[VIDEO] How to find more peace in your life

July 27, 2017 | 27 comments

Here’s a vlog I made while visiting Southern Utah last May. It’s about how to find more peace in your life.

I share one way you can shut down the noise and clamor of the material senses to feel and experience more of the peace of God wherever you are and in whatever you do.

27 thoughts on “How to find more peace in your life”

  1. Thank you, Evan, for this beautiful message and for all your wonder-filled and generous work for Church, bringing healing and blesssing to all.

  2. Thank you, Evan. So wonderful to have our day begin with a spiritual meal from God. Gratitude abounds for all of the work you do dear Evan. God is pure Love.

  3. Such calming and peaceful thoughts to start the day. Thank you, Evan and Kathy! It brings the song, “Let there be peace on earth…and let it begin with me” to mind. Our peace within can radiate to the world which needs it so much. This is a treasure to appreciate again and again when things seem so chaotic in such a challenging world. I am so grateful for these v logs and blogs of Truth, seen through Spirit’s view.

  4. Right now I’m beset with so many problems, so, as usual, your daily message has said just the right thing I needed at the right moment. Uncanny! Thank you for helping me tune in to the Divine Mind , which constitutes my true being, bringing Peace and Love to my awareness, instead of focusing on all my problems.

  5. Isn’t it absolutely thrilling
    just to be alive
    just to be aware
    of an ever revealing
    ever unfolding

    When the reports
    of our thinking
    and those of our
    intuition coincide

    We will have nothing,
    but to admit
    the absolute Truth
    about ourselves

    This will be a day
    Of the eternal sun
    Rising …. seen…. known

  6. Some learn this in CS Sunday School……..but if you haven’t this video is so well done with much extra input to shut out the noise, and see the written quotes, & grasp the meaning that serves us all so well, anywhere. Thank you so much Evan!!!!

  7. Thank you..love your creativity in putting together this vlog with such an inspiring message.

  8. I felt peace as I watched this, especially in the moment when you described closing your eyes and the camera “closed” its eye too. Very helpful, inspiring and reassuring to me (as I’m facing down a diagnosis of terminal illness). Thank you.

    1. Never give up Elizabeth. God never gives up on us, so let’s never give up on ourselves. I speak as one also with what seems a great challenge. A terminal diagnosis just means that THEY haven’t found a cure yet. Doesn’t mean it isn’t curable through God’s great love–but that’s not what they study in medical school.

  9. Yes… the seeds we plant in the morning bloom by end of day
    Then before slumber we contemplate all the goodness which has
    blossomed along the way

  10. Thanks, Evan, for the great reminder that our peace is from God and is always with us. Hymn 148 says it succinctly: “The storm may roar without me, My heart may low be laid; But God is round about me, And can I be dismayed?” I’m learning to let the storm roar without me—I can’t be in the middle of it—like the little bird singing his heart out in the middle of a storm. I’m trying to learn not to react to those storms, to know that they aren’t real I can remain peaceful.

  11. Thank you, dear Evan for your very loving Vlog of today.

    It gives me calm and peace, which I do need at the moment.

    Thank you indeed, for all these CS lessons you give us. They are so incredibly healing and blessing and touching us a l l !

  12. WOW this vlog brought back so many memories, thanks so much! I appreciated your comparison between Southern Utah and Time Square in NYC, and how peace can be found wherever we are.

    During World War II when I was a teenager, I sat with my parents in Toffenniti’s (sp?) Restaurant by Times Square watching the news of the war rotating around on a billboard. Even at that young age I can remember closing my eyes and praying with the thought that God was everywhere – including war zones – and His Love was always present and in control.

    In April 2016 my daughter and I traveled to Southern Utah and saw the beautiful scenes you show. My husband had passed on a little more than a year before and my daughter’s husband was very ill, in fact we had to abort our planned trip to Alaska and return home. The majesty of the views of the rock formations gave me a sense of the immense beauty of all of God’s creation. And sitting quietly I felt a sense of peace and His presence.

    I am deeply grateful for all of your blogs and vlogs and dedication to Christian Science.

  13. Thank you for sharing that prayer for me, with me.

    I have been to Capitol Reef, and many other of the places in Utah with red rocks, when my husband and I used to travel.

    You know it seems like I have not been able to go on vacations and travel since my husband “went on” because I don’t have anyone to go with, and I feel sad about that. But I live in the country on 10 acres where it is so peaceful. So I remind myself that many people would love to have this setting every day. So why do I think being somewhere else would be better than this. Somehow a change of scenery seems like it would be so much better. Maybe it is because I don’t take the time to have FUN in this peaceful setting. It’s just always working at one thing and another.
    But I am grateful for the quiet where I live and see wildlife. 🙂

    1. Gloria,
      It sounds like you have a wonderful setting where you are but I wanted to let you know about http://www.ascsa.us in case you are interested. This website is Active Single Christian Scientists Association (ASCSA) and they list events that you might be interested in attending. A great way to find new friends and travel! 🙂

  14. Evan,
    This vlog is so timely. And, your points are so relevant to everyone in their daily routine to protect their thought. I have been reading articles on the opiad crisis in the U.S. and it occurred to me that when we handle our own thought each day, we are better prepared for ourselves but also for others – and react with more compassion and kindness throughout our day. We never know what others are going through in their lives. If we practice more kindness and compassion, the need for drugs and alcohol would evaporate as users felt more valued, connected and loved. Daily challenges should be opportunities to connect, laugh and work together for a solution instead of stress filled interactions of chaos/frustration. That teamwork builds a sense of purpose and a person on the phone, even though a complete stranger, becomes our brother or sister. The visual appearance of that person does not have to be our actual brother or sister. And, the scene around us doesn’t have to be a “vacation scene” for us to relax and have fun. Matter just doesn’t matter.

  15. Good night Evan and readers and blog commentators. Thank you, your opinions are bread of Life. And Elizabeth told you a high school job
    I was about 13 years of age and I had to do a work on cancer, of course based on the subject. But … as a conclusion, I chose the following words that I still remember: beyond medical matter, we must understand the meaning of the words of Jesus when he said: “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; Even Elders will do it because I go to the Father. “Quiet Elizabeth: Silence the senses and we will tune in to the Truth and you will be free.Many affections to you and blessings to all.

  16. This is beautiful, and so very calming. Thank you dear Evan for all your loving outreach to everyone.

  17. This has been so very helpful! I keep replaying the part where you walk across Times Square and it has been helping me to rise above a physical sense of pain that i have been dealing with! As a child of God I naturally and normally feel the peaceful presence of God in all parts of my body and my life!

  18. Wow!! Thank you Evan not only for that great message but for you and Kathy taking us on your well-deserved vacation travels. Not being a hiker you are showing sites I didn’t see in my many car travels thru 40 of our 50 states over the last 60 years.

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