living his best life, and I admit that for a moment, it gave me pause. Am I living my best life? Did I waste years? Make bad choices? Was I selfish?

    Then I remembered that real Life is fully living itself in me, in you, in us all, right this minute. And has been doing so for all eternity. And it is the only life, and – it is already perfect!

    We don’t need to sweat and fret about how to create a wonderful life for ourselves – God has already done it for us! And the Christ has revealed it, and continues to reveal it every moment.

    All we need to do is to pay attention to it. That can feel challenging at times, to be sure – it’s a practice, humanly, and to human sense, we get better at it as we go. Yay!

    Mrs. Eddy said “I am able to impart truth, health, and happiness, and this is my Rock of salvation and my reason for existing.” That is our joy – and our effortless, fully reflected, fully satisfying Life.

    1. Carolyn I like the way you explained this concept and I will ponder more on this. I too at times fret about how “I” am “living.” But you’ve made it clear that this line of thought is a very material way of viewing life. Life, God, is living us, how wonderful. I just need to elevate thought to be more aware of that ongoing process.

      Evan I loved, “Thought in harmony with God is in its right place.” We can just feel that sense of relief and rightness that comes when our thought is aligned with God.

      Happy weekend to SV family everywhere!

      1. I needed to read this. I have been worried about someone else and now……God’s living them. As it says in “Wonderful things are happening” God is all there is. And He has to be expressed (us) so the results have to be wonderful. The Bible says we are created for God’s good pleasure. I think the love and support expressed on this site is giving God a lot of pleasure!

      2. Hi Rose, although it is midnight here, I love to inform you how very grateful I am to you for the link to The Motherchurch’s Thanksgiving Service , which you posted in your comment of the Thursday SpiritView. Saturday Evening I enjoyed listening to the replay of this Service with many testimonies of gratitude. Thank you very much indeed for that link! With Love!

  5. Yes Evan, it is well understandable, that thought in harmony with God, is in it’s right place and then we live, speak, act and feel right!
    Am very grateful for your wonderfully inspiring and healing spiritual views!

    Thank you Carolyn for your nicely inspiring comment.

    I too wish everybody a very nice weekend!♡

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