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  1. A lovely article, Evan, and it is an ability we all have.
    However, it may take a lot of our patient listening for some of us
    to get to that stage of being able to switch off the material
    noises so easily in order to hear. Just like if you are learning music,
    and doing aural tests, if a triad is played (thee notes of
    a chord played together) and you have to listen and
    pick out the middle note and sing it, you may have to practice
    this exercise quite a bit in order to select the right
    note before you manage it. But by patiently striving
    to hear it, you eventually succeed. Just as the more
    musically minded can find it easier, we have to be
    spiritually minded to be able to find our
    receptivity to the spiritual realm.

    So your example, Evan, of being able to switch
    off the material cacophony and switch onto
    God with your spiritual senses, is a wonderful
    example of what is possible, and it is very
    encouraging. If you can do it, we all can!!!
    for it is a gift of God to us all.

  2. Yes Maggie – and that is why we have the daily Bible Lesson to study so we can keep “tuned up “ . What a wise lady Mary Baker Eddy was !

  3. Gratitude for your article allowed thought to
    move past ads to get the true message.
    The ads did give an indication of how you
    needed to look past what could be external
    Happy day everyone! ♥️

  4. You could say the same thing is going on today only from a blasting news venu where all is divide, flashing lights of warning over this or that issue, demanding our attention for no good thing. But as your article points out, God is omnipresent, with us every moment, so it is us who need to tune in to that presence and power. As God is the fount of all good and cannot be otherwise, we have only the good to surround us, the rest is a false dream having no reality nor eternality. Thank you, Evan for sharing you article with us.

  5. What a beautiful and powerful, and very helpful exercise you shared in your article! I’m going to remember this, and start practicing it with fervor. This practice can change the situation and outcome of so many less than positive things, and bring peace to the individuals and communities. Thank you for this, Evan!

  6. Hmm..yes a very good exercise to try …I often feel like this when my husband has the TV blaring loudly nothing but (bad ) news every night…so I will now try to see its nothingness… The WHITE noise that can be minimised by the still small voice of Spirit

  7. Jesus said “the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. Thank you Evan for showing us all that from a life of consecrated prayer feeling the heavenly presence of God can be as effortless as turning on a light switch…. “Let there be light,” is the perpetual demand of Truth and Love, changing chaos into order and discord into the music of the spheres>” Science and Health

  8. The above pic, with what appears to be three suns, made me think of the Trinity.
    Father: God, the Father-Mother, cause, creator, source, Life, divine intelligence.
    Son: effect, the manifestation of the one and only cause; the Messiah, or Christ, Truth. The Truth that permeates human thinking and reconciles the human experience with God’s harmonious order.
    Holy Ghost: the development (action) of Life, Truth & Love. God’s all-encompassing law is ever present and effective NOW. The law of divine Principle, Love that has always been present and always will be. We need to include this when we pray. The Holy Ghost reveals and sustains the unbroken and eternal harmony of both God and the universe. It is the kingdom of heaven, the ever-present reign of harmony already with us.

  9. Thanks Evan, I love that story I heard you tell it once before and it often reminds me to switch my thinking.

    Today I was feeling/thinking low . iI couldn’t wrap my mind around how there could be this wonderful all loving all intelligent being that is all and always here, and people being cruel to each other, animals and the planet.

    Then it occurred to me to take a few minutes out and read what you had sent today in your blog. How wonderful that it was that very same story!

    The love and help and guidance are always present. It’s us who need to access it with our thinking. Maybe not as simple as it sounds but I’ve proven it for myself. Practice makes it easier, I just forgot and been wound up in worry!

  10. Thank you Evan for bringing the simplicity and immediacy of being in tune with God thru your SpiritView and the newspaper. Such a great reminder, we are never more than a thought away from God. What a great help! Thank you.

  11. Evan, I always love to read what you write for your local newspaper. It is heartening to me to know that a wider sphere of the general public has been told about Spiritual Sense, and told that they have it, that we all have it! Very empowering and comforting to anyone who reads that article. You are spreading Love and Truth, just as you do here on SpiritView and in all your endeavors. Thank you.

    P.S. As I live just outside of Manhattan, I am quite familiar with the scene in Times Square that you described. It was fun for me to picture you doing spiritual work, practicing stillness right there in the midst of all those intense sights and sounds.

  12. Thank you, Evan! Your message reminded me of something I heard a Christian Science practitioner say, “If you’re feeling separated from God, who moved?”

  13. Thank you for the article on Feeling Close to God. I listened to it, but will go back and read it and think more deeply on the message. Your talk about the experience in New York Square reminded me of a Vlog you had a long time ago (July 27, 2017). It was more about finding peace with God, but as I looked back through your Vlogs, I enjoyed many of them that led me to more peace which is really finding God. I hope this link will allow others to enjoy that Vlog as well. https://spiritview.net/find-peace-life/. Thank you all for your insights and comments–always inspiring and helpful.

      1. Pat, I wanted to thank you very much for the link to Evan’s 2017 vlog filmed in the red rocks of Utah. The vlog further explored the “Times Square story” including full visuals of that NY setting. I enjoyed it very much along with all excellent comments that followed. One commenter mentioned a social/travel organization for single Christian Science students (ascsa.us) that I will refer to those who may be interested in such a group. Also found adventureunlimited.org which seems related but not restricted to singles. So many wonderful resources to discover.

        Fascinating how one person remembering an old blog post led to many avenues of good.

  14. Am very grateful dear Evan, that you explain so lovingly and clearly from time to time in various different forms how we can come close to our Father’Mother God. It is so wonderful!
    Specially this article you send us with today’s SpiritView reminds me at a Vlog you gave us some years ago which contains the same experience as you wrote in this article in your local news paper. Regrettably I could not find this Vlog in your SpiritViews Archive. That Vlog is very inspiring ! I remeber you made this Vlog when you were with Kathy in the Grand Canyons.
    Thank you Evan, this toppic is so needed and i love it a lot!♡

    1. I just remember a CS hymnal with lots of verses where the refrain is always is: ” nearer my God to the, nearer to the…” I love the melody of this hymn.

  15. Oh wow, I just read that Rose wrote when that Vlog was given us from Evan with the same content as in the above article. Now one can find that Vlog in the Archive of SpiritView ♡♡♡

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